Dusters California x Kryptonics Wheels Collection

Dusters X Kryptonics Wheels Collection

G&S set the bar pretty damn high with the great skateboards they built back in the 1970s. That same quality carried over into their ads as well, that’s why Dusters chose to recreate this classic G&S ad for its Dusters campaign.

Dusters continues to pay homage to those that came before. In the new version of this classic ad are three of their newest skateboards equipped with the new re-issue Kryptonics Star*Trac wheels. Dusters also pays respect to Vans, the first name in skateboarding footwear.

If you’re a G&S fan make sure to check out their recently released re-issue Proline Skateboards.

Original G&S Ad

Dusters x Kryptonics Wheels Collection

Dusters classic inspired staple cruisers paired with the original Kryptonics Star Trac Wheels. This collection is dripping with an authentic old school look and feel. See more info at:


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