BECK, The Information (Interscope)
I am not at all dissatisfied with the newest from Beck. The diversity of the track layout reminds me of Guero, but is funky like Midnite Vultures. There’s a sample from Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon” in the last song, which is a 10-minute trip hop jam. DJ Z-trip mixes throughout the album. Some of the ambient transitions between songs remind me of Radiohead. “Movie Theme” reminds me of “Exit Music (For A Film)”; they are both strategically placed slow down songs, and I can’t help wonder if it’s a reference. Songs like “1000bpm”, “Motorcade”, “Dark Star”, and “We Dance Alone” really stood out to me. If you like Beck at all you’ll like this CD because it’s a well rounded mix of his style. If you buy the album, it comes with stickers so you can make your own cover. – John Magee

THE SHINS, Wincing The Night Away (Sub Pop) This is one of those CDs that gets better with every listen. As always the folky lyrics really deliver and are more than mere background, or convenient sing-song rhyming. There is way more keyboard in this album, which adds to the general atmosphere in some places, but takes away from the guitar work in others. The song “Sea Legs” may be my favorite off the album and has The Shins most noticeable and loud bass line ever. Songs like “Red Rabbit”, and “Australia” assure me that the band is still in touch with their older style, and the vocals are excellently delivered. This CD is relaxing and melodic and if you like the Shins you should check out their new sound. – John Magee

LEFTOVER CRACK/CITIZEN FISH split, Deadline (Fat Wreck) It’s good to know that they’re all still alive and making loud and meaningful music. Both sets are great, but I think Citizen Fish had more to put on the table, which can be seen in tracks such as “Getting Used To It” and “Meltdown.” I enjoyed the Citizen Fish covers of LoC and Choking V (especially “Money”) more than the Leftover Crack covers of Citizen Fish and Subhumans songs. Although I must admit Leftover Crack does cover one of my favorite Citizen Fish tunes “The Super-Market Song” in a truly crackalicious manner. I thought “Baby Punchers” and “Out Comes The N’ Bomb” were the two strongest tracks off the LoC set. The crack city rockers definitely haven’t lost their energy or their humor. This is authentic high quality shit with a cool message, and an appropriate guest appearance from Jello Biafra. Worth your hard earned drug money. – John Magee

DJ SHADOW, The Outsider (UMVD) If you’re looking for some good bass and awesome beats this is where its at. The introduction ballad is interesting and nonsensical like the Gorillaz track “Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey’s Head.” Since there are so many guest rappers on this CD, a lot of Shadow’s work becomes looped into predictable sounding chorus’ and verses. Despite his individual redundancy, “3 Freaks” bumps really hard on good speakers, and Keak Da Sneak’s raw style is amazing. David Banner wigs out about the FBI and the CIA tracking him on “Seein Thangs.” “Turf Dancing” and “Keep em Close” are all good, but my favorite non-rap song on the CD is the disorienting fast-paced “Artifact.” If you’re a hardcore fan, I don’t have to tell you to buy it. – John Magee

BUCKETHEAD, Crime Slunk Scene (Bucketheadland) Out of his thirty some releases this CD deserves a spot in the top ten, and is perfect for newbies. With the KFC bucket atop his head and the Halloween mask strapped to his face, he robotically shreds exotic scales to avenge the death of oh so many chickens. The 7-foot masked guitar virtuoso brings new meaning to the term “double tapping,” as he taps with all 10 fingers on tracks such as “Slunk Parade AKA Freaks in Black.” This time he steers away from the electronica aspect, and focuses on trying to rip your face off with soul shattering heavy metal licks. The masterful and frenzied solos, which sound like Atari video game themes from hell immediately attracted me, but the relaxing “Soothsayer” is also really catchy. Anyone who’s gotten tired of “heartless technical playing” from the likes of Vai, Satch, and Malmsteen, should check out the Bucket. – John Magee


