Greyson Fletcher Good Luck Have Fun Art Show Opening Night Success

“In the year 2030, when the world was disintegrating from the fumes of pollution, there was a brief moment when a portal was created between this reality and the unknown. That gateway was referred to by the few who were chosen for the journey, as the WORMHOLE…” 

That is just the beginning of the story of the Nuclear Worm…

“G.L.H.F.” 40″ x 100″ Acrylic and Spraypaint. Greyson Fletcher art. Photo by Joaquin Sahagun @joaquinthemachine

Greyson Fletcher’s “G.L.H.F.” (Good Luck Have Fun) Art Show, went down on Thursday August 4th, 2022, 6-10 p.m., at Juice Magazine located at 319 Ocean Front Walk #1, Venice, CA, 90291, and introduced the Nuclear Worm and a variety of other characters with an epic show of Greyson’s work.

“Nuclear Worm” artwork by Greyson Fletcher. 40″ x 50″ Oil Acrylic Spray Paint on Canvas. Photo by Nate Shute @Shutedawgg

Now the work is taking on a life of its own with a school curriculum in the planning stages to engage young students in the study of art.

Greyson Fletcher. Photo by Nate Shute @Shutedawgg

Greyson Fletcher is a name synonymous with style, legacy and rebellion. He lives and breathes a lifestyle filled with art, skate, surf and gaming and excels at all of them. His counterculture-honed artwork now also adorns his newest signature line of Arbor Skateboards.

His skateboarding and surfing continues to defy boundaries, push limits and expand the imagination as well as reality. His birthright in “Surfing’s First Family’ is absolute and his search for good waves is a daily endeavor. Greyson leaves blood every time he paints a urethane melting line in a full pipe, pool or park, challenging the possibilities of the terrain with his one of a kind brutally smooth style. 

Greyson Fletcher Art “Your Guides for The Journey.” 40″ x 50″ Oil Acrylic Spray Paint on Canvas. Photo by Nate Shute @Shutedawgg

Greyson’s first solo art show followed a successful show with the Fletcher family at the Gagosian in New York City in 2019, celebrating the book “Fletcher: A Lifetime In Surf”, written by Dibi Fletcher. Gagosian said, “The legendary Fletcher family has been an institution and guiding presence in surf and skate culture for decades, with an influence that extends to the worlds of fashion, music, streetwear and art.”

Greyson Fletcher Artwork “Meet Ya At The Gate”. 50″ x 40″ Oil Acrylic Spray Paint on Canvas. Photo by Nate Shute @Shutedawgg

G.L.H.F., curated by Dibi and Herbie Fletcher, included Greyson’s “Death Box” sculpture and a number of large scale oil and canvas pieces and sculptures, delivering vital messaging regarding humanity and its contributions to the environmental wasteland, and speaking to the expectations of good and evil. 

“Death Box” art by Greyson Fletcher. 84″ x 72″ x 12″ Acrylic Ceramic Tile on Wood. Photo by Dibi Fletcher @dibi_fletcher

When Dan Levy asked Greyson about his “Death Box” sculpture, he replied, “I wanted to make something like a sculpture that people could look at through my eyes to see how I see skateboarding. I wanted to recreate a backyard pool, so I had this idea to have a wooden box that you hang on the wall. I cut a deathbox into it, then I put pool coping on top of it with tile on it. To me, when you skate a backyard pool, you wanna hit the deathbox. That’s always your number one goal. I thought the deathbox was very important, so I was like, “Backyard pool, death box, art piece, sick!”

Juice Magazine headquarters on Venice Beach Boardwalk. Photo by Nate Shute @Shutedawgg

Juice Magazine proudly hosted Greyson’s “G.L.H.F.” show, in Venice, California, at a launch sponsored by Arbor, featuring art, skateboarding, signings, prizes and comp copies of Juice Magazine #78 featuring Greyson, along with ice cold beverages donated by 805 Beer and Proud Source Water as well as catering by Dale Walsh (@cater_skater) of

Greyson and Australian pro surfers Dimity Stoyle & Nikki Van Dijk, and pro surfer from the USA, Alexa Sydney. Photo by Dan Levy @JuiceDan

“G.L.H.F.” celebrated Greyson’s “Nuclear Worm” and “Disguised” artwork on his Arbor pro model skateboards that you can find at, in addition to his first Arbor signature series featuring Greyson’s “Darksider” and “Delusion.” original art.

