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We started the Duty Now for the Future articles to honor those skateboarders building concrete for other skateboarders. These skaters are dedicated to building skate structures, day in and day out, where quality is job one and money doesn’t matter as much as the finished product. They are the ones carving the future for generations to come and we want to bring their stories to you in order to understand what goes into building those killer parks that you get to ride! We want to thank these skaters for all their sweat, hard work and dedication to skateboarding! They’re not afraid to lay yards of pool coping down, so get out there and grind it up!!! That is our Duty Now For The Future! D-E-V-O. We dedicate our Duty Now For the Future Retrospective to Bob 2 aka Bob Casale. R.I.P.

What is your favorite backyard/DIY spot to skate?

It used to be my backyard pool in Denver. I recently moved to Arvada, CO (A suburb of Denver) and helped a good friend of mine Terrill Schmidt build a pool in his backyard. Terrill’s is now my new favorite. Shallow rocket pocket, multiple death boxes, love seat, stairs, pool coping and tile! Endless Lines/combos!

Who is the one person that influenced you the most in building skateparks?

Lots of people have influenced me over the years. Mark Scott definitely has always been a huge influence. I guess mainly skateboarders that build skateparks. I strongly feel that if you don’t skate, or you’re one of those dudes that used to skate, know somebody that skates, or skates every once in a while, that you shouldn’t be involved in skatepark building.

What’s your favorite skatepark now?

Gunnison CO, Arvada CO, CO Springs, any D.I.Y stuff. I don’t think I could choose a specific favorite. To be honest, I rarely go to skateparks once construction is complete and the park is open to the public. During construction is when some of the best sessions go down. We have tons of private backyard stuff in the Denver area that is just a better scene, no kids on scooters, lurkers etc.

What do you think has been the biggest innovation in skatepark building over the years?

Construction methods/techniques have greatly improved in the last 10 years. Pretty much anything you can imagine can be built with concrete. Different materials like granite, marble and other natural stones have been getting used more lately. Also, the use of colored concrete can add some artsy contrast. I like to see skateparks that look good as well as skate good.

Where do you see park building going in the next ten years? Do you see skatepark building as a long-term trend?

I think cities will continue building skateparks. They get the most use out of all other Parks and Rec. funded projects. I also see the trend of repairing, refurbishing or demoing and starting over with all of the early pre-fab parks that are now unskateable.

What innovations have happened in skatepark building that have become obsolete and aren’t being built right now?

Pre-fab garbage, although I still think some cities are getting suckered into buying that crap. It’s a terrible waste of money.

What is your favorite pool shape and why?

My favorite pool shape is a right kidney. I’m always stoked to look over a fence and find a right kidney!

“I like to see skateparks that look good as well as skate good.”

Favorite pool coping?

I make my own coping that is pretty indestructible, but I usually don’t have the time or enough molds to mass produce. On large skatepark jobs I prefer to use Tedder Stone, Phil makes great coping! I still really like grinding Penrose coping also, but it doesn’t last as long as Tedder Stone.

What is the one thing that hasn’t been built to skate yet that you’d like to build or see built in the future? 

Skateable Glory hole! I got lots of crazy ideas. Just need a big enough budget to make the ideas reality.

Who is on your crew right now?

All skateboarders, all the time. Too many to name.

Anyone you want to thank?

My wife Michelle, the entire Team Pain concrete crew, hard working bunch of guys. Tim and Linda Payne, Tito Poratta, Lindsey Kuhn at Conspiracy, Bones wheels, Independent trucks. OG STL Glenn Stallings, and all skateboarders who build shit!

What is your Duty Now for the Future?

Continue building skateparks and more backyard stuff!


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