Taj Britton, Eric Britton, Dan Levy

Juice Magazine Live News Show – February 9, 2018

Juice Magazine Live News Show with hosts Dan Levy and Eric “Tuma” Britton and Taj Britton live from Juice Magazine headquarters in Venice Beach, California on February 9, 2017.

Juice Magazine is now LIVE 24 HOURS A DAY with a new web cam at Juice Magazine headquarters on the Venice Beach boardwalk in Los Angeles, California. The Juice Live Web Cam features all of the wild and creative life on the Venice Boardwalk, and also captures our new series of “Juice Live” shows including the “Juice Live News” and the Juice Magazine “Drop In” show featuring interviews with skateboarders, surfers, artists, photographers and musicians.

Topics include: Vans Pool Party, Vans Skatepark, Orange, CA, Combi, Skateboarding Hall of Fame, City National Grove of Anaheim, Jim Muir, Lance Mountain, Steve Olson, David Hackett, Laura Thornhill-Caswell, Glen Friedman, Todd Huber and Thomas Barker, Scott Oster, Dogtown, Adaptation, Maxfield, West Hollywood, Eddie Reategui, Daggerbuilt Ramps, Juice Magazine, Jesse Martinez, Chad Muska, Eric Dressen, Tuma, Bennett Harada, Shota Kubo, Mickey O’Keefe, Rick Nishiyama, Block, Chuck Katz, Chris Miller, Tony Hawk, Micro, 18-foot full pipe, Pat Clark, Science, Dave Maxwell, Artisan Skateparks, Speedlab Wheels, Jerome Green, Mark Frankel, Skull Skates, PD, Dogtown Skateboards, Chuco Moreno, Zombie Tattoo, Powell Peralta, Bones Brigade, Flight Decks, Bones, Lizzie Armanto, Bones Wheels, Girl Skateboards, Chocolate Skateboards, short film contest, Spike Jonze, Cory Weincheque, Made In Venice Movie, Paradise Valley Skatepark, Phoenix, AZ, Skatercon, DI, Chuck Treece, McRad, Steve Steadham, Since We Were Kids, Dan Levy, Bill Danforth, Jonathan Penson, Venice Skatepark, Vans, Versa Hoodie DX, SkateboardMuseum Berlin, “Skateboarding is not a Fashion”, Christian Hosoi, Tony Alva, YSL jacket, David Hackett, Led Zeppelin, Gingko Press, Wall Street Journal, Supreme, Element Skateboards, Tom Schaar, Creature, David Gravette, Truman Hooker, Ryan Reyes, Creature Skateboards, FDR Skatepark, WSVT, Glen Wagner, Joe Pino, Dyck, Bolyard, Carter, Slob, Burnside Crew, Alkaida Chris, G-Man, Munk, Red, Little John, Dirtybutt, Kyle “Cobra” Gallagher, Grindline Skateparks, Jim Murphy, Mark Hubbard, Murf, Monk, Fucking Awesome, Jason Dill, Ed Peck, Charleston, DIY, SoCal Skate Shop, Spitfire, Thunder, Independent, Stance, Chima Ferguson, Tony Hawk Foundation, skatepark, Morganton, North Carolina, Blake County, Exposure, Encinitas Community Park, Sessions Music Showcase, House of Vans, Brooklyn, NY, Embassy Skateboards, Bondi Bowl-A-Rama, Australia, Tampa Pro, Skatepark of Tampa, Tampa, Florida, Air + Style, Exposition Park, Los Angeles, California, Big Bear Mountain Resort, snowboarders, Swatch Best Trick, Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic, Audrey Indigo, The Masters Session, The Pioneers of Skateboarding, North Houston Skatepark, Houston, Texas, St. Paddy’s Sk8 Fest Mini Ramp Jam, Agent Orange, Atom Age, Kona Skatepark, Jacksonville, Vert Attack, Malmo, Sweden, Florida Vert Series, Rodney Mead’s Backyard, Dew Manor, Phishlips Backyard Vert Ramp in Dunkirk, MD, Drake’s Backyard Vert Ramp, Leland, NC, Rick Morgan’s, Backyard Vert Ramp, Middleburg, FL, Warped Tour, Pomona, CA, West Palm Beach, His Eyes Have Fangs, Seventh Wave Surf Shop, Long Beach, Puppethead, AFFamily, “Yo Skateboard”, HR, Bad Brains, Human Rights, El Cortez, Brooklyn, NY, Ivory Serra, PMA, Fu Manchu, Troubadour, One Love Cali Reggae Fest, Queen Mary, Fishbone, The Cave, Queens of The Stone Age, The Forum, Inglewood, Mike Fisher, Public Nuisance, STD’s, Neckbreaker, Too Rude, Kiwanis Club, Hermosa Beach, MUSINK, OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, Descendents, The Adolescents, Strung Out, Fear, Tattoo Artists, Low + Slow Car Show, JFA, Alex’s Bar, Bo Bridges, Manhattan Beach, Jaws, Ian Walsh, Pe’ahi, Kai Lenny, Josh Moniz, Volcom Pipe Pro, Banzai Pipeline, Jamie O’Brien, Wesley Dantas, Cam Richards, Nazare’ Challenge, Against The Grain 4, Skateboard Culture Art Show, El Cuervo Gallery, El Segundo, Steve Caballero, Jeff Ho, Bart Saric, Sapporo, E-volved Tattoos & Fine Art, TIM KERR, Austin, Texas, Volcom, Yueske, Hi Dutch, Michael Sieben, Valentines Day, Mi Sphere 360 Camera, Pat Ngoho, “My Rules”, photography, Glen E. Friedman, skate, punk, hip-hop, Fugazi, Black Flag, Ice-T, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, Run-D.M.C., Public Enemy, Jay Adams, Alan “Ollie” Gelfand, Duane Peters, Stacy Peralta, Shepard Fairey, Maddy & Maize, gourmet popcorn, non-GMO, Lemon Raspberry Layer Cake, Bourbon Barbecue, Birthday Cake, Orange Phantasm, Schu Schumacher, Dreamworks Feature Film Animation, graphic design, hot rods, monster movies, Monsterpalooza, Pasadena Convention Center, Active Skin Repair By Bldg, Pineapple Blend, Vintage Decks, Sex Pistols, Snake Plissken, Triumph motorcycles, Banana Splits, Graphics Lab, Real Skateboards, Planet Earth, Toxic, Gullwing, Shut Skateboards, Kokomo, Indiana, Sid Abruzzi, New England, surf/skate mafia, The Package, Big World, Water Bros, Surf shop, Newport, RI, Pit parties, pool coping, tattoos, surf dreads, 63’s, jobless, homeless, Loud Ones, cold ones, mini ramps, skate tramps, 9-to-5, stay alive, Donkeypunch, Salt Rags Skateboards, Beats By Dre, Venice boardwalk, Patrick Soon-Shiong, Los Angeles Times, the San Diego Union-Tribune, free press, Juice Magazine subscriptions, hats, tees, hoodie, jackets, www.juicemagazine.com, independent publishing, voice of freedom,world of skateboarding, surfing, art, music.

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