Juice HQ with Greyson Fletcher’s “Death Box” art. Photo by @Shutedawgg

In speaking about the new decks and working with Arbor, Greyson told Juice, “I helped design a shape and did the artwork, so I’m psyched. I know my board, nose to tail. Arbor is super environmentally friendly and they farm trees as part of the Give Back Program, which is really cool too.” 

Herbie Fletcher, legendary surfer, artist & creator of Wave Warriors. Photo by Nate Shute @Shutedawgg

“We had a great time at your event featuring the art work of Greyson Fletcher. Thanks for bringing all of us together once again!! Looking forward to the next one!”

Robert Trujillo, Greyson Fletcher, Lullah Trujillo, and Chloe Trujillo. Photo by Dan Levy @JuiceDan

It is always cool to see Robert Trujillo, Chloe Trujillo, and Lullah Trujillo drop into a Juice party. While, Robert Trujillo (who currently plays bass for Metallica and used to play in Suicidal Tendencies) and his son, Tye Trujillo (who has two bands OTTTO and Feed The Beast and has been playing with Suicidal Tendencies), leave their mark playing bass on stages around the world, Chloe Trujillo and Lullah Trujillo are also musicians and the artists in the family. This photo shows how tight the community is in Venice with the Trujillo family appreciating Greyson and his work. Robert was particularly hyped on Greyson’s “Your Guides For The Journey” art.

Robert Trujillo (Metallica) and Dan Levy (Juice Magazine). Photo by Nate Shute @Shutedawgg
“Disguised” art by Greyson Fletcher on his new Arbor Skateboards. Photo by Nate Shute @Shutedawgg
“One Straw Too Many” art by Greyson Fletcher. 60″ x 48″ Oil Acrylic Spray Paint and Plastic on Canvas. Photo by Nate Shute @Shutedawgg
Bryan “Guch” Iguchi and Greyson Fletcher. Photo by Barbarella Dormio @barbarelladormio

One of the world’s most well respected and smoothest spirits in snowboarding, Arbor team rider, Brian “Guch” Iguchi, showed up to the party and had a blast hanging with Greyson and enjoying the art. 

“Escape Through The Wormhole” 32.75″ x 40″ Ink on Wood featuring Greyson Fletcher art on Arbor Skateboards. Photo by Joaquin Sahagun @joaquinthemachine
Andy Moses, Steve Olson and Andy Anderson. Photo by Dan Levy @JuiceDan

Los Angeles based artists, Steve Olson and Axis Valhalla were some of the first to show up to support Greyson and his work. Olson was back in L.A. after a successful showing of his art in New York City at the Medium Exchange Gallery, while Axis was fresh from designing a custom graphic for Jesse Martinez’ new hand-painted Dogtown Skateboards that sold out in four minutes flat. 

Andy Moses and Greyson Fletcher. Photo by Dan Levy @JuiceDan

World-renowned artist, Andy Moses, made an appearance and told tales of starting his own skateboard company in the ‘70s. Andy, who was born in Los Angeles, and raised in Venice where he grew up with the abstract paintings of his father, Ed Moses, has an avid interest in colors and shapes, as does Greyson, so it was really good to see Greyson and Ed dive into a cool conversation about art and skateboarding.

“Death Box” art by Greyson Fletcher. Photo by @Shutedawgg
“Time Travelers” 36×50 Oil Acrylic Spray Paint on Canvas – Greyson Fletcher art. Photo by Joaquin Sahagun @joaquinthemachine
Shota Kubo and Ray Flores. Photo by Dan Levy @JuiceDan

Shota Kubo, who just dropped a part for Bones Bearings, made an appearance, to support Greyson. It’s always good to see Shogo Kubo’s son in Venice, successfully carrying on the Kubo legacy, riding for Dogtown, and progressing style with his precision riding.

