Grom Spotlight: Emily Libhart – Skate Photographer

Check out some snaps from Dave “Suede” Libhart’s wunderkind daughter, Emily. As Suede says, “I’ve tried taking photos for decades and this chick has got me beat at 12 years of age. All photos are of a session at one of the bowls that I designed/built. The mini ramp photo is from the ramp behind The Block Skate Supply here in Jacksonville, FL, skater owned and operated by Mike Peterson and friends.”

We’re stoked to share these rad photos from Emily who just turned 13 on June 9th. Happy Birthday Emily! Stay tuned for more pools, pipes, and punk rock from the Libhart family!

Billy Fortier. Photo by Emily Libhart
Brett Turner. Photo by Emily Libhart
Buck Smith. Photo by Emily Libhart
Dave Libhart. Photo by Emily Libhart
Steve. Photo by Emily Libhart.
Vinny Sandoval. Photo by Emily Libhart.

emilylibhart20160216_171205 (1)Wunderkind – Emily Libhart.

If you need a swimmerskater built in your backyard, give Suede a call…








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