DUB WAR, Step Ta Dis (Domino Recording Company) Step Ta Dis is four guy’s from Europe take on reggae. Dub reggae mixes with guitar solos, trance beats, and fast-paced smooth reggae raps that melt together to create this explosive album. Some songs sound more like trance music that a DJ in a techno club mixed while others are all about the reggae-rock sound. This album will keep you guessing with an innovative sound that keeps changing. – KATY HARKON

STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO, Keasby Nights 2 (Victory) Streetlight Manifesto takes Catch 22’s ska album and re-records it to their liking. You do not have to hear the first version to know that this is a straight ska album that brings it in a real way. Fast percussion brings this album a little punk flavor but the fierce horn lines make that perfect ska sound. If ska is your genre, then this album is a must hear. – KATY HARKON

YAKUZA, Samsara (Prosthetic Records)
By looking at the cover of the album, with lush green plants and a foreign statue, you might think you’re about to listen to world music. The first 30 seconds of the CD will even leave you with that same impression by starting off with world beats. As a few more seconds pass you are in for a shock once the screaming voice and the heavy, jolting guitar and drums come in. Jazz is even infused at the beginning of some songs, drifting back to metal and jazz in the chorus. This CD is original and creatively uses different genres all while staying hardcore. Who knew you could still be metal with a clarinet featured in some songs. – KATY HARKON

SO THEY SAY, Antidote for Irony (Fearless)
Their antidote for irony doesn’t come in pill or liquid form but in their, “I’m going to be straight up with you.” style of lyrics that have the music to accompany it. If you did not catch these guys last summer while doing Vans Warped Tour or any of the other multiple tours they joined, then conveniently they just came out with a CD for your listening pleasure. The CD is defiantly for the fans of Fallout Boy and Hawthorne Heights, which this band sounds like a mix between the two. So they say this band is pretty good, but it’s better to find out for yourself and experience the music. – KATY HARKON

MIRANDA SOUND, Western Reserve (Sunken Treasure) The music here is your typical mildly amusing pop-indie rock. The singer sounds a bit like Robert Pollard at times, but its short lived, but he provides some really catch hooks nonetheless. The band makes use of rocks obvious bag of tricks and comes up with nothing special but it sounds good. – DOUG BIGGERSTAFF

ISLANDS, Return to Sea (Equator)
Nick Diamonds and J’Aime Tambeur have consistently put out interesting pop that goes up a notch with each release. On their newest endeavor, these guys go all out and create some strong pop utilizing everything from hip-hop to steel guitars to steel drums. – DOUG BIGGERSTAFF

ELEFANT, The Black Magic Show (Kemado)
As the wave of “new” post-punk bands seems to be receding, Elefant return with The Black Magic Show. This time around the band has improved upon the songwriting of their first record and the tracks are quick to stick with you. The record kicks off with a track welcoming you to the black magic show and from there on its some semi-dark rock with some killer circus-like riffs on the guitar. This one is definitely up there when compared with most of their contemporaries. – DOUG BIGGERSTAFF

STARS AND STRIPES, One Man Army (I Scream)
Straight up badazz kick you in tha face hardcore punk shit. – DOUG BIGGERSTAFF

MELLOWDRONE, Box (Columbia)
I’d never heard of these guys so I went to their website and it was a pentagram advertising their show on 6-6-06. How Righteous. The band is not very metal though, more like modern electro pop rock. Using beats, melodic guitar lines, atmospheric keys and a few fuzz riffs, Mellowdrone has come up with a nice little electronic pop record. It hits the halfway mark between mature adult pop and cool indie, using some of the better qualities of each. – DOUG BIGGERSTAFF

THE PATH OF RESISTANCE, Can’t Stop the Truth (Victory) The second installment of the straightedge super group has returned and is fiercer than ever. If it’s hardcore you want, this is it. – DOUG BIGGERSTAFF

THE FORECAST, In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (Victory) This falls somewhere near the Anniversary, though not quite as good. Its strongest point is the male/female vocals with some strong melodies. This is played over some decently strong indie punk. It’s worth checking out if this sounds interesting to you. – DOUG BIGGERSTAFF

EIGHTEEN VISIONS, Eighteen Visions (Epic)
The new record is the next in a line of progression for these guys. This time however they tend to play up the really sentimental elements of their music which doesn’t really work to their advantage, and if you listen closely I swear I hear a chorus of children in there. They also throw in some 80s hair metal “whoa-oh”-type vocals and some pseudo-industrial sounds. All in all they took the Obsession formula in the wrong direction but there is an adorable quality to the cute and cuddly songs here. And James Hart reminds me of Scott Weiland, so they get some points for that. – DOUG BIGGERSTAFF

AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY, The Restoration of Chaos and Order (Hopeless)
To be brief – more punk, less ska. Although the lyrical content is still pretty sweet, I was disappointed because I like their Ska-ier stuff more. The horns section seemed like it was missing something, and I wish they had put in more of the choppy ska rhythms that I’ve come to associate with them. I’m not dissin and I’m not saying they lost any talent or sold out, they’re just going in a different direction ya know? Whatever floats your boat. Tomatoes, tomatas – that kinda thing. If you think the name AAA is pretentious, then fuck yo couch coz this is as real as it gets nowadays. There are some really good tracks on this album, but as for the album in general, its not as good as All Fall Down, or 24 Hour Road Side Resistance (which I guess I can understand coz it’d be pretty hard to top that). Also this cd was mad cheap, like $10 or some madness like that… – JOHN MAGEE

