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We started the Duty Now for the Future articles to honor those skateboarders building concrete for other skateboarders. These skaters are dedicated to building skate structures, day in and day out, where quality is job one and money doesn’t matter as much as the finished product. They are the ones carving the future for generations to come and we want to bring their stories to you in order to understand what goes into building those killer parks that you get to ride! We want to thank these skaters for all their sweat, hard work and dedication to skateboarding! They’re not afraid to lay yards of pool coping down, so get out there and grind it up!!! That is our Duty Now For The Future! D-E-V-O. We dedicate our Duty Now For the Future Retrospective to Bob 2 aka Bob Casale. R.I.P.

What is your favorite backyard/DIY spot to skate?

Our spot at my buddy, Jon Temple’s, house.

Who is the one person that influenced you the most in building skateparks?

James Hedrick. He had some good early visions of the way shit should be done. He is probably still involved with parks and DIY shit as well. What’s up, Jimmy Jam?

What’s your favorite skatepark now?

I like the backyard, no rules, no bullshit type scene. There are tons of good parks out there. Little Eddie has always been my brother so I would have to push for anything that he has been part of. Eddie helped me and Skwirl out when we both needed it. Shit like that is never forgotten.

What do you think has been the biggest innovation in skatepark building over the years?

Not building what the city wants; building what the core dudes in any given community want.

Where do you see park building going in the next ten years? Do you see skatepark building as a long-term trend?

Park building won’t stop until people stop showing interest. Parks are a good training ground for the little shits that will one day be raising hell with the rest of us in the parking lot.

What innovations have happened in skatepark building that have become obsolete and aren’t being built right now?

The ones that sucked.

What is your favorite pool shape and why? Favorite pool coping?

Kidneys; they work for everyone. Blocks and bricks of any kind; pre-cast or poured.

What is the one thing that hasn’t been built to skate yet that you’d like to build or see built in the future?

Anything fun. Different isn’t always better. Some of the shit out there is over thought and is pretty much just a waste of mud.

Who is on your crew right now? 

I am doing construction management for a pool plaster company here in Jax. FL. We do work both regionally and on the international level. Our crew is me, Skwirl, Bumper, J-Run, Colton, Keith, D-Block, Steve, Gimp, Stu, and Wu-Pak (the white 2-Pak). These fellas bust shit out daily and I would be more than happy to put this crew up against all takers. Come get some!

Anyone you want to thank?

My wife, Lin, and my daughters, Emily and Lizzy, for their constant acceptance of all that comes along with me.

What is your Duty Now for the Future?

Good dad, good friend and good son.


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