“Beginning of the End”, “Death Box” and “Escape Through The Wormhole” Art by Greyson Fletcher. Photo by Joaquin Sahagun @joaquinthemachine
Photo by Nate Shute @Shutedawgg

“The best highlight was Greyson’s art and everyone showing up and showing the love for the Fletcher family and Juice and Venice. The launch ramp brought back a lot of great memories and, even though I only went off of it once, I felt like a kid again.”

James Azpeitia! Daggers!!! Photo by Nate Shute @Shutedawgg

The Daggers Eddie Reategui and Dave Weems brought their team of rippers, Max Barela, James Azpeitia, Evan Chun, Alex Barela, Cody Class, and Madonna Ray to rip ride the ramp. Daggers!!!

Max Barela. Photo by Brian Averill @BrianAverillPhotography

Brian Averill (@BrianAverillPhotography) graciously contributed this sick photo that he took of Daggers Max Barela with a backside shifty on the launch ramp at the peak of an intense sunset that looked like a wormhole had opened in the sky. Check out more of Brian’s photos in his book, Concrete To Saltwater.

“So fun. What a genuinely great event. About a dozen people said something to me along the lines of “I missed this so much… Venice feels like Venice again!” That’s awesome. Y’all are the best.”

Venice Boardwalk at Juice HQ. Photo by @Shutedawgg
Matt Berger, Andy Anderson, Robert Trujillo, Lullah Trujillo, Chloe Trujillo. Photo by Dan Levy @JuiceDan

Andy Anderson (Powell Peralta, Etnies, Swatch, Mind Control Products, Skull Candy, Bones Bearings, Evoke Flooring, Bones Wheels) flowed around the ramps while Matt Berger (Birdhouse, Etnies, Bones Wheels, Monster Energy, Mob Grip, Thunder) ollied from the launch into the landing, to close down the session. It was great seeing people from all over come to Venice to celebrate with Greyson. 

Arbor team rider, Isiah Sanchez. Photo by Nate Shute @Shutedawgg
Dan Levy. Photo by @Shutedawgg

Juice Magazine’s party co-host and emcee, Dan Levy, kept the party pumping. @JuiceDan is also a renowned photographer and host of the Juice Drop In series among a million other things. Go check out his photo show that is up now at the Waterfront at 205 Ocean Front Walk in Venice Beach, California.

Blood Red Sky. Photo by @Shutedawgg
Isiah Sanchez (Arbor Skateboards, Ricta, 303 Boards, Adidas, Bon Grip, El Senor New York) was blasting backside 360s breaking boards. Photo by Adam Stanzak @ItIsDrastic
Isiah Sanchez (Arbor Skateboards) and Kelly Hart (Nine Club) Photo by Nate Shute @Shutedawgg

Kelly Hart from the Nine Club came through, as did The Berrics, who did a nice write up on the event to share with their audience. It was great to see other media represented at Juice HQ for Greyson.

Nothing like a Juice Party… Photo by @Shutedawgg
Skate legend and DJ Ray Flores spinning. Photo by Heidi Lemmon @heidilemmon

It is so rad to see Ray Flores just having a blast, and many of the happy faces at this party were due to the fact that Ray was spinning chill fun music that made you want to skate, dance and smile. Thanks Ray!

Greyson Fletcher and Hannah Leslie of Photo by Slappy Sutherland

Hannah Leslie of made the scene and got a chance to meet Greyson and enjoy the skate party. Check out @indiebuzzrockstv for some of her clips and kind words.