EXODUS, Shovel Headed Kill Machine (Nuclear Blast) Great music for drunken rampages. Thrash guitar and satisfactory speed picking, with some pretty intense vocals. This teeth-grinding madness has a kind of Slayerish feel to it. If you’re into death, destruction, and amphetamines than you’ll appreciate the dark lyrics. At first it seems like it has a good sense of progression. I noticed I was starting to feel on the edge and kinda clenchy, and it started getting harder to breathe as I could feel anxiety rising. Surely there has got to be some slowdown songs I thought to myself, but alas, no soothing minor interludes for me. After listening to this I took a nap. I awoke with a pentagram carved deep into my forehead. Fucking metal bands…you ruined my life Exodus. The power of Christ compels you!!! The power of Christ compels you!!! – JOHN MAGEE

SHAYAR, Spiritual Warrior (Unknown Souljah)
Nothing too crazy, just some good ol’ skankin reggae. I know it sounds dumb to say “this sounds like it was really influenced by Bob Marley,” but seriously many of these songs sound very similar. Don’t believe me? Listen to the first track – it even borrows some lyrics from Marley’s “I Shot the Sheriff.” It’s no surprise that many of these tracks were recorded in Kingston’s legendary Tuff Gong Studios. Some of the songs on here sound bland to me, while others are pretty catchy. Aside from the keyboard samples I’d say this is pretty traditional – groovin’ bass, upstroke guitar, talk of rebellion, unity, Zion, the judgement day, and there’s a weed leaf on the album cover. Blaze worthy – I give it seven out of ten nugs. – JOHN MAGEE

APHEX TWIN, Chosen Lords (Rephlex)
In a world where you can confuse just about any techno group with another, I praise Aphex Twin. Let’s face it – there’s no such thing as Intelligent Dance Music, but Aphex is king of IDM world regardless. He is a master at creating coherent yet surreal soundscapes, and his style is very distinguishable. The new album mysteriously released under a different name, AFX, contains a lot of fast paced material reminiscent of Druqks. The cd flows well throughout the entire album, and he gets you hooked from the first track. This is a compilation of the analord series, which in whole would cost $75 or so. Thankfully this comes at a more affordable price, and although this is not his best, I would definitely suggest this to any Aphex newbies or fans as it is well worth it. Hopefully some more bizarre Chris Cunningham music videos are being made to accompany the album as you read this. – JOHN MAGEE

THE FLAMING LIPS, At War With the Mystics (Warner Bros) I don’t mean it as an insult when I say they are poppy – they make catchy and often times peppy songs. Some songs pose serious sociological questions, while others are quirky. It’s hard to believe that they used to be a hardcore band, because they have composed progression instead of unleashed in-your-face madness. If I had to compare it to someone, I would say Beck meets The Shins. A few tracks almost sound like they could be on the radio, especially if you took out the weird special effects that make them interesting. From the kind of soothing instrumentals like the one found at the end of The Sound of Failure, to the happy go lucky energy of songs such as It Overtakes Me or The W.A.N.D. The Flaming Lips are a healthy and tasty treat that I could imagine either a trendster or an elitist listening to. Not quite as good as Yoshimi, but its still pretty good and trippy and all that good stuff – I recommend. – JOHN MAGEE

LES CLAYPOOL, Of Whales and Woe (Prawn Song)
Slap. Slap. Pop. Sounds like doggy-style sex, but it’s actually the insane bass skills of Les Claypool. This is my favorite non-Primus material he’s put out, and in some parts it reaches the dark intensity present in Frizzle Fry. There is less tapping and more slapping on this release, and is extremely groove oriented as usual. You don’t have to know jack about bass to know he rules; he taps, slaps, strums – all that shit son. On the song Lust Stings, it really sounds like he’s saying LSD, but maybe that’s just a coincidence, or because I’m high on pot, a dangerous narcotic. I love how this album has an unpredictable and varied sound from the sloppy polka in the Robot Chicken theme song to the funked out track One Better. Weird folky lyrics with funky bass, and new shit includes Sitar, tabla, saxophone, and xylophone. Go buy this, or I’ll scream rape. – JOHN MAGEE

TOOL, 10,000 Days (Volcano)
You could burn this, but I highly suggest that you buy it just to get the trippy album art which consists of 3D goggles and weird images that blend together. This album exceeded my expectations; I was afraid it would just sound like A Perfect Circle, but several songs sound like they could be from Lateralus. They manage to keep the style that we know and love without re-inventing the wheel. Some new things include minimalist tribal chanting in the song Lipan Conjuring, and I hear a voice box on Vicarious, the first track off the cd. Some of the bass lines off here almost sound Primusy. The song Intension is kinda like Postal Service meets Tool with its intricate techno-ish beats, and the song right after that has some tight drum beats which compliment the Intension beats really well. Not their best album, but it has good progression, a good theme, and after 5 years, it’s just nice to have new material. This grows on you like every Tool album, no sell outs here. – JOHN MAGEE

