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We started the Duty Now for the Future articles to honor those skateboarders building concrete for other skateboarders. These skaters are dedicated to building skate structures, day in and day out, where quality is job one and money doesn’t matter as much as the finished product. They are the ones carving the future for generations to come and we want to bring their stories to you in order to understand what goes into building those killer parks that you get to ride! We want to thank these skaters for all their sweat, hard work and dedication to skateboarding! They’re not afraid to lay yards of pool coping down, so get out there and grind it up!!! That is our Duty Now For The Future! D-E-V-O. We dedicate our Duty Now For the Future Retrospective to Bob 2 aka Bob Casale. R.I.P.

Yo, Corbett. I have some Duty Now for the Future questions for you. You ready?


What is your favorite skatepark of all time?

I’m going to say Athens, Ohio, is my favorite skatepark.

What is your favorite backyard/DIY spot?

Of course, I have to say Wanchese, because it’s the truth.

I’m proud of you.


Who is the one person that mentored you and taught you how to build?

The biggest influence on me was Jaime and the ECRW guys for showing us what you could do if you’d just go out and do it. Jaime and Devon and that crew.

Nice. What do you see as the biggest innovation in skatepark building?

I think that it’s just that these guys have gotten so good at building a well-built park. They know how to do it quicker and better than when they first started.

What is something in the skatepark world that you would like to see built that hasn’t been built yet?

After the nuclear holocaust where all the skaters survive, like the JFA song, a parking deck with a snake run poured all the way down it 20 stories tall, with everything you can think of inside.

I interviewed Shaggy and he said the exact same thing, man. Skateable parking deck.

Well, me and Shaggy are probably on equal footing on a lot of things that we’d like to see.

That’s rad. What is your Duty Now for the Future?

Oh, man, I’m just going to keep doing cool stuff.


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