Tim Jackson. Photo by Ernest Brown @ernestyle

Tim Jackson and his daughter, Anna, showed up to appreciate the art, as they are both artists that enjoy utilizing skateboards as a medium for their work. Tim enjoyed getting to introduce his daughter to skate legend, Steve Olson, and then he took a spin at working the door while Dan Levy announced the raffle winners who took home autographed Greyson Fletcher skateboards and posters. Thanks Tim!

Daggers Max Barela Ollie Over Evan Chun at Juice Magazine HQ Photo by Dave Weems @daveweems

“The Dagger crew was out in full force Thursday nite in Venice CA. ripping everything to shreds. Skaters from all over came out to the event for the support of Greyson Fletcher’s new deck release. Juice Magazine threw the sickest event…”

The skateboarding and the sunset were a show in itself. Photo by Dan Levy @JuiceDan

Tonan Ruiz was out front with his buggy, offering rides and pitching his Nayborhoodies. He even stopped to do a layback on the ramp and then jumped on the mic for a minute. You might remember, that Tonan used to work with Dibi and Herbie at Astrodeck years ago, in the long line of his legacy in surf and skate. 

Christian Fletcher. Photo by Joaquin Sahagun @joaquinthemachine

It’s always good to see Christian Fletcher in Venice, supporting art, live music and the surf skate family. He even left with one of Dan Levy’s J-Boy candles that Dan had specially made for his Venice Ignite photo show, (which are available here.)

James Azpeitia frontside 180. Photo by Adam Stanzak @ItIsDrastic.

Thanks to @ItIsDrastic Adam Stanzak who kindly contributed his photos from the skate session to add another cool element to this story. Check out his work at

Juice Party! Photo by Dan Levy @JuiceDan

As the sun started to set, one of the buggies that normally carries tourists up and down the Venice Boardwalk at a leisurely pace became a man-powered sonic chariot, towing skateboarders into the launch ramp, in a way somewhat reminiscent to how Herbie Fletcher used jet skis to tow surfers into big waves. Thanks for the great pedicab skate pulling moments! Check the clip on Instagram at @indiebuzzrockstv

Danny Photo by Adam Stanzak @ItIsDrastic

Willy Danny from RampLand built the jump ramp for the party and went so hard skating it that he broke a board. Thanks Dan! Hit up @thewizardflower next time you need a ramp built for your party! 

Max Barela grabbing melon. Photo by Adam Stanzak @ItIsDrastic

Daggers Max Barela, Evan Chun and James Azpeitia were killing it and it was amazing to see them all skate together and crushing it. 

“Outstanding event last night at Juice Magazine on OFW. Great art/music/skating and the energy was genuinely special. Thank you to Dan Levy & Terri Craft for always being such a consistently positive force in this neighborhood. You guys are the best.”

Liv, Rob and Barbarella. Photo by Creepy Red courtesy of Barbarella @barbarelladormio

It’s always awesome to see Barbarella Dormio, and she took some great photos at the show. We were super psyched to see the photo she got of Guch and Greyson, and it was great to see Liv and meet Rob.

Juice Magazine delivering!! Spectacular summer evening in Venice Beach at Greyson Fletcher art show

Frontside 180 through the people tunnel into sunset stardom. Photo by Barbarella Dormio
DJ Ray Flores from the deck of Juice HQ. Photo by Barbarella Dormio @barbarelladormio
Thanks to Kaycee Smith who came over from Venice West where she promotes live music. Kaycee always takes time to give back to the community by lending a hand. Photo by Dan Levy @JuiceDan
Josh “Bagel” Klassman and Downhill Dogs Robert “Rob Dog” Howard. Photo courtesy of Rob Dog
Thanks to the Arbor crew. Photo by Nate Shute @Shutedawgg
Joaquin Sahagun, Christian Fletcher & Ken Svendsen. Photo by Heidi Lemmon @heidilemmon
Greyson Fletcher and Dibi Fletcher. Photo by Heidi Lemmon @heidilemmon
Thanks to Francesca Quintano who hung the art with the same professionalism as at the incredible Beyond The Streets. Photo by Dan Levy @juicedan
Juice Magazine’s Dan Levy and Vanessa Davey (Carver) held it down at the front door with the guest list along with Ona Gauthier of Gauthier Catering. Photo by Heidi Lemmon @heidilemmon
Herbie Fletcher and Joaquin Sahagun. Photo by Joaquin Sahagun @joaquinthemachine
Premier Skateboard Association’s Jordan Kidushim with his kids Koral & Karver. Photo by Heidi Lemmon