PEARL JAM, Pearl Jam (J-Records)
It is impressive that they are not only alive, but still making music better than most of the sludge oozing out your radio. The new one goes back to an old school grungy sound, with raspy vocals, crunchy guitar riffs, and some pretty sweet solos. The lyrics cover the spectrum of human emotion and thought pretty well, dealing with drugs, suicide, war, the American dream, evolution, religion, love, and making the most of life. They still have that garage band authenticity, yet with harnessed energy, and a balanced sound; the slow songs like “Parachutes” are moving and inspirational. If you’re skeptical that Pearl Jam’s still got it, then I’m probably not gonna change your mind – but you’re missing out because the whole album is flipping sweet. – JOHN MAGEE

FINAL FANTASY, He Poo Clouds (Tomlab)
It doesn’t bode well when the title song is highly-orchestral and multi-layered modern dance angst; by rights of the verbiage alone, it should be far more twee and less Martha Graham. Alternately chilling and soothing, Toronto violinist/Arcade Fire sideman Owen Pallett’s side project is rife with a Belle and Sebastian imprisoned by Rasputina ambiance (or maybe it’s Stephin Merritt forced to play Dungeons & Dragons) . “This Lamb Sells Condos” does bring the indie vibe back in line with plinky piano and “Many Lives…”, with call-outs reminiscent of the Rentals’ “The Cruise”, keeps things unsettled. It’s just too bad that the title is so awful. – LAURIE GREEN

FLOGGING MOLLY, Whiskey on a Sunday (Side One Dummy) Call it a crash course. The fifth ballistic Irish album from former Fastway member Dave King and his band of punks, Whiskey on a Sunday is mostly live and acoustic songs, the former possibly the best way to experience the band. With this, you can do that and more: an attached DVD covers several years and even more countries, from their bar band beginnings through a sold-out LA homecoming. The songs are familiar: “Swagger” still begs the band to do a cover of Slade’s “Run Runaway” already, and “Within A Mile of Home” with its shades of the Wonder Stuff, just underscores the point that punk doesn’t have to be limited to two guitars and a chronic case of laryngitis. – LAURIE GREEN

JIM NOIR, Tower of Love (My Dad Recordings)
“Tower of Love”, a compendium of the first singles from UK singer-songwriter “Jim Noir” (yeah, it’s an alias), has the unerring ability to make people sing along. Never hear the songs before? Doesn’t matter. The title song sounds like it has the hand of Joby Talbot in it: scattered piano; Bacharach strings; Alfie bass line. Both “Computer Song” and “In The Key Of C” are self-referential post modernism: catchy songs about computer problems and the easiest key in which to write songs. Possibly the most entertaining album of the year, with “Eanie Meanie” the featured song of “that” adidas commercial during the World Cup. He doesn’t really need his football back; he’s doing damned well with all his other toys. – LAURIE GREEN

THE MELVINS, Houdini Live 2005: A Live History of Gluttony and Lust (Ipecac) Imagine a band recording an album in 1993 that is partly produced by Kurt Cobain. Now imagine a dozen years later re-recording the album … live. It’s an exercise in compare-and-contrast. Considered the “poppiest” of their previous albums, “Houdini” has some changes and additions (a new member, faulty memories, etc.). Culled from a re-enactment of two shows played for All Tomorrow’s Parties “Don’t Look Back” event (bands recreating their classic albums live), it’s a baker’s dozen of what some feel is their best album. – LAURIE GREEN

THE THEATRE FIRE, Everybody Has A Dark Side (Undeniable)
In the same vein as Giant Sand or Calexico fronted by Stuart Staples or Leonard Cohen, The Theatre Fire from North Texas delivers a second album that’s at times modern campfire mariachi on half-speed. The rest of the time, it’s what hipster cowboys should listen to on roadtrips: rambling ballads to a horse’s ambling pace; the intersection of traditional Country (the Patsy Cline era) and indie folk cred. Their dark side is probably one that involves mesquite and marshmallows in addition to the ghost stories. – LAURIE GREEN

WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY, Red-eyed Soul (Chunksaah) If a sideshow had a house band, World/Inferno Friendship Society would be it. At times, Elvis Costello fronting the Pogues, other times, rockabilly German polka, this nine-piece “punk rock cabaret collective circus” offers 15 tunes (plus 2 radio-friendly versions) on their most recent outing. Alternately shouty and darkside dancehall, it’s one hand on your cotton candy, one hand on your beer and neither hand holding onto the rotating ferris wheel as night falls. Scream “faster” as the calliope begins to smoke and the sword swallower beckons to you with a lascivious grin – LAURIE GREEN

B. FLEISCHMANN, The Humbucking Coil (Morr Music) Focusing mainly on mellow, low key melodies, B. Fleishmann brings his audience down without concentrating on words, just sound. The music is easy to expose emotion with its gloomy, slow instrumentals. The CD rivals Death Cab for Cutie for being something to make you ponder life and all its melancholies. If you just broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend then pop this CD into your player. – KATY HARKON

STREET DRUM CORPS, Street Drum Corps (Warcon Records) This album comes to you from some truly creative musicians. Anything is used to produce a sound from acoustic drum kits to household items such as, buckets, garbage cans and even the human body. DJ Lethal, formerly of Limp Biskit , engineered this album that leaves you saying, “How did they do that?” – KATY HARKON

BRANDSTON, Hello, Control (Indie)
If you are familiar with this indie rock group then be ready for a breath of fresh air. This band has been on the Indie rock scene for a few years but recently replaced a band member. The CD and the band both face control head on. The lyrics deliver the message to not be controlled by society’s norms and take a chance just as they did with this experimental CD. The sound produced is different from others done by them, but different is good. – KATY HARKON

