Coping by The Fakies on BandCamp

The Fakies are five “fine” gents originally from the unforgiving wilds o’ Thee Great Nor’west who’ve been bailin’, bargin’, & bombin’ pretty much anything on a SKATEBOARD for over 45 years!

Check out the whole dangblasted outta print “Coping” CD up now on The Fakies Bandcamp at

More studio recordings coming soon. There is also a full-length LP in the mix that will have both studio recording. It’s a toe-tapper for sure!

Don’t miss classics like:

Ballard Bowl 02:08

Shama 01:01

Paddin’ Up 01:20

Hittin’ The Lip 01:36

Mini Ramps Suck 00:45

Skateboards 01:51

Do You Want? 01:34

Mudwest Puddle 01:31

Headache 02:12

Roadtrip 01:58

Purkiss Rose Sucks 02:11

Deathbox 01:53

Seattle Needs More Skateparks 02:30

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