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LURE OF THE SWAMP features DIY punk rock poster art from the creative vortex of Lindsey Kuhn. From the Ramones, Mike Watt, and the Foo Fighters to Tom Jones, the Buzzcocks, the Smashing Pumpkins and Jane’s Addiction, all the vital indie rock bases are covered. Get your art fix on by picking up this book at http://swampco.com.

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CAULDRON, Chained to the Nite (Earache)
How many of you wish you could go back to the ‘80s, grow out your hair, grip a Hosoi hammerhead and bang your head? Toronto’s three-piece Cauldron makes this possible with their debut full-length album. This is a record you need to give a week, and before you know it, it’s all you’re listening to. The tone and powerful riffs of Ian Chains’ guitar is the real McCoy, accompanied by the chest pounding drum work of Steel Rider all tied in under singer/bass player Jason Decay’s authentic voice. The opening track “Young and Hungry” says it all. – GNARSON

WHEEZING MANIAC, Self Titled 1986-87
Ever seen the H-street video Hokus Pokus circa 1989? Get on that shit if you haven’t. I was thrilled to receive an actual hard copy of this album. It’s a classic do-it-yourself deal. Hailing from the streets of El Centro/San Diego, California, the Maniac is an accurate look into the lives of these skate rat punks and their perspective on what was happening around them. Every song has originality and with the band sharing singing duties, it makes for an extraordinary sound. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your underground music collection or just want to hear some honestly killer tracks, Wheezing Maniac is without a doubt something you should pick up. – GNARSON

THE FAD, Kill Punk Rock Stars (Bankshot Records)
This is the debut album from Long Island’s own, The Fad. Tracks like “Vinyl Paradise”, “Bright Lights” and “Leaving Cleveland” fuse ageless punk rock attitude with skanky ska sound. This album has something for everyone, and I highly recommend you pick it up.- GNARSON

RED PENS, Reasons (Grain Belt Records)
This partnership between lead guitarist and vocalist, Howard Hamilton III and Laura Bennett, is a perfect pair to say the least. It’s fuzzy garage indie rock done right. This record is definitely a great after-skate/surf listen. Every song makes me want to fill up the gas tank, round up the crew and head out on the open road. Favorite tracks include “Hung Out”, “Weekdays” and “Baby Alligator”. – GNARSON

BBU, Fear of a Clear Channel Planet
I like hip-hop, but the majority of it has become so ostentatious that I usually choose to pass on listening to it. Chi-town’s BBU has given me hope for the future. I have been continually playing the mix tape Fear of a Clear Channel Planet since the moment I received it. This album is an ideal concoction of D.I.Y mentality and pure energy. The beats combined with the insane mixing of DJ Roosevelt Treasure Chest makes it a raw listen, not to mention the great samples and Bad Brains shout-outs. These guys have attitude and talent. – GNARSON

WHITE WIZZARD, Over the Top (Earache)
I instantly became overwhelmed by the scent of leather upon hearing the ear-bursting vocal range of front man Wyatt “The Screaming Demon” Anderson. This record is the first full-length album the Wizzard has put out since formation in 2007, and they delivered! It could be best described as the rebirth of power metal or new wave heavy metal. Well-structured songs alongside blazing metal riffs and thundering drums send this album to the top of my play list. I’m still feeling the “Strike of the Viper!” – GNARSON

THE DOWNER PARTY, Ego-Driven Lust Creatures (Pop Smear Records)
I figured with a band name like this, I had to give the album a listen. I’m not sure if they purposely planned the name around the infamous Donner party that resorted to cannibalism during a blizzard in the winter 1846-47, but if they did, that sounds like a Downer party for sure. This album, at first, struck me as just another hipster scum riding fixed gear bikes record, but I soon found myself bouncing my head along to the adolescent scampy voice of Sierra Frost, lead vocalist. It is an EP, so it’s a short album, but I feel that overall, just like the band name, it gets a thumbs up. – GNARSON

(in no particular order)

1. Wormrot, Abuse (Earache)
2. Cannabis Corpse, The Weeding (Tankcrimes Records)
3. Shutdown, Against All Odds (Victory Records)
4. Municpal Waste, Hazardous Mutation (Earache)
5. Doomriders, Black Thunder (Deathwish)
6. Cauldron, Chained To The Nite (Earache)
7. Fondlecorpse, Creaturegore (Razorback Records)
8. Eyehategod, Take As Needed For Pain (Century Media)
9. The Fad, Kill Punk Rock Stars (Bankshot Records)
10. SSS, The Dividing Line (Earache)
11. Elliot Smith, From A Basement On The Hill (Anti Records)
12. Cancer Bats, III: Bears, Mayors, Scraps And Bones (Distort)
13. Bob Dylan, John Wesley Harding (Columbia)
14. White Wizzard, Over The Top (Earache)
15. MGMT, Oracular Spectacular (Columbia)
16. Red Pens, Reasons (Grainbelt Records)
17. Dead Swans, Sleepwalkers (Bridge Nine)
18. Slayer, World Painted Blood (Sony Music)
19. Cheech and Chong, Up In Smoke (Warner Bros.)
20. Pepper, Kona Town (Volcom Ent.)
21. The Appleseed Cast, Two Conversations (Gentlemen Music)
22. Buried Alive, Death To Your Perfect World (Victory Records)
23. The Shins, Wincing The Night Away (SubPop Records)
24. S.T.R.E.E.T.S, Invaders From Gnars (Riot Style)
25. Skarhead, Drugs, Music & Sex (I Scream Records)
26. NOFX, So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes (Fat Wreck Chords)
27. Pinback, Blue Screen Life (Ace Flu Records)
28. The Murder City Devils, In Name And Blood (SubPop)
29. Eighteen Visions, Until The Ink Runs Out (Trustkill)
30. Bison B.C., Dark Ages (Metal Blade)
31. Red Fang, Red Fang (Sargent House)
32. The Wrath, The Wrath (High Fidelity Records)
33. American Nightmare, Background Music (Equal Vision)
34. Earthride, Vampire Circus (Southern Lord Records)
35. King Khan and BBQ Show, Invisible Girl (In The Red)
36. Acid Tiger, Acid Tiger (Deathwish Inc)
37. Fucked Up, Hidden World (Jade Tree Records)
38. Converge, Axe To Fall (Epitaph)
39. LARD, The Power Of Lard (Alternative Tentacles)
40. Wild Sweet Orange, We Have Cause To Be Uneasy (indie)
41. Devandra Banhart, Cripple Crow (Warner Bros.)
42. Portishead, Dummy (Island Records UK)
43. Amy LaVere, Died Of Love EP (Archer Records)
44. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Up From Below
45. The Doors, The Soft Parade (Elektra)
46. Van Morrison, The Greatest Hits (Mercury Records)
47. Barn Burner, Bangers (Metal Blade)
48. CCR, Chronicle, Vol 1 (Fantasy Records)
49. Cradle Of Filth, Midian (Road Runner Records)
50. Grindline, Life’s a Bitch (Unsigned)


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