BROKEN BOTTLES, Hospital (TKO Records)
The Broken Bottles definitely grabbed my attention with this one. These guys are on the up and coming trail of destruction in the punk rock and roll scene. With songs like “Generation USA” to “La Palma Park”, you’ll find yourself wanting to peg up your pants and fit in! I found myself playing it over and over again. With rad old skool O.C. style vocals and guitar riffs, these guys know their craft. I was also stoked when I found out that they also take time to do an old skool skateboard company called Bat Skates. Anybody who’s anybody needs to check ‘em out. You won’t be let down! – CHRIS BEVIERT

CAT PARTY, s/t (Flat Black Records)
At first, I gotta tell you, I don’t like cats much and a cat party? No way! But after hearing this three piece make melodic magic I was blown away! I found myself drifting away in a melancholy feelings sort of way. They have a Joy Division meets Sense Field with a hint of Agent Orange with chords that are consistent while the voice of the singer hovers in the air. These guys are definitely on another plane. Rad. – CHRIS BEVIERT

RED DEVIL SQUADRON, Indian Giver (Strange Love Productions)
Red Devil Squadron really sums it up on this one with a rockin’ sailor sound that comes at you like an ice cold beer sloshing on your t-shirt! Yes, you’ll be humming pirate songs for days. They have a great hard punk sound that’s all their own. Going for broke hard, fast and loud… just the way you like it. Pick it up! – CHRIS BEVIERT

TIAJUANA KNIFE FIGHT, Saturday Night Apocalypse (Independent)
Get ready for the screaming sounds of both the vocals and guitars on a fast journey to the end of a switchblade. Wow! Explosive is all I can say about this find. These guys are sick! If you’re anything like me and like variety, you’ll love it! – CHRIS BEVIERT

CHAPEL OF THIEVES, Haunted Hearts (Independent)
Chapel of Thieves, with their eerie keyboards and flowing bass lines as well as an Xene style voice, creates a sound like no other. You definitely need to check the Chapel because they’re not only thieving, they’re taking it with their graveyard rock sound. – CHRIS BEVIERT

DUANE PETERS GUN FIGHT, Check Mate (Indian Recordings)
Duane at it again with Gun Fight and a whole new sound and bag of tricks on this one. Nothing but good ole rock n’ roll is all you’ll find here. With “Goat Man” on leads laying down Slash-style riffs with anthems that keep you shouting, you’ll find yourself doing Keith Richards guitar kicks. A must!

THE VOIDS, Sounds of Failure, Sounds of Hope (Dr. Strange)
The Voids come at you full blast with an old ‘80s punk sound. Sort of as if Becky Bondage and Uniform Choice had a baby and they called it The Voids. Regardless your foot will start tapping and, the next thing you know, you’ve got your fist in the air shouting for more. – CHRIS VICIOUS

MAD SIN, 20 Years in Sin Sin (Hep Cat)
Mad Sin is back with this double disc collection dedicated to the past 20 years. From those early days as “Sinners Go Mad” in ‘87 to the polished graveyard psychobilly band we see today, they definitely forged the scene with their fast twangy guitars to the trademark sound of the stand up bass which looks as creepy as the quiffs they wear on their heads. It’s dark. It’s scary. It’s Mad Sin and you need it. – CHRIS VICIOUS

D-GENERATION, No Lunch (Sony BMG Music Entertainment)
D-Generation, a New York band with melodic punk inspired rock n’ roll, will blow your wig back! Seriously! These guys are tighter than…well you know. And I’m sure it helped having Ric Ocasek produce their CD. Yeah. It’s good! – CHRIS VICIOUS

SUICIDE SILENCE, The Cleansing (Century Media Records)
These guys are pissed! This stuff is not for the faint at heart. With heavy guitar, heavy bass and double bass drums, along with a voice straight from the bowels of hell, this CD makes for some serious death metal heaviness. I felt like sacrificing something! Hell, yeah! – CHRIS VICIOUS

DAATH, The Concealers (Century Media Records/Road Runner Records)
For all you heavy metalers out there, you’ll love banging your head to this one. These guys meticulously crafted this masterpiece of evilness. From the dueling guitars to the grunts and screams of a dying man, this shit is heavy, aggressive and I think I even got scared for a sec! That’s a good thing, right? – CHRIS VICIOUS

EARTH CRISIS, To The Death (Century Media Records)
Alright, here’s one for the straight edge hardcore fans. To The Death is filled with all those pissed lyrics about saving animals, being a vegan, and let’s not forget about sobriety and unity. They come correct with a brutal music attack to your ear holes that leaves you stomping up and down on your leather jacket in disgust! This one got the seal of approval for sure. – CHRIS VICIOUS

