Jonny Manak & The Depressives: Cold Pizza and Warm Beer

If you can imagine a mixture of 50’s rock ‘n’ roll (Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Link Wray), 60’s garage rock (The Sonics, The Chocolate Watch Band, The Stooges) and 70’s punk (The Dead Boys, Radio Birdman and The Ramones) you have a good idea on what to expect from Jonny Manak & The Depressives’ new album Cold Pizza and Warm Beer.  Cold Pizza And Warm Beer is Jonny’s fifth full length and will mark the third joint release by Self Destructo Records and Reach Around Records.

Punk, garage, surf, it’s all there! Written over the course of a year, the album is comprised of seventeen tracks that mark thirty five minutes of music which touch on topics such as corporate life (“Money For Free”), food preparation laziness (“Cold Pizza And Warm Beer”), personal expressions with the recent passing of his father (“Read Between The Lines”) and going out and partying with his main squeeze (“VegASS”).

Jonny is not new to the scene, he’s been playing in bands since he was nine!  His very first stint was as the lead singer of his older brother’s band Peanut Butter Wolf (the same name that his brother’s known as in the hip hop world). Since then, he’s played bass, guitar or drums with the likes of:  The Clay Wheels, The Cliftons, Texas Thieves, Fang, The Resistoleros, The Odd Numbers, The Forgotten and a bunch of other bands you’ve probably never heard of.

Written, recorded and mixed at Jonny’s home studio (Cup O’ Pizza) with longtime Depressives producer Neil Young at the helm and mastered to tape in Los Angeles by Mike Wells of Mike Wells Mastering.    Artwork and illustrative concept for Cold Pizza And Warm Beer created by PORK Magazine kingpin and weirdo art cult icon Sean Aaberg.   Jonny handled vocal, guitar, bass and piano while Thor DSR hit the skins.  After completing the record, they needed a bass player and Neil Young signed on.

“Weapons of Mass Destruction”

Cold Pizza And Warm Beer track listing


J and D

You Give Me Goosebumps

Choose My Fate

Read Between The Lines

Live In A Cube

Powder To Blow


Don’t Talk To Me  (GG Allin & The Jabbers)

Cold Pizza and Warm Beer

Weapons Of Mass Destruction



The Last Call

Money For Free

I Want You To Know

New Race (Radio Birdman)

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