Dave Tuck Skate Jam IV @ Ann Arbor Skatepark, Ann Arbor, MI May 27th

We are excited to announce the 4th Annual Dave Tuck Skate Jam on May 27th at Ann Arbor Skatepark in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Over the past three years, the Dave Tuck Skate Jam has raised over $15000.00 for Grind For Life and Strap In For Life, two non-profit organizations which support skateboarders and snowboarders and their families who have been impacted by cancer. Again this year, 100% of proceeds from this year’s event will go directly to Grind For Life and Strap In For Life.

Dave Tuck was born on August 1, 1969, and  grew up in Ann Arbor MI. Dave was integral to the creation of the first Ann Arbor city owned skate spot, the ‘City Ramp’ at Vets Park. He represented Ann Arbor, and his adopted home in Colorado, throughout the National and International skateboard and snowboard scenes and industries, earning love and admiration everywhere he went.

In the battle with pancreatic cancer that finally took his life on July 20, 2013, Dave was an example to everyone around him of what a life worth living is all about. He was brave, honest, loving, dedicated to his wife, children, and friends, and to doing what he loved to do the most, until the very end.

Dave Tuck Skate Jam IV will be held at the Ann Arbor Skatepark, located in Veterans Memorial Park, 350 N. Maple Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103, on Saturday, May 27th, 2017, from 12:00-6:00pm.

  • Skateboarding by pro and amateur skaters from Michigan and around the country including Pro Skater, 2 time cancer survivor, and Grind For Life Founder, Mike Rogers.
  • Street and pool contests for skateboarder of all skill levels, with prize packages donated by local and national skate companies and other businesses. Registration for contests begins at noon.
  • Silent Auction featuring art by Shep Fairey (OBEY/GIANT) and other donations from artists and local and national businesses.
  • DJs spinning all day, product giveaways, raffles, most stylish run contest, and other spur-of-the-moment contests

Please join us for an afternoon of family-friendly fun to help keep Dave Tuck in our hearts, and help out people who are battling cancer.

For more information, please contact, Josh Meisler, Chairman of Dave Tuck Skate Jam IV at

Why The Dave Tuck Skate Jam at Ann Arbor Skatepark?

Dave Tuck (1969‐2013) was an OG Ann Arbor Skater.

Dave comes from the old school DIY spirit and culture of hardcore skating… Of discovering, draining, and riding abandoned pools… Of seeing the world through the lens of the Skater’s eye: “Can it be ridden? We’re gonna find out.” Of pressure drops and boneless ones on the benches on the Diag… Of finding wood and building ramps… Of quarter pipes and launch ramps in the parking lot of Commie High…

Dave travelled all over, living out of his van or cars and hotels, those first missions to South Carolina, to Wisconsin, to Sarnia, skating and laughing and raging and inviting everyone back to ride our local spots. And they came. Then he moved to Colorado and did it all over again. Real recognizes real. He rode snowboards and skateboards from Jamaica to Japan, from Alaska to Alabama.

Dave was a drummer. He was a lover and a fighter. He was an awesome dad and husband, and the kind of friend who would give you ANYTHING he had. Dave knew about Style. Tuck kneed frontside airs and Reggae belts and duct tape. Dave lived his truth. The Truth. Dave died the way he lived. The way he rode. With passion, without compromise, with grace and honor and courage. With his friends and family.

Dave Tuck Skate Jam raises money for Grind for Life and Strap in for Life. Mike Rogers, the two-‐time cancer survivor and pro skater who founded GFL was a source of support and strength for Dave when he was sick. So Dave, being Dave, figured that he would be a part of the solution too and with a couple buddies founded SIFL to continue the mission of service to people with cancer and their families up above the tree line.

But just as importantly, Dave Tuck Skate Jam is a celebration of life and love, of skateboarding as an Art of Living, and if we can throw down an event that Dave would be stoked for we’ve done our little piece of keeping Dave Tuck alive in our hearts.

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