THE BODIES, Firepower is Our Business (TKO)
These guys like to put on black eye makeup and to tell you the truth, I think they might have been a bit drunk when they did it, because it’s smeared all over their faces. Besides the drunken eye make-up, these guys are damn good. They make varsity. – LENTINI

V/A, The Worldwide Tribute to the Real 01 Vol. 2 (Triple Crown) Like I’m really going to give an album that was compiled by Onno CroMag and Roger Miret a bad review. I might as well hang myself. This is a good cd. I like the Bouncing Souls cover of The Cocksparrer song “We’;re Coming Back” and the Murphys Law cover of The Business song, “Drinking and Driving”. It’s worth it just for those two songs. The Death Threat cover of the Last Resort song “King of the Jungle” is so crucial. – LENTINI

MEGADETH, Killing is my Business and Business is Good (Loud) I was 14 years old when I found this and my life was never the same. The sheer audacity it took for Dave Mustaine to release “Mechanix” (aka The Four Horsemen, Metallica) was enough to inspire me to piss people off for the rest of my life. Now they have cleaned up the dirty sound and made it that much dirtier. I wish they would do the same to “Peace Sells….”. – BRIJ

HITLER’S WHEELCHAIR, Six Ways to Die (indie) This CD came in a package that looked a mailbomb or an Anthrax delivery but it was neither. Instead, there was a nice threatening letter. Anyway, it’s a good thing that this band was great. With lyrics like “Hate Those Jocks, how they hang in flocks, sitting in the showers checking out our cocks,” this is classic angry screaming funny punk rock. Go to and get a cd. You will thank me. – LENTINI

THE BOARDLORDS, s/t (Volatile) Beside the cheesy cover art that makes you think this is a techno cd this album is good. It’s funny drunken skaterock with some funny lyrics. The best part is the photo of someone doing a smith grind on an old DogTown board. Great. – LENTINI

X, Los Angeles (Rhino)
Rhino rereleased all of X’s classic albums so I’m gonna make this short. The remastered “Los Angeles” X’s debut album is nothing but incredible. It’s one of the greatest records of the 80s. Buy “Los Angeles”. It’ll make you dance like crazy. Hell, Brett Easton Ellis liked ’em. – LENTINI

Panic, Dying For It (Bridge Nine)
The peak of hardcore was in the eighties and this is where it is now. Panic is old school enough to bring to mind Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, and Youth of Today, but they have taken the sacred music to another level, so don’t call it a revival. Bring back the circle pits. – JJOBES

NOBODY’S, Less Bits, More Tits (Hopeless)
No frills, old style punk rock with lots of breasts on the album cover. – LENTINI

FILTHY THIEVING BASTARDS, A Melody of Retreads and Broken Quills (BYO) There hasn’t been drinking music this happy since the Pogues. Or since Rancid played an acoustic set. Or the Kinks first album. A punk supergroup, Filthy Thieving Bastards are two parts of The Swinging Utters, one part Me First and The Gimme Gimme’s, one part Camper Van Beethoven, and a drummer/producer. This will take the edge off that caffeine bender you’ve been on. – JJOBES

U.S. BOMBS, Lost in America, Live in 2001 (Epitaph) I was reviewing some ‘new punk rock’ and I started to think that punk really was dead. Then I got this album. Great live sound and genuine subversive anarchy. — DANARCHY

FLOGGING MOLLY, Drunken Lullabies (Side One Dummy)They don’t sound like the Pogues, Dropkick Murphys, or the Dubiners. They sound like Flogging Molly. It’s just that Flogging Molly is a band that I’m glad I found. Not that I found this band, but you know what I mean. The only reason I went to see them was because Hensley was in it but after seeing them play, I was hooked. I never got to see The Pogues, so I’m glad a band like Flogging Molly is around. There, I did compare them and I didn’t even mean to. So, to end this review, buy this cd, and listen to it. And when it’s done, play it again. – LENTINI

FREE BEER, The Only Beer That Matters (Alternative Tentacles) 80s skate punk volume one. Grab some Free Beer and go skate! If you love the Dead Kennedy’s than this is the one for you. – Jo

COHEED AND CAMBRIA, The Second Stage Turbine Blade (Equal Vision)
The singer has such a high pitched pre-pubescent voice that it shrills right through you. Once your ears acclimate, the band soothes you back into your Milo glasses and your organic tofu. They sound like Saves the Day just not as poppy. Good driving music – LENTINI

MILLENCOLIN, Home From Home (Epitaph)
Lots of ‘Yeahs!’ and melodies; really catchy. I feel like I’m 13. This sounds like their other stuff so I’m sure you should buy it if you like the other stuff. – LENTINI

DUANE PETERS AND THE HUNNS, Wayward Bantams (Disaster) Ah yes. Duane Peters and the Hunns. I’ve been waiting for this record and I was not let down at all. Any band that has a love ballad about the Marina Dog Bowl is great, not good, but great. The fact Duane Peters is the frontman just makes this band all the better. A couple of songs about the 9/11 tragedy which I’m not sure I was ready for but they definitely did a damn good job with them though. This is a great record and everyone should go buy it. It’s going in my rotation. – LENTINI