TERROR, The Damned The Shamed (Century Media Records)
This is hard core at its finest and these guys don’t know how to fake it. They’re harder than prison steel! They even remind me of the Cro Mags earlier stuff, real pissed off music. Made me wanna do a stage dive off my coffee table, but my wife wouldn’t let me. Check it out. – CHRIS VICIOUS

Skate Rock Vol.1 is a two disc compilation of all kinds of old as well as new punk and ska bands. Bands such as The Swinggin Utters, JFA, Dwarves, Fishbone to Frontside Five, Off With Their Heads and more. I was super stoked on it and look forward to hearing Vol.2. It’s definitely made to turn your wheels. Give it a go. – CHRIS VICIOUS

TURBONEGRO, Darkness Forever (Scandanavian Leather Recordings)
Turbo Negro, the sexually and sonically shining suburban Scandinavian superstars, come at you, Speedos down and hangin’ out, on this live CD. While tearing shit up with their perverse frontal attack, they do all their hits.

SUPERSUCKERS, LA Mano Cornuda (Sub-Pop Records)
What can I say about a band with a front man by the name of Eddie Spaghetti that they don’t say already? These guys are super rad! They play rock n’ roll like it’s the thing to do with crazy funny lyrics all while wearing cowboy hats. You can’t beat it with a stick! – CHRIS VICIOUS

THE BRIEFS, Hit After Hit (Dirt Nap Records)
The Briefs bring you back to a happy early ‘80s punk era style with catchy guitar riffs and lyrics. These guys will have you pogo-ing around all day with a Weirdo’s feel. They’re definitely worth checkin’ out.

SMOGTOWN, Incest and Pestilence (TKO Records)
Smogtown is most definitely one of the front runners in a long list of O.C. bands comin’ up. These guys know how to do punk rock and they do it very well. Machine gun guitars and chorus lines leave you strung out for the next song and wanting more. Incest and Pestilence is the cure.

NEKROMANTIX, Return of the Loving Dead (Hell Cat Records)
Another great dig for the graveyard sounds of the Nekromantix. Their bloody lyrics with guitar and bass that sound possessed make for a haunting good time you won’t forget. Psychobilly at its finest. Like a shovel to a grave, you’ll dig it! – CHRIS VICIOUS

THE AGONIST, Lullabies for the Dormant Mind (Century Media)
The Agonist will rape your soul and leave you with a guilty twisted craving for more. Allisa White’s vocals bring the already spine-spiking instrumentals an outragously haunting sooth. Think backside boneless over a deathbox in a pool with a slight hang up on the way in, pulling away clean. – DAN LEVY

THE STRANGLERS, Peaches: The Very Best Of (Capitol Records)
With keyboards that will molest your thoughts, listening to “Peaches” on the beaches, you’ll find yourself feeling like a creep just hanging around for more. – CHRIS VICIOUS

(in no particular order)

1. Best of the Rolling Stones, Jump Back ‘71-’93 (Virgin)
2. Turbo Negro, Ass Cobra (Burning Heart Records)
3. Devo, Whip It and Other Hits (Flash Back Records)
4. Depeche Mode, Ultra (Reprise Records)
5. Give ‘Em The Boot II (Hell Cat Records)
6. Iggy Pop, Nude & Rude : The Best of Iggy Pop (Virgin Records)
7. Suicidal Tendencies, Lights, Camera, Revolution (Epic)
8. The Smiths, The Queen is Dead (Sire Records)
9. Tiger Army, Self Titled (Hell Cat Records)
10. U.S. Bombs, The World (Hell Cat Records)
11. Pogues, Hells Ditch (Island Records)
12. Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures (Quest Records)
13. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Greatest Hits (MCA)
14. Bad Brains, Rock For Light (Caroline Records)
15. The Murder City Devils, Self Titled (Die Young Stay Pretty)
16. Duane Peters and The Hunns, Unite (Disaster Records)
17. Jet, Get Born (Elektra Records)
18. Horror Pops, Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill (Hell Cat Records)
19. Chris Isaak, Forever Blue (Reprise Records)
20. Janes Addiction, Nothing’s Shocking (Warner Bros Records)
21. Robert Gordon, Too Fast To Live (BMG Entertainment)
22. The Faith/Void Split (Dischord Records)
23. Rancid, And Out Come The Wolves (Epitaph)
24. Peter Tosh, Super Hits (Sony Music Entertainment)
25. Ramones, Anthology (Rhino Records)
26. Johnny Cash, 16 Biggest Hits (Sony Music Entertainment)
27. The Clash, The Essential Clash (Epic Records)
28. China White, Flyboys (Frontier Records)
29. Meat Men, Stud Power Cock: The Touch & Go Years (Touch & Go)
30. Bob Marley & The Wailers, Catch A Fire (Island Records)
31. Dropkick Murphys, The Singles Collection (Hell Cat Records)
32. Mike Ness, Cheating at Solitaire (Time Bomb Records)
33. Black Uhuru, Liberation (Mango Records)
34. Tom Waits, Frank’s Wild Years (Island Records)
35. Sub Humans, The Day the Country Died (Blurg Records)
36. Royal Crown Revue, Caught in the Act (Surf Dog Records)
37. Social Distortion, White Light, White Heat, White Trash (Sony)
38. Agent Orange, Living In Darkness (Posh Boy Records)
39. Stray Cats, Greatest Hits (Capitol Records)
40. Rudimentary Peni, The E.P.’s of R.P. (Boo Boo Records)
41. Minor Threat, Complete Discography (Dischord Records)
42. Go-Go’s, Beauty and the Beat (International Record Syndicate)
43. The Cramps, Fiends of Dope Island (Vengence Records)
44. The Specials, Self Titled (Chrysalis Records)
45. DeScendents, Enjoy (SST Records)
46. X, More Fun in the New World (Elektra/Asylum Records)
47. Plasmatics, Beyond the Valley of 1984 (Stiff Amorica Records)
48. Black Flag, Slip it In (SST Records)
49. The English Beat Special Beat Service (IRS)
50. Madness, Self Titled (Geffen Records)


