Juice Magazine “Drop In” with Glen E. Friedman

Juice Magazine “Drop In” Live Interview Show with Glen E. Friedman, Jeff Ho, Dan Levy and Jim Murphy, at Juice Magazine in Venice Beach, California on December 26, 2017.

A Black Flag show boils over into a riot; Jay Adams knocks coping blocks loose with a frontside grind; Public Enemy stands with the S1Ws… Pivotal moments in radical culture. Somehow, Glen E. Friedman was always there at the crucial moment when things went down and the images he captured are a visual history of our evolution. A published photographer for SkateBoarder magazine at age 14, Friedman had roots in both L.A. and NYC, and this bi-coastal perspective gave him the opportunity to be at the forefront of both cities’ exploding scenes. Get your hands on his books “Fuck You Heroes”, “Fuck You Too”, “The Idealist”, “Dogtown & Z-Boys” and “My Rules” for amazing photography and history, and then go out and document your own scene.

Talk story topics include: Glen E. Friedman, Jeff Ho, Dan Levy, Jim Murphy, skateboarding, punk rock, hip hop, photography, activism, Zephyr, Z-Boys, Dogtown & Z-Boys, Kentor Canyon, Warren Bolster, Bobby Piercy, Paul Revere, Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta, Zephyr competition team, Steven Picciolo, Howard Binney, Shogo Kubo, Paul Constantineau, Craig Stecyk III, Instamatic, camera, Skateboarder, Road Rider, Tracker, Teardrop pool, Steve Olson, Steve Alba, Dave Ferry, My Rules, Black Flag, Flipside, Search & Destroy, Damaged, Slash, Maximum Rock N Roll, Rolling Stone, Time, Creem, Cherry Hill, Tom Groholski, Jim Murphy, East Coast, West Coast, The Ramones, The Weirdos, CBGBs, Bob Gruen, Ted Nugent, straight edge, Ezio Friedman, Billy Yeron, Mike Williams, vegan, Doug DeMontmorency, Brad Bowman, Chuck D, Ice T, Public Enemy, Rick Rubin, Russell Simons, Suicidal Tendencies, Raise The Roof, Terminator X, The Adolescents, Frontier Records, Made In Venice, Jim Muir, Mike Muir, Beastie Boys, Madonna, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, The Galleria, License To Ill, Def Jam, Curtis Blow, KXLU, LL Cool J, film, digital, Flag, Shepard Fairey, Y’all So Stupid, Atlanta, Hardcore California, Kevin Thatcher, Terri Craft, Juice Magazine, Dock Ellis, No No, Eric Matthies, Fuck You Heroes, Dogtown, Instagram, ATP Festival, London, Deborah Kee Higgins, Barry Hogan, Lance Mountain, Eric “Tuma” Britton, Kent Sherwood, Phillane Adams, Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins, Ian MacKaye.

Juice Magazine is now LIVE 24 HOURS A DAY with a new web cam at Juice Magazine headquarters on the Venice Beach boardwalk in Los Angeles, California. The Juice Live Web Cam features all of the wild and creative life on the Venice Boardwalk, and also captures our new series of “Juice Live” shows including the “Juice Live News” and the Juice Magazine “Drop In” show, with hosts Dan Levy, Eric “Tuma” Britton, Jeff Ho and Jim Murphy talking with skateboarders, surfers, artists, photographers and musicians.

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