JURASSIC 5, Feedback (Interscope)
If you’ve ever seen that Bruce Lee flick where his teacher warns him about the black ninjas in terribly dubbed English: “They a practice a many a style. They have a much disciprine.” That’s basically how I’d describe Jurassic 5. It’s great background music with that old school sound and lots of soul – I think James Brown would approve. Feedback is pretty sweet, I’m sorry I missed them in concert, I bet that would have been drunktastic. Baby Please is my favorite track, good rapping, good beat, good shit. Mostly they rap about getting girls, being hip hop legends, the rap scene, partying, and changing over time. They may not be as deep as some underground mcs, but it’s nice to have a good party album around that everyone can agree on, and that isn’t all about clichéd terms, bling, and making weak sexual analogies. Anyways, you have a crunkalicious day, I’ve got some laffy taffy to take care of. – John Magee

THE STITCHES, 8×12 (Vinyl Dog Records)
Raw, unadulterated mayhem with a sound that could just as easily have been made in 1985 at the height of the punk rock skate era. These guys kick serious ass and I highly recommend listening to this on the way to a skate session. You will be ready to attack the coping. Drink a case of PBR and put this on and you will grind pool block all day long. – STICK

RISE AGAINST, The Sufferer and the Witness (Geffen Records)
If you are into the poppy punk kind of thing this record is all you. It has a little edge to it, but for the most part it’s pretty radio friendly. This may be good to listen to if you are into bands like Rancid or Blink 182. I hear their live show will blow your mind. – STICK

PRIESTESS, Hello Master (RCA)
This is rock n’ roll with the dangerous edge that we all like. Guitars, rhythmic bass lines and tempered lyrics with a good kick ass sound. This has a sing along feel to it but keeps enough change ups in the songs to keep you stoked on the rawness. – STICK


1. THE VACANCIES, A Beat Missing… (Blackheart)
2. WESTBOUND TRAIN, Transitions (Hellcat Records)
3. LEFT ALONE, Dead American Radio (Hellcat Records)
4. THE DIRTY ROYALS, Obsessed America (UK2LA)
5. GOONS OF DOOM, The Story of Dead Barbie & Ghost (Volcom)
6. DEMENTED ARE GO, Hellbilly Storm (Hep Cat)
7. MERCY KILLERS, Bloodlove (Hellcat)
8. THE DRAFT, In A Million Pieces (Epitaph)
9. DAYS OFF, Jamming in the Scene (Make or Break Records)
10. KALIERT, Dsklation (Punk Core)
11. CHEAP SEX, Written in Blood (Punk Core)
12. THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS, Don’t You Fake It (Virgin)
13. LYNAM, Slave To The Machine (DRT Entertainment)
14. EVERCLEAR, Welcome to the Drama Club (Eleven Seven Music)
15. DEAD CELEBRITY STATUS, Blood Music (Bodog Music)
16. JOE FERRY & THE BIG SKA BAND, Bootleg (Larchmont)
17. MAXIMUM PENALTY, Demo 89 (I Scream Records)
18. JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS, Sinner (Blackheart)
19. LAMB OF GOD, Sacrament (Epic)
20. RAINBOW, Live in Munich (Eagle Rock Entertainment)
21. EVERY TIME I DIE, The New Black (Ferret Music)
22. UNEARTH, In the Eyes of Fire (Metal Blade Records)
23. VISIONARIES, We are the Ones (Up Above Records)
24. WAR OF AGES, Pride of the Wicked (Facedown Records)
25. DAMAGE CASE, Tyranny (Punk Core)
26. THE HEART ATTACKS, Hellbound and Heartless (Hellcat)
27. THE PUT-ONS, Schooldays in Disgrace (Manic Records)
28. STAVESACRE, How to Live with a Curse (Abacus)
29. SOUR VEIN, Emerald Vulture (This Dark Reign Recordings)
30. THE WARNING, All Systems Dead (Punk Core)
31. RIFU, Bombs for Food, Mines for Freedom (Go-Kart Records)
32. VARIOUS ARTISTS, Unsound (Epitaph)
33. ANTI-DISCO LEAGUE, True to the Cause (Templecombe)
34. FIVESPEED, Morning Over Midnight (Virgin)
35. BURY YOUR DEAD, Beauty and the Breakdown (Victory)
36. GOATWHORE, A Haunting Curse (Metal Blade Records)
37. KILLING CALIFORNIA, Ropeless Romantics (Breaklight)
39. PARKWAY DRIVE, Killing with a Smile (Epitaph)
40. THE SCARECROWS, Featuring Marc Ford (Manic Records)
41. NAGCHAUMPA, Electronic Magazine (Indie)
42. FRONTSIDE FIVE, Fall Out of Line (Fivecore Records)
43. SCAR’D SANITY, A Way to Hide (Gotham Records)
44. THE LIVING END, State of Emergency (Adeline)
45. GSSP, Rmx (Kill Rock Stars)
46. GUTTERMOUTH, Shave the Planet (Volcom)
47. MEDIA DROPOUT, Muddled (Zero Youth)
48. PLAIN WHITE T’S, Hey There Delilah (Fearless)
49. WANDA JACKSON, I Remember Elvis (Goldenlane Records)
50. FAT CAM & THE 2 PUMP CHUMPS, Trust Yer Gut (Indie)


