TURBONEGRO, Retox (Cooking Vinyl)
No one really expects these guys to mellow out do they? My expectations for anything Turbonegro releases is nothing more than balls out, narcotic-fueled rock perversion. Their 7th full length is a proud reassurance that they have gone through Retox, in stark contrast to major label bands being forced to clean up their act and mature their sound. “Fuck that,” says the “Boys from Nowhere,” best described as truly evil, Norwegian doppelgangers of the relatively saintly Motley Crüe. A seemingly never-ending supply of sweet-assed tunes that will leave you banging your demented head until it resembles a jellified Fosters Freeze. Turbonegro may sound like glam metal on first listen, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find one of the most ‘punk as fuck’ groups around these days. – ROB BLEDSOE

SKATANIC REDNECKS, A Day Without Blood (Whiskey)
Dave Reul is the frontman for these good ol’ boys and let me tell you, he can rock as hard as he can skate. Think cowpunk/skaters after a Gwar show. Then check out their live show because they’re just as good live as they are on disc! This is down-and-dirty rockabilly, with enough punk thrown in for thrash-ability. Yeah, Reuler! – GLEN SOGA

V/A, Welcome to Venice (Built On An Ounce Records)
The title says it all: Welcome to Venice! Hardcore bands, hardcore skate-punk! All these bands have that great ‘80s hardcore sound. Second Coming features vocals by Jay Adams, and Fist of Fury has none other than Aaron Murray on the mic. The CD features photos from the likes of Block and Chuck Katz, and it doesn’t get more OG than that. When I opened the CD, I wished I had a copy of it on vinyl, with the big 12” inserts, ‘cause the liner notes have killer photos of Venice locals and legendary skaters. You’ll recognize more than a few of the guys. This CD’s a must-have for all skate-punks! – GLEN SOGA

MCRAD, FDR (Uprising Records)
Some of you might remember McRad from the old Bones Brigade videos like Public Domain and Ban This. The band did one album back in the day and then stopped for a while. Well, wait no more. Skate-rock is back! Listening to this album reminds me of watching the old Powell/Peralta videos, as many of the songs are reminiscent of his early tunes. I think track eight is a re-make of one of his old songs. Do you remember which video it’s from? There’s your trivia question of the month! Chuck Treece is still skating hard and playing hard, and McRad is still rad. – GLEN SOGA

THE SLACKERS, Self Medication (Indication/Redeye) This latest CD from The Slackers will have you totally geared up for beach mode. The ska/reggae infused tracks are the perfect soundtrack while you grab your board, head toward the waves and throw back a few on the sand. If it’s a classic vibe that you crave, look no further as Vic Ruggiero on lead vocals sounds creepily similar to The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. – JESSICA AUTEN

DR MANHATTAN, Dr Manhattan (Vagrant) Dr Manhattan’s latest album is chock full of instrumental psychedelics. Andrew Morrison’s keyboard addition gives the band something extra that pulls them out of the norm. The third track on the album, “Dirty, Scandalous, Dirty” approaches a grandiose midpoint in the same way that The Killers attempted with the Sam’s Town album with a bit more of the edge that The Killers seemed to have lacked. – JESSICA AUTEN

VICTIMS OF CIRCUMSTANCE, Do it Yourself (Financial Records) Co-Produced by Mighty Mighty Bosstones saxophonist Tim Burton, the debut album from Victims of Circumstance stays true to a classic pop-punk sound. ‘Do It Yourself’ is the motto that we want and need to hear. VOC will fit right into your CD collection, right in between the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Rancid. – JESSICA AUTEN

HARBOUR 81, Live Your Dreams (Warbird Entertainment) The hardcore punk vibe of Harbour 81’s new album Live Your Dreams is the perfect soundtrack for the ultimate night in with your crew. Round up all of the guys, grab a case of beer and crank up “Alright Tonight”. The energy from the band streams through your stereo the whole album through. Whether you’re a natural born punk rocker or not, you won’t be able to deny the raw sound of Harbour 81. – JESSICA AUTEN

