Juice Magazine #78 features Tom Groholski Cover and Full Circle Skateboarding Retrospective

Juice Mag #78 is available now and we are honored to have Tom Groholski on the cover.

When Murf talked to Tom about skating this pipe, Tom said, “It’s a full speed rush and you’re pushing yourself as hard as you can, and whatever you’ve got, it’s got more. It’s up to you how high you want to go. You’re riding really fast and on the edge of your wheels and the wind’s in your face and there’s a cool rhythm to the whole thing. I still have dreams of the place.”  

Murf talked to Henry Ford about shooting this epic photo and Ford said, “It’s the best photo I’ve ever taken. I’ve looked at that image for hours and hours and that experience will be with me for the rest of my life. Whoever has gone there has tales of that place. It’s hallowed ground.”

Juice Magazine #78 which is available to order here, also features in-depth interviews with Lizzie Armanto, Greyson Fletcher, AJ Nelson, Pedro Delfino, Elijah Berle, Andy Anderson, Chris “Dune” Pastras, Pat Truitt, Penelope Houston, Dave Alvin, and a Full Circle Full Pipe Photo Retrospective.

JUICE MAGAZINE #78 Full Circle Full Pipe Skateboarding Photo Retrospective features photos of Waldo Autry, Grant Taylor, Kevin Kowalski, Cody Lockwood, Ronnie Sandoval, John “Tex” Gibson, Craig Johnson, Dan Wilkes, Geoff Rowley, Noa Marchetti, Giuseppe “Gipsy” Taccori, Paolo Tufoni, Daan Van Der Linden, Madars Apse, Melvin Abdou Salam, Phil Zwijsen, Crazy Kyle, Curren Caples, Daewon Song, Josh Borden, Christian Hosoi, Jamie Quaintance, Rick Charnoski, Mickey O’Keefe, Jesse Martinez, Josh Landau, Bennett Harada, Paul “Dicky” Davis, Ale Cesana, Adam Hopkins, Mark “Trawler” Lawer, Sam Stuart, Sam Partaix, Chris Cab, Simon Sac Reynolds, Axel “Pudi” Gorger, Youness Amrani, David Pang, Max Barrera, Dan Luciani, Allen Guimond, George Wilson, Steve Olson, Scott Oster, Kenny King, Rick Blackhart, Mike Folmer, Tim Galvin, Keith Stephenson, David Hackett, Jay Adams, Steve Pingleton, John Pingleton, Ron Theobald, Laura Thornhill, Mike Muir, Larry Mead, Jerry Valdez, Steve Alba, John Worthington, Steve Brockway, Rick Riffle, Joey Vela, Pat Black, Scott Hostert, Barry Roach, Indy Alba, Nic Rivera, Mario Thornton, Khidhar Geban, Alex Asher, Caleb Nicholls, Jay Vasconcellos, Henrique Imperiano, Alexandre Dota, Ryan Faust, Marco Morelli, Joel Webb, Pierre Jambe, Bruno, Jeremy Butterworth, Blake Convey, Barry Strachan, Johnno Hardy, Chany Lagueux, Frederique Luyet, Dan Brueton, Jean Terrisse, Kid Caviar, Tye Donnelly, Freddie De Sota, Rob Maushund, Klara Kemoade, Pat Bareis, Bill Billing, Aaron Astorga, Arab Groff, Dan McCabe, Angel Guedez, Chris Jatoft, BJ Morrill, Ryan Schmalz, Timmo Jak, Bryan Pennington, Dave Warne, Elle Warne, Cole Graves, Ollie Graves, Tristan Graves, Spencer Graves, Shane Carrick, Hugo Liard, Luke Macfee, Justin Stevenson, Chris Freeman, Jason Park, Kenny Mollica, Kelly Lynn, Ed Peck, Shawn Coffman, Nate Perkins, Frank Richardson, Phoebe Bostwick and Curtis Hsiang. 

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Listen to Tom talk to Murf about skating the pipe on the cover…

Thank you to all of our subscribers, advertisers, supporters, photographers and our global skate community for making this edition of Juice Magazine happen.

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