“Long Island – home of the Camaro, and a few good surf breaks
… and a few good beachbreaks.”

Photos and Words by
that kid from Medford who doesn’t own a Camaro,
Brian Lentini

Long Island was in its heyday during the wonderful ’80s, and to tell you the truth most of the people here are still holding onto it, whether it be the Guidos in their hopped up Mustangs and Camaros, or the ladies with their teased hair, that took a whole can of AquaNet to do. There is however a new breed of kids that are making Long Island what it is today, they are the ones with the Nissan Altima’s and Honda Accord’s with that silly exhaust that sounds like a cross between a little prop airplane and a remote control car I had in third grade. There is however some good surf to be had on this little (120 miles long,12 miles wide) island, but to tell you the truth recently I have been sticking to my home turf of Smiths Point County park, and that is due to the fact that the greedy nothing better to do Hamptonites now make you pay a $120 bucks to park at their precious beaches. So I surf the beach that’s 10 miles from my house everyday (you will see me in the water when its 6 inches) and there’s a couple good sandbars that formed this past summer and one is the one in front of the pavilion which is accessible by anyone, unlike the others in which you either have to hike down the beach or drive (I suggest you drive). The day of this swell was a Tuesday and that’s all I remember about it besides it was good and clean. There was a just a few guys out maybe eight at the most and we all had our share of waves, I wish I would have taken more shots but the surf was too good not to surf, and I always say when in doubt, SURF. A big thanks goes out to Jeff and Ed at Religion Surf Co., Dennis for catching all the bombs and Colin for driving me down the beach that day, oh yeah and a big thanks goes out to Mikey Egan for not being out because I got to catch a whole lot more waves.
God Bless Long Island!



The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun
FILMER: George Greenough

Yes, this movie is old and from the ‘70s. . . The reason I am reviewing it is that unfortunately I’m sure many of you have never seen it. I’m sure there is a handful, actually more than a handful, of surfers out there that don’t even know who George Greenough is. And to me that is such a shame, because this video is amazing and George Greenough, in my eyes, was just way ahead of his time. George Greenough was a weird guy and you can tell just by watching this video. Many times he chooses a rubber mat and a pair of fins over a kneeboard or surfboard. He was also the first to ever film the “in the tube” shots of surfing, with his own homemade waterhousing strapped onto his back. This movie is just as important and influential as Endless Summer was. There are so many classic scenes in this movie that will stay in my head forever. This is surfing’s answer to Pink Floyd, “The Wall” – Brian Lentini


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