1. THE VACANCIES, A Beat Missing… (Blackheart)
2. WESTBOUND TRAIN, Transitions (Hellcat Records)
3. SMALL LEAKS SINK SHIPS, Until the World is Happy. (No Sleep)
4. CHELSEA, Faster, Cheaper and Better Looking (TKO Records)
5. EVIL BEAVER, In the Spirit of Resilient Optimism (E. Lago)
6. THE FRATELLIS, Costello Music (Drop The Gun Recordings)
7. LITTLE BRAZIL, Tighten the Noose (Mt. Fuji Records)
8. LILLYDALE, The Art of Becoming O’s Own Shadow (Mt. Fuji)
9. THE MERRY WIDOWS, Revenge Served Cold (Cargo Music)
10. BLITZKID, Five Cellar Below (Fiend Force Records)
11. THE CRINGE, Tipping point (Listen Recordings)
12. THE SNAKE THE CROSS THE CROWN, Cotton Teeth (Equal Vision)
13. ROBERT JACKSON, Twilight Theatre (AIF Records)
14. FANGBONER, A Joke Gone Bad (Lighthing Rock Records)
15. Rjd2, The Third Hand (XL Recordings)
16. WILLIAM TELL, You Can Hold Me Down (Universal)
17. DEAR AND THE HEADLIGHTS, Small Steps Heavy Hoovers (Equal Vision)
18. HANDY WITH SHOVELS, One of These Days (Dizzy Monkey)
19. THE HIGHER, On Fire (Epitaph)
20. LIGION, External Affairs (Maple Jam Records)
21. THE ONE AM RADIO, This Too Will Pass (Dangerbirds)
22. AGNOSTIC FRONT/DISCIPLINE Working Class Heroes (I Scream)
23 IN LIARS WE TRUST, Self Released (Foss Face Records)
24. SLOWDEATH, A Rising Tide Of Anger (Moebius)
25. YOUNG BUCK, Get Buck (G Unit Records)
26. NEW DEADLY, Slowdeath (Moebius Palindrome)
27 WILLIAM TELL, You Can Hold Me Down ( Universal Music)
28 LYNNMARIE and THE BOXHOUNDS, Party Dress (Squeeze)
29. 12 ANTHEMS, Self Released (Slowdeath)
30. RETCONNED, Unhappenings (Stick Figure Records)
31. OLYMPIA, Emergencies (Equal Vision)
32. JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN, Real Life (Cheap Lullaby)
33. PERMANENT, Sink/Swim (6131 Records)
34. NEK+ROMANTIX, Life is a Grave and I Dig It!!! (Hellcat)
35. THE TOSSERS, Agony (Victory)
36. WENSDAY, Torch Rock (Desert Dreams Records)
37. YOUNG STUNNA, The Best of Me (RJM)
38. DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS, Clear Light (Public Guilt)
39. DANCE, DREAM, DANCE, Shaman’s Dream (Sounds True)
40. LIFE IN YOUR WAY, Waking Giants (SolidState)
41. EI-P, Ill Sleep When You’re Dead (Definitivejux)
42. THE DOLLYROTS, Because I’m Awesome (Blackheart)
43. KURT REIFLER, s/t (Red Glare Records)
44. THE CHIMPZ, On Parole (The Chimpz Music)
45. NEIL YOUNG, Live at Massey Hall 1971 (Reprise)
46. FALL OUT BOY, Infinity on High (Fueled by Ramen)
47. FERGIE, The Dutchess (Interscope)
48. THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. Greatest Hits (Bad Boy)
49. NICKELBACK, All the Right Reasons (Roadrunner)
50. TYPE O NEGATIVE, Dead Again (Steamhammer)
51. SEVENDUST, Alpha (7Bros)
52. MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, The Black Parade (Reprise)
53. THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS, Don’t You Fake It (Virgin)
54. THE KILLERS, Sam’s Town (Island)
55. THE STOOGES, The Weirdness (Virgin)
56. BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, The Poison (Trustkill)
57. ALABAMA THUNDER PUSS, Open Fire (Relapse)
58. GIRL IN A COMA, Both Before I’m Gone (Blackhearts)
59. LOW, Drums and Guns (Sub Pop)
60. GOOD CHARLOTTE, Good Morning Revival (Epic)
61. MACHINE HEAD, The Blackening (Roadrunner)
62. JESSE MALIN, Glitter in the Gutter (Adeline)
63. THE APPLES IN STEREO, New Magnetic Wonder
64. THE ATARIS, Welcome The Night
65. RABIES, Raping Your Back Yard
66. THE BOARDLORDS, Ride Again
67. RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS, To the Confusion of our Enemies (Volcom)
68. KADDISFLY, Set Sail The Prairie (Hopless)
69. KRUM BUMS, As The Tide Turns (TKO)
70. NAGLFAR, Harvest (Century Media)
71. THE HIGHER, On Fire (Epitaph)
72. UNSANE, Visqueen (Ipecac)
73. DARKEST HOUR, Undoing Ruin (Victory)
74. DRAWING VOICES, Drawing Voices (Hydra Head)
75. GLOS, Harmonium (Lovitt)
76. HASTE THE DAY, Pressure Hinges (Solid State)
77. HOT ROD CIRCUIT, The Underground is a Dying Breed (Immortal)
78. OTEP, The Acension (Capitol)
79. PEPPER, To Da Max (Volcom)
80. THE LOCUST, New Erections (Anti)
81. THE BERZERKER, Animosity (Earache)
82. SYMPHORCE, Become Death (Metal Blade)
83. LOWER CLASS BRATS, Loud and Out of Tune (TKO)
84. WYNTON MARSALIS, From the Plantation to the Penitentiary(Blue Note)
85. THE BROKEN WEST, I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On (Merge)
86. INCUBUS, Light Grenades (Epic)
87. CONVERGE, No Heroes (Epitaph)
88. GRINDERMAN, Grinderman (Anti)
89. SMOKE OR FIRE, This Sinking Ship (Fat Wreck Chords)
90. THE HEART ATTACKS, Hellbound and Heartless (Hellcat)


SECTOR 9 – SHORT BUS CHRONICLES – If you like to go fast, you will appreciate some of the hill bombing in this video from Sector 9. There’s backyard pool action, ditches, the Broadway bomb in NYC, ramps, banks, pipes, over vert pockets, super sick surfing and spots you don’t normally see in most skate vids. Anytime you have footage of Joel Tudor surfing it’s a pleasure to watch. EG and Budroe and the Sector 9 crew got on the bus and made it happen. Look out for the Short Bus on a road or at a skate spot near you. Heated sessions are close.

SANTA CRUZ VETS DIVISION – V-DAY – First of all “Juice” sponsored this video so even if it sucks, it kicks ass. Bart Saric did the editing so I’m sure it’s a great video. Did I mention “Juice” sponsored it? There’s some sick footage of Knox, Eric D, Jason Jessee with some guest narrations from Jesse Martinez, Lance Mountain, and Hosoi that make this video a must get. So go buy two copies and subscribe to “Juice”. I’m sure we’ll have some contest giveaway for this video so visit our website www.juicemagazine.com for your chance to win.


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