SURFER’S CODE – Surfer’s Code: 12 Simple Lessons for Riding through Life By Shaun Tomson with Patrick Moser (Gibbs Smith) Surfer’s Code: 12 Simple Lessons for Riding Through Life transforms Shaun Tomson from ex-world champion surfer and legendary 1970s tube rider to wise storyteller and mentor of the sport and culture of surfing. This book is much more than a chronicling of Tomson’s surf adventures: it imparts wisdom and passes on knowledge. Surfer’s Code is both brilliant and groundbreaking, laying out principles that are invaluable for anyone developing or deepening their relationship with the ocean. Yet the lessons offered in Surfer’s Code are not simply for surfers, but for anyone who wishes to live life in a more meaningful way. Each of the 12 lessons are presented in a wise yet humble manner, and woven together with Tomson’s own experiences as a professional surfer and life-long waterman. As the number of surfers increases each season, the need for an established code of etiquette in and out of the water is crucial. Tomson presents this code in a helpful, user-friendly way. This book is not only entertaining, but promotes a message of respect for fellow surfers and the ocean, offers advice on handling rip tides, and looks into ways of contributing to the world in a positive manner. Surfer’s Code examines topics such as violence and aggressiveness in the water, yet encourages our interconnectedness. This book will enrich the life of surfers, seekers, and just about anybody who picks it up. It has the potential to make the line-ups at surf spots all over the world a safer, more united place. Check it out! – ARI MARSH

LEROY GRANNIS BOOK REVIEW – Premier surf photographer LeRoy Grannis just pushed the bar up another notch, a big notch, by teaming with Europe’s number one book publisher Benedikt Taschen to produce an oversized, 276 page, 11 pound book. This book sets a new standard for the sport of surfing and rests easily on the pinnacle of publishing excellence. This spectacular photo journal focuses on surfing’s halcyon days of the ‘60s and ‘70s. These iconic images take you up the 101 in a woodie, through the Huntington Pier and Malibu, with Dora on the nose. The oversized format of the book makes every page a frame-able prize, especially the Hawaiian shots. They make you wish that you got on that plane to the islands in 1965. Granny and company have created something special and unbeatable. If your picture is in this book, you just won an Oscar. Now the bad news: they printed 1,000 of these signed first editions and they all sold out before publication. Recently, there were two for sale on eBay: a used one for $800 and an unopened one for $900. But wait, a repo-charge: a smaller $50 version will be out in a couple of months. – JAMES O’MAHONEY


Back in Black (Black Label Skateboards)
Black Label has proved once again why they are one of the best skater owned and operated companies in skateboarding with their latest video effort “Back in Black”. With a roster of hard core rippers like Chet Childress, Chaz Pineda, Matt Mumford, Adam Alfaro, Kyle Leeper, Peter Watkins Anthony Shcultz and young blood Chris Troy you are guaranteed primal carnage. Patrick Nagy has outdone himself with the editing on this one. Some personal highlights include the follow footage in Chet Childress’s part and Chaz Pineda’s entire section of the vid. This kid is annihilating everything you put in front of him. With kids like Chaz coming up, the future will be full of rippers with style and soul. To put it bluntly, every part of “Back in Black” is pretty much fucking awesome, so go buy it watch and decide for yourself. There are also some killer bonus features including the 1991 crummy promo showing how far backwards and forwards skateboarding has come over the years. It actually makes you want to go out and skate some painted curbs. There is also some good legend’s footage in there with Jeff Grosso, Omar Hassan and John Lucero. Lucero always has the super funny trick selections, which should inspire every skateboarder to get on their board. This is sure to become a classic in years to come. – STICK

If you were unable to attend the Pro -Tec contest then get your hands on this DVD immediately if not sooner. This is gladiator skateboarding reminiscent of the Roman coliseum days, where the gauntlet is thrown down and the ante is raised every single run. The level of skating at this contest is of the highest caliber in modern day pool skating, hands down. This DVD gives you some behind the scenes look at the mayhem with colorful commentary by Jeff Grosso, Steve Cabellero, Chris Miller, Jimmy The Greek, Salba, etc….This will just get better and better every year. The way that pool skating is being pushed in this contest who knows what will happen next year. Props to Vans and Pro-Tec for supporting all terrain skateboarding and giving the proprer respect where it’s due. – STICK


