Daymond D. Dodge Skate Against ALS Skate-a-thon

On March 7th, 2020, the Daymond D. Dodge Skate Against ALS Skate-a-thon was held at the Pacific Highlands Ranch Pump Track in San Diego’s Carmel Valley. The event was founded and organized by Billy Ruff and his wife, Jill, to raise funds for their dear friend, renowned skateboard collector and archivist, Daymond D. Dodge.

Group photo by Lance Smith

Daymond was diagnosed with ALS last year and is currently in a skilled-nursing facility in Los Angeles. This fundraiser featured 44 sponsored-per-lap riders from all over SoCal, Florida, Hawaii, Japan, Europe and Mexico.

Colin Cruise. Photo by Gabe Altier

Well over the day’s recorded official 1,110 laps helped raise over $10,000 for Daymond’s ongoing medical expenses. “We’re bringing the skateboard community together to help one of their own. This is the skate family at its best”, said Billy Ruff.

Billy Ruff. Photo by Lance Smith

“The pump track got me back skateboarding,” said Billy Ruff, who started organizing Wednesday morning meet-ups last summer at the track where a large group would come together to skate and socialize. Ruff’s personal record is 153 laps and it was during that epic run that he got the idea for the Skate-A-Thon.

Daymond banner. Banner art by Matt Lorentz.

As he rolled through the loops, Ruff started thinking “I wish I could get paid for this,” which quickly turned into, “I could do this for Daymond.”

Eli Smith by Gabe Altier

Bill Billing added, “Our skateboard family is strong and many of us have been riding together for 45 years, but that day we also saw how compassionate and caring our family is.”

Dennis Martinez. Photo by Steve Evans

Dennis Martinez proclaimed, “I say it all the time, I love our skate family. I’ve watched our sport in action care about people. We stick up for each other and help each other.”

Layne Oaks, Brian Logan, Steve Cathey, Danny Yarbrough. Photo by Steve Evans

The Skate-a-thon was advertised online and on a grass roots level by skateboarders from all over. “Billy Ruff, Steve Cathey, and Adrian Demain were on 91X radio promoting the event. The Tony Hawk Foundation retweeted. Juice Magazine retweeted… so we got a lot of noise, momentum, and support for Daymond”, said Matt Lorentz of Green Flash.

Lansing Pope and Jesse Parker. Photo by Mick Yarbrough

The Skate-a-thon’s large crew of skateboarders included legends Adrian Demain, Bill Billing, Billy Ruff, Billy Runaway, Brian and Bruce Logan, Christian Hosoi, Darrel Delgado, Dave Andrecht, David Sams, Dennis Martinez, Derek Nishimura, Doug Marker, Duane Peters, Eric Grisham, Greg Weaver, Henry Hester, Jeff Moggs, Jim Gray, Jimmy Acosta, John Hughes, Kyle Jensen, Lance Smith, Lansing Pope, Layne Oaks, Mario Raposo, Paul Schmitt, Rudy Stoffo, Spidey DeMontrond, Steve Caballero, and Steve Cathey.

Jordan. Photo by Billy Ruff

The event drew 44 registered participants and an attendance of 200 plus supporters.

Steve Caballero. Photo by Lance Smith

A Legends Lap was held at high noon with over 30 skaters on the track at once and a freestyle jam circle later broke out as well. Danny Yarbrough said,” Legends young and old everywhere doing seemingly endless loops for Daymond.

Jim Gray, Christian Hosoi and Steve Cathey.

The freestyle session was a sight to see with names like Gray, Cab, Hosoi, Grisham, Delgado, and crew showing what they still got. An all around epic day!”

Christian Hosoi and Vince Udo.

Vince Udo, lead singer of the band Diatribe, was the Master of Ceremonies of the entire dual-location event and noted, “I was very honored to talk to all the skaters and on-lookers. So proud of our skate family and the love of Daymond D. Dodge.” 

Hosoi and Padre Libre. Photo by Matt Lorentz

Christian Hosoi stated, “Daymond is just an awesome part of skateboarding. I love to see the skateboard community come together for a fellow brother in need of financial help, but most importantly emotional, mental, and what I believe is the most important part, to produce a supernatural miracle intervention of healing through the power of prayer. We love you, Daymond!”                          

Jordan Farar with 206 on clicker. Photo by Lance Smith

Pump Track local Jordan Farar set a new PHR track record of 206 consecutive laps with no pushing (over 20 miles) in the span of two hours. Farar stated, “It was a pleasure to contribute to the Daymond D. Dodge Skate Against ALS Skate-a-thon.

Jordan Farar & Paul Schmitt with the board Jordan rode 206 laps with. Photo by Jordan Farar

I was given the opportunity to help raise money to help Daymond by being part of the pump track endurance competition. Knowing I was doing it to help another, made the effort so worthwhile.” For his great effort, Jordan was awarded a new complete set-up donated by Sector 9 and a case of local craft beer.

JoJo Yarbrough, Colin Cruise, Steve Caballero, Blake Sterger, and Danny Yarbrough. Photo by Mick Yarbrough

Impressive non-consecutive lap totals of the day include Jesse Parker (70), Eli Smith (112), Billy Ruff (125), Blake Sterger (150), and JoJo Yarbrough (150). 

Colin Cruise. Photo by Gabe Altier
Duane Peters and Dave Andrecht. Photo by Steve Evans
Colin Cruise. Photo by Gabe Altier
Eli Smith by Gabe Altier

“It was sick to skate with legends and help someone at the same time,“ said 11 year old Eli Smith, one of the largest fundraisers.

Colin Cruise. Photo by Gabe Altier

Dave Andrecht summed it up, “The whole event was bad-ass, from the skating to the vibe at Green Flash! Raising money should always be that much fun! In the name of our hero DDD!” 

Steve Cathey, Dennis Martinez, Billy Ruff, Dave Colburn at after party. Photo by Kenny King

The after party held at Green Flash Brewery featured a street course, Daymond’s 70’s SoCal Skatespot film, a stellar raffle, a signed skate deck silent auction, and live sets by The Screamin’ Yeehaws, Sloka, and Adrian Demain. It was a packed house at Green Flash where the brews, skate stories and funds flowed.

Rudy Stoffo complied all the day’s action and interviews in a two part movie that can be viewed on his Youtube page at

Pacific Highlands Ranch Community Park’s Pump Track is located at 5977 Village Center Loop Road, San Diego. Cruise out!

To make donations to Daymond D. Dodge, please contact Billy Ruff at

Story by Matt Lorentz. Photos courtesy of Lance Smith, Billy Ruff, Gabe Altier, Steve Evans, Matt Lorentz and Mick Yarbrough.


  • Vince Udo April 29, 2020

    Hello Great job on the Daymond D Dodge.I was the master of ceremonies and had a great time.Ive been skating forever and knew most of the legends.I grew up in the skate and punk beginnings.Working at Big O and playing in bands.Ive been singing in bands over 30 plus years.I really love what Juice does.Will a paper version of this article be available?Thanks alot. Vince Udo aka Vinnie Fono

    • JuiceMagazine April 29, 2020

      Hey Vince, Great job to you on an excellent event to help Daymond. Well done! Thanks for your kindness and we hope you’ll enjoy this online exclusive article. Stay safe and well out there and thanks for all that you do for skateboarding and punk rock.

  • Natasha Dudley Busick April 30, 2020

    It was an amazing event. Also-so much fun to catch up with old friends. The love for Daymond was strong and the incredible love and strength in the skate community was so alive!


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