Dogtown Skateboards Mickey O’Keefe Video Drop

Looming storm clouds initiated a sense of danger and mystique as anticipation built for the gathering of some of Dogtown’s most esteemed provocateurs. This evening’s festivities were adjacent to the sacred grounds of the incinerated pillars of the P.O.P. Pier where a cultural revolution in the ’70s spawned a new energy that would inevitably push the possibilities of skateboarding like no other time before.

On this night, February 21st, 2024, ethos and tradition was ignited by Dogtown team rider Mickey O’Keefe as he dropped his new video part for the crew. Most tribal populations have unwritten laws and traditions and Dogtown is no different. In this realm, celebrating the founders of our culture as they pass along the metaphorical torch is something we hold strong.

Names like Jeff Ho, Jim Muir, Eric Dressen, Shota Kubo, Bennett Harada and Suicidal Tendencies were on hand to pay homage to Dogtown and the video effort from Mickey. Juice parties have played host to many legendary gatherings in Venice and this one felt like home at the Waterfront in Venice, California.

Mickey O’Keefe. Photo by Terri Craft

When JUICE asked Mickey what it meant to him to ride for Dogtown Skateboards, he said, “I’m deeply humbled and it’s the greatest honor I’ve ever experienced and I’m forever grateful to be part of the most legendary skateboard team to ever exist.” Everyone celebrated Mickey’s new video and the house was packed with support for the drop. Check out the footy here…

“The New York Transplant hits the streets of Los Angeles for his first Dogtown video part. A blend of authority and style that reaches from JKwon to The Valley and everywhere in between.”
James Muir, Jeff Ho and Shota Kubo. Photo by Dan Levy

Dogtown Skateboards has been operating for over four decades with the OG Jim Muir of the infamous 70’s Zephyr team running the show. Jeff Ho, founder of Zephyr, as well as Shota Kubo, who skates for Dogtown Skateboards, and whose dad Shogo Kubo was an original Z-Boy showed up for the celebration.

Juice Talks with James Muir and Dan Levy. Photo by Lindsey

JUICE DAN LEVY hosted JUICE TALKS with special guest JAMES MUIR, original Z-Boy and founder of DOGTOWN SKATEBOARDS, in addition to the night’s special guest MICKEY O’KEEFE, and videographer, Jonas Ganzoni, who put Mickey’s part together.

Mickey O’Keefe, Jonas Ganzoni and James Muir. Photo by Dan Levy

Culturally speaking, Dogtown is one of the pillars of the foundation of modern day skateboarding and to have this release directly adjacent to where the P.O.P. pier once stood was nothing short of magical.

Jeff Ho and Jim Muir. Photo by Dan Levy

JUICE MAGAZINE also showed DOGTOWN SKATEBOARDS first skateboarding video, ‘DTS THE VIDEO’, originally released in 1991, featuring an all-terrain team of WADE SPEYER, MIKE KAO, CHET CHILDRESS, JOHN CARDIEL, ROYCE NELSON, BRYCE KANIGHTS, JJ ROGERS, JESSE PAEZ, KARMA TSOCHEFF and others and has gone on to become an underground classic.

Respect was paid to all generations of the real lords of Dogtown, and special guests making an appearance included newly inducted Skateboarding Hall of Famer, Howard Hood, along with Bennett Harada and Eric Dressen. Olympian and Powell Peralta’s team rider, Andy Anderson, and Isiah Sanchez, from the Arbor crew, made the scene as did rising music superstar, Clayton Brann.

Dan Levy, Jim Muir, Luke Colson and Jonathan Segal of Vibes Snacks. Photo by Dan Levy

As sponsors of the show, VIBES SNACKS founders, Jonathan Segal and Luke Colson, brought gifts for everyone and showed their support heightening the good vibes. Learn more about VIBES delicious snacks as well as their important support of the HAWAII WILDLIFE FUND at Follow VIBES on Instagram at @lovethevibesofficial.

Lorenzo of Suicidal and Heavy Metal Chuck of Dogtown Skateboards. Photo by Dan Levy

LORENZO MERONI of SUICIDAL SKATES brought the always sought-after Suicidal Tendencies bandanas and stickers to add to the huge pile of gifts for the silent auction and Juice State of Skate exhibit, in addition to the FENDER Squier Stratocaster donated by Lincoln O’Barry of the Dolphin Project.

Eric Dressen. Photo by Terri Craft

Jim Muir, Eric Dressen and Shota Kubo also autographed Dogtown Skateboards for the JUICE STATE OF SKATE exhibit, a display of skateboards showcasing the current state of skate art, and honoring the spirit of surf skate culture where many of the stories of skateboarding began.

Thanks to everyone for being there and making it a smashing success, and congrats Mickey!

Andy Anderson and Isiah Sanchez. Photo by Dan Levy
Mickey O’Keefe, Matt Smith, Jeff Ho. Photo by Dan Levy
The crew! Photo by Dan Levy
Andy Anderson and Clayton Brann. Photo by Dan Levy
Rita and Oscar Galan. Photo by Dan Levy
Howard Hood, Bennett Harada, Eric Dressen, Lance Dalgart. Photo by Dan Levy
Pauline Branom. Photo by Dan Levy
Lance Dalgart, Terri Craft, Eric Dressen. Photo by Dan Levy
Shota Kubo. Photo by Terri Craft
Tracie and Kanya.

DOGTOWN SKATES was proud to present DOGTOWN X COMMON SPACE HAZY IPA with CRAIG STECYK’S iconic imagery on the cans, for the VENICE debut of this special Dogtown pale ale.

JUICE hosted the JUICE PUNK ROCK SKATE POP UP SHOP with rare collectible back issues of Juice Magazine. Complimentary copies of Juice Magazine #79 were available and as well as complimentary Juice stickers made by the great Graphics Lab.


Since 1993, Juice Magazine has been dedicated to the core of skateboarding, surfing and punk rock with a focus on in-depth interviews by the icons of skate, surf and punk rock culture. The Juice Magazine crew includes a line-up of surf and skate legends, and the honest approach of their stories and photos make Juice Magazine more than just a magazine. Juice Magazine is committed to giving credit to the true pioneers and innovators of skateboarding, surfing and music and keeping it punk. For more information, please visit


The Dogtown Cross as created by C.R. Stecyk III first came to public light on the pages of Skateboarder Magazine in 1976. It was soon applied to skateboards in the way of innovative art and paint designs by Wes Humpston and Jim Muir. In 1981, Mike Muir moved in with brother Jim in his Venice home. Shortly thereafter, Mike formed Suicidal Tendencies and Skate Rock history was born. Fast forward 40+ years later and Dogtown and Suicidal Skates are still pushing wood. In 2014, Jim Muir and Mike Muir brought the brands back together under the distribution of Dogtown X Suicidal coming full circle as a family business again like it was back in the 1980’s. DTxST is skater owned and operated and you can count on knowledgeable skate staff, customer service, quality of goods, and timely accurate deliveries shipping straight from the source. For more information, please visit


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The Waterfront sits at the base of where the Pacific Ocean Park Pier (POP) once existed, a place of legend where a young group of surf skaters launched the Dogtown & Z-Boys aesthetic. The Waterfront features beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, from the world-famous Venice Beach boardwalk, and offers California cuisine with carefully selected seasonal local produce and curated beverage menus. Get Waterfront reservations at

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