The heat is on… Matt Dove is now on the team roster for Rockstar Bearings along with Todd Jordan, Billy Rohan, Phil Ladjanski, Quim Cardona, Rodney Torres, Anthony Correa, Dustin Charlton, Rob Campbell and Danny Renaud . Matt Dove and Dustin Charlton are headed to Trinidad for a series of overseas demos. For more go to www.rockstarbearings.com. • Shut Skateboards is working on their new documentary entitled “Shutumentary”. A teaser video will be available in early September. There’s also a new Soul Bro division in the forming with models available for Puppethead, Jeremy Henderson and more. • Vans footwear has launched a new clothing division and we can expect to see some simple durable designs similar to their already established hardcore quality skate shoes. They also have a limited edition artist series coming out including the art of Wes Humpston and others. Go to www.vans.com and check out the new Caballero Low Cabs and the TNTs while you’re there. • Black Label has released their new video “Back in Black” and it’s amazing as you might expect. Jeff Grosso has succesfully done the loop. After rolling into the pads a few times Grosso decided it was time to go for it. After only a few attempts, he made it.• Kronik Energy is gearing up for the Desert Bowl bash coming this fall. Kronik Energy Drink, in partnership with World Cup Skateboarding, has collectively assembled top professional and amateur skateboarders to participate in the first-annual Kronik Energy Desert Dog Bowl Bash to be held October 28 and 29, 2006 in Peoria, Arizona. www.desertdogbowlbash.com • Kronik team rider Heidi Fitzgerald had a strong showing at the recent Oregon Trifecta, winning the Ladies Division at Lincoln City. • Santa Cruz has added Keith Meek to the Veterans division and his new Vets Division model titled “Arachne” will debut at the ASR show in Spetember. The Vets’ Division video entitle “V-Day” in is in the works featuring the skateboarding contributions of Santa Cruz Vets Eric Dressen, Tom Knox and Jason Jessee. www.santacruzskateboards.com. • Tim Johnson recently returned from the Oregon Trifecta representing for the Conspiracy skates wheel team. The Conspiracy crew has been hard at work with a new line of boards and wheels out now. • Sacrifice Skateboards has released their Blue Ribbon model, which is now shipping to shops all over the world. • Sept 16th there will be a Neil Heddings Benefit/BBQ at the Tropics Lounge featuring Thee Indigents, The Faghags, and The Detours. Product donations for raffle or fundraiser are welcome. Proceeds go to the Heddings Memorial Fund. Contact Scott at: scott@ol84.com for details. Tickets are $10. Or just bring product to the show. The Tropics Lounge is located at 1842 W. Commonwealth, Fullerton, CA. www.martyforever.com. • Gravity Skateboards has added Darren “Cookiehead” Jenkins to the roster and new boards will be available shortly.• Sabre Vision, the newest alternative in the sunglasses market features a sick team of outlaws including Christian Fletcher, Tom Knox, Trigger Gumm, Casey Brown, Hank 3, Greyson Fletcher, Casey Brown and Joe Wood. Sabre Vision announces new team member Koby Abberton. www.sabrevision.net. • At Strangehouse.net, more new products are arriving all the time and the good folks at Strangehouse are ready to fullfill all of your pool, park, slalom, longboarding, and street skating needs. Check www.strange-house.net. • Over at Bulldog Skates, Wes Humpston has been busy designing t-shirts for Stussy and shoes for Vans. Bulldog is running strong with new boards and wheels in the works. • Little Paw Skateboards is digging in with large claws. Their young team has been out ripping all over the place. Check out their full line of graphics boards available now. You will be definitely be hearing more about this up and coming company. • New shoe designs are out and shipping with classic Z-Boy styles endorsed by the original bad boys of skatebording. Jesse Martinez, Nathan Pratt and the Z-Boy crew are also hard at work on some R&D for some future surprise accesories. • “American Hardcore”, a new movie coming out based upon a book penned by Steven Blush is getting ready to hit the mainstream through Sony Classics Pictures Distribution. This is a behind-the-scenes look into the small tight-knit scene of the ‘90s that took punk rock and added more aggression, with the forming of bands like Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains…. Check out www.sonyclassics.com/americanhardcore. • If you’re missing out on some style, Amigaz has your answers with some one of a kind custom accesories including bracelets, necklaces, wallets, belts, pendants and more. • The newly launched skate co. Board Junkie is building their team and looking for some riders. Send them a video and see where it goes from there. Check out www.boardjunkie.com. • Independent just sent Steve Olson and Duane Peters to the Trifecta in Oregon for some fun, and fun they had. Rumor has it Duane lost his license and Olson lost his mind. The two managed to escape unharmed and undetained by the authorities. • The bowl and street course at Mt. Trashmore in Virginia Beach, VA, mysteriously burned down August 16, 2006. Arson is suspected. • The WRV crew has been skating all over the place on the regular. Charles Harmon has his photo gear back and has been shooting photos of the crew. • Chuck Hults, after making skateboards for longer than 80% of the skateboarding companies in business, decided to build his own boards under his long time name Deckcrafters. If you have any question about quality with these boards, the answer is there are only a handful of companies that can even come close. Check out the Blue Haven Pool Cue model and you will know what we’re talking about. • Converse steps into