Juice Beyond The Streets Zine

Juice® Beyond The Streets zine spotlights 12 cultural provocateurs, and also launches the first annual Juice® Merit Awards, which recognize exceptional creativity.

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This limited edition zine is a celebration of lifetimes of work, as well as living in the now and the promise of what’s yet to be, and Juice is honored to share select art from a dozen extraordinary individuals. 

The first recipients of the Juice® Merit Awards are a radical ensemble of rule breakers and mark makers who intentionally disrupt and shape culture through their definitive expressions. 


VCJ at mission control 2022. Photo by Dan Levy

Vernon Courtlandt Johnson… a counter culture conspirator with a war chest of artistic expressions celebrated globally through his Powell-Peralta graphics.

Herbie Fletcher at Astrodeck. Photo by Dan Levy

Herbie Fletcher… a patriarch of surfing’s first family known for his lifetime obsession with experimental risks where no rule book exists. 

Jewelry for the sea by Dibi Fletcher. Photo by Dan Levy

Dibi Fletcher… matriarch of surfing’s first family, whose art is a unique documentation of her and her family’s vast accomplishments.

Peggy Oki and her watercolor whale in Carpinteria, California in 2022. Photo by Dan Levy

Peggy Oki… the only Z-Girl of the legendary Z-Boys team and a formidable voice for Cetaceans that can’t speak for themselves. 

Steve Olson in studio. Photo by Dan Levy

Steve Olson… one of skateboarding’s most beloved legends and artists, credited with introducing punk rock into skate culture.  

Axis with his Shogo Kubo tribute graphic for Dogtown Skateboards. Photo by Dan Levy

Axis… London born and LA bred producer of artistic masterpieces with a punk skateboarding mentality.

Chloe Trujillo kicking it in her studio 2022. Photo by Dan Levy

Chloe Trujillo… an inspired artist, singer, and designer whose mystical mastery will be seen on the uniforms of the USA Olympic Swim Team.  

Greyson Fletcher and his art at Astrodeck. Photo by Dan Levy

Greyson Fletcher… a surf skate style wizard on board, whose art reflects environmental awareness with a nuclear twist.  

Beatrice at Vans Space 198, Brooklyn 2019. Photo by Dan Levy

Beatrice Domond… self taught and self motivated, Beatrice Domond’s art explores the sarcastic and serious nuances of culture through words and collage.  

Andy Anderson in his creative zone in Santa Monica, California. Photo by Dan Levy

Andy Anderson… a 2020 Olympian whose stellar skateboarding and amazing art explores the world of bio-mimicking naturally-occurring ecosystems.  

Indigo Smith in Goleta, California in 2021. Photo by Dan Levy

Indigo Smith… is defiance and determination personified. Her aggressive approach to skate/art punches the narrative of cultural norms. 

Lullah Trujillo with her tools of the rhythm trade. Photo by Dan Levy

Lullah Trujillo… speaks softly and carries a heavy stick, while her musical prowess, art and skateboarding go past 11 on the volume dial. 

Congratulations. You have Juice.

Thanks to our advertisers, supporters, readers and global skate community… including: Beyond The Streets, VistaPrint, Powell Peralta, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Vans, Independent Trucks, Dogtown Skateboards, California Locos, Arbor Skateboards, Brand-X-Toxic, Carver Skateboards, Embassy Skateboards, Speedlab Wheels, Stereo Skateboards, Madness Skateboards, Old Bones Therapy, Common Youth Brand, Skull Skates, L.A. Skate, Soundboard, Venice Skateboarding Stuff, Graphics Lab, Anaheim Skateboards, Made In Venice Movie, Wounded Knee Skateboards,, Saltrags, Astrodeck, Rainskates Wheels, Alva Skates, Montana Pool Service, FA World Entertainment.


Silk Coated Matte 120 lb cover with Premium Matte 100 lb Inside Pages, 8 1/2” x 11” page size, 68 pages, printed by VistaPrint, First Edition of 100, published on the occasion of Beyond The Streets Print Bazaar 2022. This specialty art zine features: Vernon Courtlandt Johnson, Herbie Fletcher, Dibi Fletcher, Peggy Oki, Steve Olson, Axis Valhalla, Chloe Trujillo, Greyson Fletcher, Beatrice Domond, Andy Anderson, Indigo Smith and Lullah Trujillo.

Price $20

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