We just got this message in from Chris Nieratko at NJ SkateShop. Please do whatever you can to help out the bros in the NJ/NY area that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. You may donate directly to skateboarders and their families in that community through NJ SkateShop below. Donate to the American Red Cross at




I wish I was writing to you under better circumstances.
I’m writing you today with heavy heart in hopes to ask for some help for my skate community.
As you well know, New Jersey has been destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.
I am just now getting power back and internet after a week or else I’d have emailed you sooner.
I have no TV so I don’t know what you’re hearing on the news, but let me tell you, its bad. very bad.
My family is still without heat and power. Many of our friends have lost their homes.
We were lucky enough to take on minimal damage and get heat back before others, so we’ve opened to the door to anyone with children.
For days, we ran generators sparingly because there was no gas.
I was waiting hours for gas the other day to keep my kids warm.
I nearly got into a fist fight because someone thought I was cutting the line when I merely had a question.
It’s dark/ugly/scary times here.
NJ skateshop was also lucky that it took on no damage. 2 of the 4 stores are still without power.
The two that have power we’ve stocked with power strips so that people could come warm up, charge their phones and watch the new Baker video and pretend things were normal if only for a while.

There’s another storm coming. Temperatures are dropping. Things are getting colder and even scarier.
I am writing to you to ask for your help in clothing the displaced, homeless, under-dressed skaters in our community and their families.
Via Facebook we put the word out that together the skateshop and the skate industry would try to help.
If you have anything warm (socks, sweatshirts,jackets, beanies, gloves, shoes, tees, ANYTHING) doesn’t matter if it’s 5 seasons ago or a blemish or a second or a sample, if you have anything you can send we will make sure it will get to a skater or his/her family or someone in need. And there are many in need from very young to very big xxl. Anything you can spare to help people stay warm will be appreciated.

Please send whatever you’re able to (and there’s no box too small) to our New Brunswick shop
29-B Easton Ave
New Brunswick, NJ 08901


Again, I thank you and hope you are well and safe.
And if you have kids, hold them a little tighter tonight
Seeing your children cold and hungry is a feeling I never want any of you to experience.”

– Chris NIeratko

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  1. Just to let you know I just sent a box and a duffle bag of coats, jackets & shoe, socks , You are in our prayers
    Elaine in Ft. Lauderdale

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