skateboarding with a new version of the Chuck Taylor coming soon. • The Sector 9 crew has been touring around with team motivator Jeff Budroe at the healm. There is no rest for the dedicated. With Sector 9’s well rounded team, no terrain is safe. • Over at Pocket Pistols, Chicken has been hard at work on some new boards. The Red Baron is perfect for winning slalom races as proven on the track. Some limited edition boards are in the works as well. Stay tuned at www.pocketpistolskates.com. • Memorial Skate Jam – A memorial skate jam in honor of Randy Lowe and Blaize Blouin will be held at the Hanger Bowl in Charleston, SC, on September 9th, 2006. • Quiksilver has announced that the legendary Christian Hosoi and the rest of the Quiksilver skate team will tour the country premiering the new documentary “Rising Son, The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi.” The eight-city tour will feature free theater and outdoor screenings of the film as well as demos and signings by Hosoi, Arto Saari, Stefan Janoski, Omar Hassan, Reese Forbes, Kyle Leeper, Dylan Reider, Omar Salazar, Eric Fletcher, and others. The tour will be Hosoi’s first national tour since being released from prison in 2004. It will be the first time in over 10 years that fans will be able to see Hosoi back where he belongs: on a skateboard. And it will be the first time Quiksilver’s entire skate team, including the hottest up-and-comers and the most established legends, will be skating demos and undercover at the nation’s most famous skate spots. Most importantly, this will be the first time fans will be able to view “Rising Son, The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi” and experience this inside look into the rise, fall and rebirth of a true skateboarding pioneer and legend. Directed by Cesario “Block” Montano, written by Peter Alton, and narrated by Dennis Hopper, the 90-minute film will be released on DVD in November and will be available around the world. Check www.quiksilver.com. • South Park’s first skateboarding competition – the South Park Throw Down – was held in Fairplay, Colorado at the 2-Mile High Skatepark. This world-class skatepark features Penrose Pool Coping, a bank wall, an oververt pocket, and a cradle. All proceeds from sponsors, entry fees, booths, and food and beverage sales went toward supporting the South Park Rec Center. For details go to www.skatesouthpark.com. • Marginal Way Skatepark… the west wall is covered with pool coping! Donate to the cause at www.marginalwayskatepark.org. • It’s been well over a decade since there was a professional skateboarding contest held in Alabama. Alabama skateboarding legend Pat Wachter has personally offered $1000.00 for first place prize money for a ‘Pro-Contest’ at Veterans Skate Park in Alabaster, Alabama. Pat has offered this generous contribution in an effort to return professional skateboarding to Alabama and to give back to an industry that allowed him to have the opportunities in his life as a pro-skateboarder. Pat’s generous spirit is exactly the type of energy skateboarding could use more of. Please join the effort to bring professional skateboarding back to Alabama by contributing to the event. All contributions are greatly appreciated. For details call Brian Kelly at Ride Skateboards at 205-620-4715 or go to www.rideskateboards.com. • Am Getting Paid is back again this year Sept. 22-24. 2006. The contest this year will be back at the South Park in Montreal, Canada. www.south-parc.com This contest is brought to you for its third year by Zoo York and Underworld, in association with Solo Mobile, eS footwear, Blind skateboards, Von Zipper, Independent, Momentum, Dakine, Puzzle Video and Pro-Tec. The prize purse is the biggest ever at a grand total of $15,000. www.amgettingpaid.com. • The new Burton bowl was built by the 4-Down Crew complete with painted black pool coping in the deep. • Sept 23-24, the Tim Brauch Memorial Pro Bowl Contest will be held at Scotts Valley, CA (bowl contest on 24th) It’s a World Cup Skate event with divisions for pros, grand masters and ladies. Sessions and the Tim Brauch Memorial Fund will host the Eighth Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Skateboard Contest. The contest will feature an amateur street course contest on Saturday followed by Sunday’s main event, which is a part of the World Cup Skateboarding’s North American Concrete Bowl Series. The fifth stop of the tour offers divisions for Ladies, Masters, and Pros. The Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Park Fund, a non-profit organization, was set up to raise money for the construction of skate parks. Thanks to hundreds of Tim’s friends and supporters, this event has gained more momentum every year, making it now possible to hold the event in the Tim Brauch park that was built with donations raised through the fund. • Volcom presents a $25,000 Pro Mini-Ramp Jam in association with SPoTlight Productions at Surf Expo on Sept 15 – 17, 2006 in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention Center. Separate Pro and Am Contest. Mini-ramp dimensions: 60′ wide with multiple heights provided by Team Pain – teampain.com. For registration, please contact Rob@skateparkoftampa.com. For more info on Surf Expo, check surfexpo.com. • The Dew Action Sports Tour features upcoming dates on Sept. 7-10th, the Toyota Challenge in San Jose, California at the HP Pavilion, and Oct. 12-15, PlayStation Pro in Orlando, Florida at the TD Waterhouse Centre. Soul Bowl Results 2006 – Huntington Beach, CA – Final Results Men 1. Sandro Dias 2. Chris Gentry 3. Bruno Passos 4. Benji Galloway 5. Mizael Simao…. Women 1. Carabeth Burnside 2. Mim Knoop 3. Karen Jones…. Masters 1. Tony Magnusson 2. Henry Guiterrez 3. Eric Nash 4. Dave Reul 