Juice Shows 100 Foot Wave at The Waterfront

Garrett McNamara journeyed to Nazare, Portugal with one goal in mind: to conquer a 100-foot wave. His effort drove the sport of surfing to new heights and helped transform a tiny fishing village into the world’s preeminent big-wave surfing destination. From HBO Sports comes this breathtaking six-part documentary series that chronicles McNamara’s quest.

Join us, tonight, Thursday, May 11, 2023, as Juice Magazine @juicemagazine presents HBOMAX 100 Foot Wave @hbomax @100footwave at the The Waterfront Venice @thewaterfrontvenice with a very special Juice Talks hosted by Juice Magazine’s Dan Levy @juicedan with special guest, the iconic Zephyr Jeff Ho @therealjeffho of Dogtown & Z-Boys. Additional special guest appearance will also include one of the original Z-Boys, also known as the Wave Killer, Allen Sarlo @Allen_Sarlo.

Kicking off the night will be a live performance by Artronika @artronikaofficial featuring Norton Wisdom @nowisdom and Irish Lal @ireeshlal.

The show runs from 6-10 pm with Food and Drink specials available, with live music and art from 6pm to 7:15pm, followed by Juice Talks from 7:15pm to 7:45pm, and followed by the 100 Foot Wave Screening of Season 1 Episode 1 at 7:45pm.

We are honored and stoked to share the amazing journey with Garrett McNamara @mcnamara_s and Nicole McNamara @mamaunearthed as they share stories of pioneering and exploring the biggest discovered waves in the world. #100footwave#juicemagazine #artronika #surf

Stay tuned for the new issue of Juice Magazine’s 20 Year Anniversary Edition, coming soon, that will feature an in-depth interview with GARRETT MCNAMARA by JEFF HO. Subscribe now at Shop.

Season 1 and Season 2 of 100 Foot Wave is streaming now on HBOMAX. Season 3 is underway next and is currently being filmed.

“Chasing a myth takes a legend, and a community.”


Legend Garrett McNamara, his world-class surfing peers, and some surprising newcomers continue to push the boundaries of their sport and the limits of their minds and bodies. The one constant for these extreme athletes is contending with the highs and lows of their perilous and unpredictable lifestyle in which every big wave has the potential to write a dramatic new chapter in their personal stories. With a mix of intimate interviews, verité scenes and personal archive, as well as stunning aerial, water-based and underwater footage from the Emmy®-winning cinematography team, the series captures a world unlike any other.

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