THE DONNAS, Bitchin (Purple Feather)
Not nearly as ‘bitchen’ as Spend the Night, but definitely more ‘bitchen’ than their major label swansong Gold Medal, The Donnas have once again divined the muses of cock rock for more heavily-influenced tunes. These gems deserve a sold out, 50,000-seat stadium pumping its collective fist in the air. – ROB BLEDSOE


1. Beat Union, Disconnected (Science Records)
2. Atmosphere, When Life Gives You Lemons… (Rhymesayers)
3. Celebrity Autopsy, Fast American Rn’R (Ihatepunkrock)
4. City Sleeps, Not an Angel (Trustkill Records)
5. The Yum Yum Tree, Paint By Numbers (Two Sheds Music)
6. Anarchy Club, A Single Drop of Red (indie)
7. Dr Manhattan, Dr Manhattan (Vagrant Records)
8. Elemental Zazeem, The Glass Should Be Full (Leedz Entmt)
9. Vendetta Valentine, There’s Nothing Safe (Jungle Music)
10. Pepper, Pink Crustaceans and Good Vibrations (Law Records)
11. DJ Lips, Italian Sk8rock Connection Vol. (Crail Slide Entmt)
12. Buckra, Camouflage Playboys International (Detination Labs)
13. Tooth and the Enamels, Oral Decline (Cancer Claw Recs)
14. Horror Pops, Kiss Kiss Kill Kill (Hellcat Records)
15. Years Around the Sun, Inua De Siur (Manaloft Records)
16. Revelons, Pop-ism!
17. Darlington, Live Dallas 2007
18. Crisis in Hollywood, Between the Devil… (Financial Recs)
19. We are wolves, Total Magique (Dare to care Records)
20. Subwaste and Tommy Gustafsson…Split (Warbird Ent)
21. Every Avenue, Shh, Just Go With It (Fearless Records)
22. The Federalists, The Federalists
23. Crash Romeo, Gave Me the Clap (TrustKill Records)
24. Edgar Winter, Rebel Road (Airline Records)
25. Boys Noize, Oi Oi Oi (Last Gang Records/Turbo Records)
26. The Surfactants, Of the Bones of the Face (RIYL)
27. De-Grunged, Disturbing Foresights (C & P Deity Down Recs)
28. The Kris Special, Alone Feels Like a Hotel Room (No Exit)
29. Down and Away, Reclaim the Radio (Warbird Entertainment)
30. Stuck Under Water, No Script to Follow
31. Walls of Jericho, Redemption (TrustKill Records)
32. Order of the White Rose, War Machine (Unitree Records)
33. Better Luck Next Time, Start from Skratch (World Records)
34. Sorry About Your Couch, Spring 2008 demos
35. Big Bang, Wild Bird E.P. (Grand Sport Records)
36. The Time of The Assasins, Awake in Slumberland
37. Mustach, Last Version of Truth (Regain Records)
38. Destination Oblivion, Winter Solstice (Apocalypse Machine)
39. Buddha Head, Ashes (Fear of Cheese Records)
40. Linwood, Burn Effect (Was Saw Records)
41. Soulshake Express, Soulshake Express EP (Beatville Recs)
42. Streetlight Manifesto, Somewhere in Between (Victory)
43. Hermano, Into the Exam Room (Regain Records)
44. Buck 65, Situation (Strange Famous Records)
45. Cashmere Jungle Lords, Oodjie Boodjie Night Night
46. The Stately Gentlemen, Hyperion Sessions (James Fogel)
47. Touch My Rash, Doomed from the Start (Bitter Sick)
48. The Furious Seasons, The Furious Seasons (The Eskimo RL)
49. Hulda, Always Haunted
50. Apastatemental, Apastatemental (The Almighty Ong!)


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