5. Sasha Steinhorst…. Grand Masters 1. Micke Alba 2. Steve Alba 3. Duane Peters 4. Troy Chason 5. Mike Smith. • The Channel Street Skatepark Project was begun back in the Fall of 2002. City Officials in San Pedro, had been promising a quality, concrete skatepark for several years, but nothing ever seemed to happen. Instead plans were made to build a modular, plastic skatepark sometime in the future. Frustrated and tired of waiting around for an unchallenging “plastic” skatepark, a group of San Pedro skateboarders began building their own skatepark. What started out as a small concrete quarter-pipe blossomed into a functional skatepark within a year. Money for the project came from skateboarders and generous community members. In the Fall of 2003, the skaters created the San Pedro Skatepark Association, incorporating as nonprofit organization. As it stands today, the Channel Street park is skated on a daily basis. The skateboarders continue to run the show, maintaining the park, building additional terrain, and raising funds to keep the place around. Purchase a set of limited edition Channel Street Project wheels and help keep a park built by skaters for skaters alive and kicking. For more go to www.sanpedroskateparkassociation.org and www.dlxsf.com. • A new vertibowl has been added on at FDR. Check out the progress at www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyuUcqkIoAE • Three Sixteen Skate Contest #3 at Boarderline Skatepark in West Chester, PA on Sept 16th. www.three16.com. • Skaterbuilt hosted their “Bro-Down Skate Jam” at Volcom/Costa Mesa Skatepark under sunny, skies, mild temps, and a cool vibe. Some of the more notable attendees were Mike and Christian Hirsch, Dan Coburn, Richard Armejillo, Mike Cottrel, Lester Kasai, Billy Wahl, Mike Maysey, “Psycho Dave” Ortiz, injured Jake Piasecki and family, Bennett Harada, Jim Gray, Uncle Bucky and the AZ Crew, Dan and the TX crew, Tiger Williams and the SD Crew, Pink Floyd Reid and the LA Crew, Dale Arden and Skatopia Crew, Big Bob from Khiro, Mark Kessinich, Chas and Sam Wickwire, Tommy Tear, Dave Heady and Dennis “Lil’ Daddy” Roth. Everyone had a great time, and most of all, The Hegstrom Family showed why Skaterbuilt is such a class act. www.skaterbuilt.com • A new Jay Adams’ book featuring a collection of photos that were taken by Jay’s stepfather, Kent Sherwood captures a remarkable time in California during the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. With the help of Glen E. Friedman, the book was compiled with photos that have all been recently captioned by hand by Jay Adams, providing an amazing insight into Jay Adams world. Book release party of “Jay-Boy”. Saturday, Sept 9 at the Basic Urban Kitchen and Bar, San Diego 410 10th Street 4-6pm. • Volcom Meadows Pro Invitational 2006 Results- 1. Benji Galloway 2. Chad Bartie 3. Jimmy “The Greek” 4. Steven Reeves 5. Dennis Busenitz 6. Chris Senn 7. Mike Peterson 8. Tim Johnson 9. Taylor Bingaman 10. Colin Provost. • Franklin, Tennessee is getting a new skatepark built by Wrex Cook and the California Skatepark crew. Check it out at www.JuiceMagazine.com. • NSI Video has released some of their old school vintage skate and surf videos on DVD. “Duel at Diablo”, “Streetstyle in Tempe”, “Ohio Skateout”, “Gotcha Grind”, “Savannah Slamma III”, “Summer Sessions” and “Sacto Street Contest” are now available. To order call: NSI Video (310) 374-7476. – Happy 9 year anniversary to 915 Skatepark in Greensboro, NC. • Phoenix, AZ trick wizard, John Motta joins fellow shred dogs, Jordan and John White as the newest addition to the Powell Skateboards Am roster. • Steve Caballero was married in Capitola, CA in the middle of July. He and wife, Rachael promptly left on a three week honeymoon to an exotic island location after the ceremony. Cab then skated in the Oregon Trifecta and took home first place in the Grand Masters division in two of the three events. For more go to www.skateone.com. • Eric Koston has joined the Spitfire wheels team. • The Sessions team is getting ready to head out on the road again. This time Corey Duffel, Chet Childress, The Nuge, Dyson Ramones, and John Ponts will be hitting up The South East as they trip through Florida on their way to Surf Expo. Then it’s all the way up to Virginia on a hunt for some Bells. Sept 11 – Skate Park of Tampa – Tampa, FL. Sept 13 – Havoc – Lakeland FL. Sept 14 – Galactic G – Orlando, FL. Sept 15 – Covert Skate Shop – Orlando Skatepark Sept 19 – Hazard Co. Atlanta, GA Sept 20 – New Generation – Greenville, NC Sept 23 – Hot Line Skate Shop – Virginia Beach, VA – Oregon Trifecta Results – Lincoln City – Pro/Am – 1. Rune Glifberg 2. Chris Cudlipp 3. Tim Johnson 4. Mason Huggins 5. Benji Galloway 6. Mark “Red” Scott 7. Omar Hassan 8. Jimmy The Greek. Grand Masters 1. Steve Caballero 2. Glen Charnoski 3. Pat Ngoho 4. Chris Cook 5. Mark Conahan. Ladies 1. Heidi Fitzgerald 2. Nicole Zuck 3. Mandy Esch 4. Kim Petersen 5. Holly Lyons. West Linn Pro/Am 1. Tim Johnson 2. Benji Galloway 3. Rune Glifberg 4. Steven Reeves 5. Vince Del Valle 6. Taylor Bingaman 7. Daniel Cardone 8. Mason Huggins. Grand Masters 1. Steve Caballero 2. Glen Charnoski 3. Pat Ngoho 4. Chris Cook 5. Steve Alba. Ladies 1. Mandy Esch 2. Kim Petersen 3. Jessica Starkweather 4. Amelia Brodka 5. Liz Brandenburg. Newburg Pro/Am 1. Mason Huggins 2. Rune Glifberg 3. Daniel Cardone 4. Omar Hassan 5. Benji Galloway 6. Chris Cudlipp 7. Ben Krahn 8. Tim Johnson. Grand Masters 1. Glen Charnoski 2. Steve Caballero 3. Pat Ngoho 4. Steve Alba 5. Chris Cook. Ladies 1. Amelia Brodka 2. Nicole Zuck 3. Holly Lyons 4. Cressy Rice 5. Heidi Fitzgerald. •For more news updates check www.juicemagazine.com. Thank you, and please go skate.


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