Jay Adams Mural by CBS Crew

Jay Adams Mural: by Dcypher, Self and Existereo (CBS Crew). Mural Photo of Jay Adams by Glen E. Friedman

After hearing the news of Shogo Kubo’s passing, Jesse Martinez organized a new tradition for the Venice Skatepark bowl by inviting street artist, Axis, to draw a tribute to the Dogtown legend. The tradition continued, sadly, a few weeks later for Jay Adams. The CBS crew: Dcypher, Self and Existereo, spent two blistering hot days on the white concrete of the bowl leaving a permanent mark for Jay Boy with their rendition of Glen E. Friedman’s photo of Jay Adams low pivotal at Adolph’s, 1977, from the book “Fuck You Heroes”. With the support of Jesse Martinez and the VSA, everyone donated their time and talent to this effort for Jay. Jay Adams. R.I.P.

Photos by Dan Levy

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  1. As a skate rat from San Diego in the late 70s early 80s I was first shocked then sadden to learn that two of my childhood heroes are no longer among the living, Shogo Kubo and Jay Adams, I remember the first time I saw Shogo was on the pages of Skateboarder Magazine, I was like, Who is this guy! Then later I saw him shred at Spring Valley Skate Park where for a while they had a combination plexi-glass full/half pipe, dude did a full revolution in the full pipe, INSANE!
    It’s because of guys like Shogo and Jay, that Me and my buddies would spend an entire summer day traveling from El Cajon to places like La Mesa, Spring Valley or Santee just to skate an empty pool. Those were the best days of my life.
    Thank You Shogo, Thank You Jay.
    You can rest peacefully knowing you left a legacy that thrives today and will probably will live on for generations to come.

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