CONFLICT, Now Put Your Foot in It (Go Kart)
This is a great little record. I wish they sent it to me on 7 “ but I’m not going to complain. Anyway, the singer of the band is so damn tough, and the music makes you want to give someone a boot party. – LENTINI

V/A, Dogtown and Z-Boys sdtrk (Universal)
Stecyk’s photo of Jay Adams speed carving Bicknell Hill says it all. Urethane wheels gripping pavement, flannel shirt blowing in the afternoon onshore wind, with Jay’s hand perfectly placed at the corner of the slalom cone. So much style in a single 35 mm frame. As for the soundtrack, although Led Zepplin didn’t clear it doesn’t deter this cd from being as classic as the film. Hendrix, Nugent, Cooper T Rex, Stooges, Gang, Thin Lizzy, Walsh, ZZ Top, and Stewart is what you get. It’s a great listen from start to finish. – LENTINI

AUDIO LEARNING CENTER, Friendships Often Fade Away (Vagrant) This is a good record, depressing, but good. You have to be in the mood to listen to this, you know, depressed and alone on a rainy Wednesday night with a bottle of vodka. Besides the name, everything about them is quite nice. – LENTINI

DOGWOOD, Matt Aragon (Tooth and Nail)
I’m confused…Does Dogwood worship J.C. or Matt Aragon? You’re wondering ‘What would Jesus do?’ He’d play it loud. – KATIE RANKE

V/A, Punkzilla compilation (Nitro)
From the Vandals, early Offspring, and Guttermouth to Son of Sam, the Damned and A.F.I. this is a very well rounded compilation. This CD also features unreleased tracks from T.S.O.L. and Original Sinners. As if that isn’t enough it also contains enhanced features such as videos from A.F.I. and Bodyjar. Punk rock has come a long way. – DANARCHY

BEATSTEAKS, Living Targets (Epitaph)
You can’t go wrong with Epitaph. From Bad Religion to Lagwagon now check out Beatsteaks. Pop-punk with wirey guitars, fun lyrics too. – Cat

SEVENDUST, Animosity (TVT)
There is something about Sevendust that reminds me of the band Death Angel. Not quite as hard but nonetheless it must be the melodies over the chaos. They re-released the track that was on the Lynn Strait tribute album “Angel’s Son” and threw some string ensemble arrangements into it and it really made the song come alive. I think this band will be around for awhile. – DANARCHY

STRIFE, Anger Means (Victory)
It’s been awhile, but really, Strife only disbanded for two years. Lucky for us. This return to the business is strong enough to be the future of all hardcore. Nuff said. – JJOBES

NOFX, 45 or 46 Songs That Weren’t Good Enough To Go on Our Other Records (Fat Wreck Chords) It’s 46 songs and each one is an album unto itself. Fatty definitely has a way with words. Only NOFX can come out with a song called Zyclone B Bathhouse and make it humorous. Only NOFX can do the same thing for 10 plus years and make it seem fresh every time. Don’t burn this Cd from a friend. The liner notes alone justify buying this album… nevermind that there are 46 songs. – DANARCHY

THE MAKERS, Strangest Parade (Sub Pop)
The guys look like transsexuals on the cover of the record, and after listening to them tear it up, I’m left more confused than you can imagine, after hearing transexuals play good dirty music. – LENTINI

THE DISTILLERS, Sing, Sing Death House (Hellcat) I read a bunch of hoopla about this band so I was looking forward to hearing it. The girl’s voice is damn good. It has the rasps in all the right places. The only thing I wish is that the band didn’t sound like so many other California punk rock bands. But the girl’s voice is the band’s saving grace. Definitely worth buying. – LENTINI

98 MUTE, After The Fall (Epitaph)
More driving than most So Cal punk rock, this might even be too hard for a Taylor Steele movie. No, wait. I don’t think so. Wait, maybe. Ah, who knows? If you dig punk rock like I described or didn’t describe, buy this. – LENTINI

V/A, Give Em The Boot III (Hellcat Records) This record is a must have for your collection. Featuring bands like Rancid, U.S. Bombs, Dropkick Murphys, and old school heroes Agnostic Front. This is mohawks, chipped teeth, cheap beer, and sweat punk rock. The cd has 21 songs by 21 bands and 2 videos. One by Tiger Army and one by Dropkick Murphy. – BRIJ

KITTIE, Oracle (Artemis)
Many heavy bands start out playing as hard as they can and as they progress, they get more mellow and chalk it up to “growing musically.” But not Kittie. This second full length effort is heavier and more intricate than “Spit”. While they have definitely grown especially lyrically, the new disk is ten times more powerful. Kittie is the real deal. — JJOBES

CARRY ON, A Life Less Plagued (Bridge Nine)
Old school NY Straight Edge hardcore under the California hardcore flag? Yep. So if you miss the circle pits and Youth of Today, check this out. Even the cd length is old-school-short, with three songs under one minute and none of the twelve tracks clocking over two and half minutes. – JJOBES