“Greyson Fletcher art show at JUICE MAGAZINE with Dan Levy & Terri Craft was a blast. It’s like family reunion with the best family around. It was so great to see everyone again.”

Downhill Dogs. Photo by Heidi Lemmon @heidilemmon
Lonny Hiramoto enjoying the Lizzie Armanto interview by @IndigoSkates in the most recent issue of Juice Magazine #78. Photo by Joaquin Sahagun @joaquinthemachine

The legendary Lonny Hiramoto, and Kimi Kallman, brought positive vibes as did Skate Park Association International founder, Saltrags brand manager, and co-producer of the OG Jam, Heidi Lemmon. We want to send a special thanks to Heidi who is always fighting the good fight for skate parks around the world. 

Lonny Hiramoto and Traci Garacochea. Photo by Heidi Lemmon @heidilemmon

Traci Garacochea, came to see Greyson’s show after catching air on the skateboarding course at the U.S. Open. It’s always rad to see fantastic adaptive action sports athletes like Traci, and Kanya Sesser, @kanyasesser at Juice HQ. Congrats also to Kanya who just took home second place in the X Games Adaptive Action Sports in Des Moines, Iowa, and made it back in time to see Greyson’s art too.

Dan Levy photo of Greyson Fletcher from Juice Magazine 20 Year Anniversary cover above the line to get in. Photo by Heidi Lemmon @heidilemmon
Dale Walsh @cater_skater of www.foodinmotioncatering and Dan Levy @juicedan of @JuiceMagazine

We had our first catered event at Juice, and @Cater_Skater is absolutely amazing. Dale Walsh of ( brought shrimp ceviche and vegetarian ceviche and the most delicious red velvet cake desserts we’ve ever tasted. It was just incredible. Thanks Dale!

Red Velvet Cake by @Cater_skater from
Shrimp Ceviche by @Cater_skater from
Juice Magazine #68 and Juice Magazine #78 both feature interviews with Greyson Fletcher. Photo by Joaquin Sahagun @joaquinthemachine

“Working daily to support the life I appreciate with the blend of my lifestyle and meeting legends that keep the legacy alive. JUICE MAGAZINE Greyson Fletcher art show.”

Ken Svendsen and Joaquin. Photo by Joaquin Sahagun @joaquinthemachine

Joaquin Sahagun is a production pro and he stopped by to help out on his way to a gig at the Whisky A Go Go. Joaquin snaps great photos and gets the heavy lifting out of the way making for a smooth gig every time. Ken Svendsen helped the day of the event and assisted Dan in getting all the tents set up outside, while Punk Rock Joe Denzinger stayed until the end of the night, helping load it all back into the house. We also want to thank Stoney who is the man with a “special set of skills” and he put them to work making sure the beers were frosty all night long. Thanks Joaquin, Ken, Joe and Stoney!

Greyson and Machine. Photo by Joaquin Sahagun @joaquinthemachine

Thanks to 805 Beer and Proud Source Water for donating liquids to quench everyone’s thirst. Every Juice party is a collaborative effort by the community for the community, and we would to thank everyone for attending, volunteering, donating and having a good time. 

We kept the crowd crush down and the gallery space open so that everyone could check out Greyson’s art. Photo by Joaquin Sahagun @joaquinthemachine

We want to say thanks to Christina Marquez from The Waterfront, who is one of the finest bartenders in the land and always makes everyone feel right at home. We also want to thank Tana Douglas (you can see her blonde dreads in this shot) who always jumps in to help out at Juice parties. What you may not realize is that Tana was not only AC/DC’s first roadie, but she is also an author whose book “Loud” is coming out on September 20th, via Harper Collins.