1978 – Crashed Memories – This new book by Venice hardcore Ger-I Lewis will drag you down the black worm hole of time to the late ‘70s as punk grabbed hold of the Los Angeles underworld and set it on its ass. Lewis gives personal insight into the true core of the sk8, surf, punk scene from a refreshingly honest and raw point of view entertwined with a journey of self-discovery. Not only was Lewis an observer of the burgeoning punk rock/sk8/surf ideology, he was an active participant, singing in various bands through the years, and playing a major role with LA music scensters by leaving a permanent mark. From the early days of Devo playing shows in the skateparks and blowing minds, to the beginning, the middle and the now of the infamous Germs and their illustrious lyricist and lead singer, Darby Crash. Anarchy was the cause and the reason. Gangbangers, punks, hippies, homeless people, cops and chaos, backed by an ever-evolving soundtrack by the Clash, Sex Pistols, the Cramps, Vicious Circle and 999. There was stage diving, localism, surf and skate legends, seaweed salaries, the punk army, leather and spikes, fists and boots, slamming and pure anarchy. This is a must read for all true punks and skateboarding and surfing history heads. Email venicesrfsk8@yahoo.com to buy.

GOD SAVE THE LABEL, by Black Label, delivers 52 minutes of anti-mainstream, adrenaline-packed skating. The video has everything the real skater desires with riders like Chet Childress, Shuriken Shannon and Jason Adams destroying Burnside, charging giant street spots and styling on anything skate-able. Superior editing combined with a NGY Sound music selection makes this the best Label video to date. If you haven’t seen God Save the Label yet, stop whatever you’re doing and go buy it. – MATT SMITH

SMELL THE ‘CRETE, a Bart Saric film, is hardcore skating at its absolute finest. With rippers like Neil Heddings, Eric Britton, Omar Hassan and Jessse Martinez, the Skater Made Films production is packed with history, aggression, style and true dedication to every skater’s love: concrete. With street, park and pool skating, this amazing vid has unrivaled diversity. The talent of featured skaters combined with solid editing gives the film a raw and exciting appeal that keeps the viewer enthralled throughout the duration of the film. If you’re a true skateboarder, “Smell the Crete” was made for you. Buy a copy at www.skatermade.com. – MATT SMITH

FUN! This is the best video I’ve seen this year. Combine the technical skills of Dallas Rockvam and the charge anything attitude of Ben Hatchell and you have just the tip of the iceberg of raw talent in Powell’s new video “Fun!” Every trick in the film is flat out amazing and done with style. Rockvan, Hatchell, Hoffart, Elmendorf, Garcia, White and Hawkins are the new supersonic seek and destroy names to remember. Add superb camerawork, editing and music selection to the unbelievable shredding and the result is a skate flick that is simply “Fun!” to watch. Powell is back!

RIP THE RIPPER, Powell’s newest art book, shows the influence that the infamous Ripper Graphic has had on the many generations and styles of skateboarding. The book features a variety of artists from Steve Olson to James O’Mahoney to Shepard Fairey. All pieces are both timeless and insightful making the book a great read. As Chicken so perfectly states, “The Ripper represents skateboarding, always has and always will.” Rip the Ripper is a necessary addition to any skateboarder’s library as it combines both history and progression.


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