Greyson Fletcher and Chris “Slappy” Sutherland. Photo courtesy of Slappy
Downhill Dogs Rob Dog. Photo by Ernest Brown @ernestyle

It was great to see Downhill Dogs, Robert Howard who was still on the path to recovery after heart surgery and was in great spirits. We wish Rob Dog the speediest of recoveries. It’s always a pleasure to see Ernest Brown at a Juice party and share the fantastic photos that he shoots and we look forward to more of his photography and documentary work coming soon. Thanks Ernest!

Steve Olson and Terri Craft. Photo by Ernest Brown @ernestyle
Ray Flores reppin’ the OG Bronze Age Venice Underground. Photo by Ernest Brown @ernestyle
Eric “Tuma” Britton. Photo by Ernest Brown @ernestyle
Two OGs: Jim Gray and Ray Flores. Photo by Ernest Brown @ernestyle
Terri Craft, Herbie Fletcher, Dibi Fletcher, and Dan Levy. Photo courtesy of Dibi Fletcher.

The Fletcher family is beloved and it was truly an honor and a privilege to see Dibi and Herbie and Christian and Greyson at Juice HQ. Kudos to Dibi for the book that she wrote “Fletcher: A Lifetime in Surf”, that Taschen published in 2019. It’s an incredible book and everyone needs to buy a copy. We also want to thank Herbie for all of the work that he has done and the legacy that he and his family have blessed surfing and skateboarding with from the earliest days of skating pools and innovating surfing. From the Wave Warriors to creating new ways to slip slide, Herbie inspired his son, Christian, to advance the aerial surfing game and his son, Nathan, to advance surfing in the big waves arena, and then the brothers set new standards and took it over the top. Greyson now carries on the family legacy in surf and skate and art. We’ve also got Nathan Fletcher’s sons, Lazer and Jetson, to look out for next. Check out their YouTube show, “The Lazer and Jetson Show”, which follows their surf and skate antics growing up in Hawaii. Stay tuned for what’s next with Juice Magazine and our ongoing work with the Fletcher family!

G.L.H.F. invitation photo by Cody Moyles

If you’re interested in getting a piece of Greyson’s art from the show, contact us quickly as that opportunity may soon be unavailable until the next round of art that Greyson creates. The body of work that he presented at his first solo show was enlightening and inspiring and it reminds you of the purity of going fast and riding a skateboard and just being free. The messaging of ‘Leave blood, skate fast, slam hard, and pack your trash’ is important to Greyson as he looks ahead into the future and reminds us to be good stewards of the earth. Thanks Greyson and congrats on a kickass first solo show!

“G.L.H.F.” celebrated Greyson’s “Nuclear Worm” and “Disguised” artwork on his Arbor pro model skateboards that you can find at

Read the Berrics story about the show at

Read the Arbor Collective story about the show at

Read the Daggers story about the show at

Max Barela boosting over Evan’s head. Photo by Dave Weems @DaveWeems
James Azpeitia at Juice HQ, Venice, CA. Dagger Skateboards. Photo by Dave Weems @DaveWeems
Evan Chun, Madona Ray, Alex Barela, James Azpeitia, Max Barela, Cody Class, Ed Reategui at Venice Skatepark – Dagger Skateboards. Photo by Dave Weems @DaveWeems
Juice Magazine Party – Dagger Skateboards. Photo by Dave Weems @DaveWeems
James Azpeitia, Max Barela, Alex Barela. Venice. Daggers. Photo by Dave Weems @DaveWeems
Madona Ray and Eddie Reategui in Venice – Dagger Skateboards. Photo by Dave Weems @DaveWeems
Ed Reategui, Dan Levy, Terri Craft – Dagger Skateboards. Photo by Dave Weems @DaveWeems
Isiah Sanchez. Photo by Dave Weems @DaveWeems

Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped to make this evening another successful show!

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