V/A, Punch Drunk III (TKO)
This is what compilations are supposed to be like, crammed full of some amazing tunes. Most of the 26 tracks are basic, dirty street punk at its finest. Standouts include American Pig’s “Redneck Alphabet”, the Beltones’ “Better Than A Kick In The Head”, and a cover of the Ramones’ “Commando” by Antiseen, whose own Joe Young almost got elected to his local city council recently. Scary, ain’t it? – JJOBES

HARKONEN, The Grizz (Hydrahead)
Not sure if it’s hardcore, metal, sludge, scum, whatever. The sweet ruckus raised here should go down as one of the best in recent times. But it won’t because it’s too odd, too “out there” for that kind of recognition. Imagine the Butthole Surfers meeting up with Soundgarden. Get this. It’s important. – JJOBES

FACE TO FACE, How To Ruin Everything (Vagrant) I love the title of this album. It’s so great. I should get this tattooed on my arm. That would be so tough and punk of me. If any guy in Face to Face had this tattoo that would be so cool, wouldn’t it? No, wait. That would be lame. Face to Face is still up to it after all these years. And they prove that on this album. – LENTINI

TIME IN MALTA, A Second Engine (Equal Vision)
Power packed trio, strong from start to finish. – Jo

RIVER CITY REBELS, Playing To Live Living To Play (Victory) With a solid modern punk groove, enough horns to make your average ska rocker jealous, and a few sweet hooks, the River City Rebels are swinging at you again. Their blend of Ramones-style American punk, served up eight members deep, is a breath of fresh old air. – JJOBES

SPAZZ, Sweatin, Skatin’ Satan and Katon 67 (Slap a Ham)These guy are so horrible, it makes my stomach hurt so much from laughing while I listen to this. But I am a very firm supporter of Spazz. More bands should be like them in hardcore today. You know, funny, not all dumb and serious. How can a band be serious when they only play three chords? – LENTINI

V/A, Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol. 4 (Hopeless)
You can’t go wrong with this comp. try track two if in dout. For only $4.oo dollars, less than minimum wage you get 18 songs of glee. Plus 10 of the song are unreleased. – Fla

BLOOD FOR BLOOD, Outlaw Anthems (Victory)
I have to say that for the first time, I am honestly saddened by the news a band is calling it quits. Brutal honesty and absolute hatred is what made Blood For Blood one of the best hardcore bands ever. Hang on to this, it’s supposed to be their last. It’s their best. — JJobes

SPEEDEALER, Second Sight (Ryko Palm)
Metal straight out of the pits of hell….. Not for the weak minded! – Fab

DICK DALE, Spacial Disorientation (Sin-drome)
Dick Dale continues to put soft, young punk rockers to shame with his insane compositions. His freshness and prodigal sense of song seem impossible for a man his age. While Mick Jagger staggers around willing to give his left nut to stay in the loop, Dick Dale is cruising on automatic pilot. Riffs like the one on “The Eliminator” would remind me of Slayer if it didn’t have such melodic layers. – DANARCHY

MICK JAGGER, Goddess in the Doorway (Virgin)
First things first. This is what I believe to be, Mick Jaggers first solo album and obviously with a guy like Mick Jagger it can not possibly be bad. But what did they make Jagger do in the photo studio for the cd layout? It’s very embarrassing for me to see Mick Jagger like that. There are a million celebrity appearances on this cd ranging from Joe Perry of Aerosmith to Wycleff Jean. This ain’t no Sticky Fingers but it’s Mick Jagger and it’s good. -LENTINI

KICKED IN THE HEAD, Thick as Thieves (Resurrection AD)Sometimes I get bored reviewing all these cds. It makes me want to go home and go to sleep. But this damn album won’t even let me close my eyes and catch a nap because these guys won’t stop screaming. So, if you don’t feel like napping, listen to this. – LENTINI

SCURVY DOGS, s/t (indie)
With a name like Scruvy Dogs, you better live up to it because if not, some peg-legged pirate is going to come looking for you and it’s not going to be pretty when he finds you because peg-legged pirates stay at sea for months at a time with nothing but other sweaty man pirates. So, when he finds you, all he is going to see is a nice piece of fresh white meat. They do however live up the their name so there is no need for them to watch their asses. – LENTINI

TSUNAMI BOMB, The Ultimate Escape (Kung Fu)
Gwen Stefani watch your back, this chick rocks, with a powerful voice to keep any pop-punk’s wet dreams alive. Up beat melodic music with a hot singer. – Cat

This band is good. That’s all I should write about them. I should just leave you wondering why they are so good so you have to go out and buy the record. – LENTINI

THE MOVIELIFE, Has a Gambling Problem (Operate) Brace yourself for what I’m about to tell you. A few friends of mine thought it would be a good thing to start drinking in an old Irish bar at 11am before going to an American Nightmare show. After drinking lots of Guinness and Goldschlager, we went and acted like dorks during their set. I got a bloody nose from a 15-year-old dork in a K-Mart vest but that’s a different story altogether. So, after American Nightmare played we were hanging out with them outside the show. I decided it was a good time to poo and throw it at my friend Mike. I missed and hit a Mercedes. Long story short, I smeared my poo all over a t-shirt (supplied by American Nightmare) and ran inside the club. I was wearing the t-shirt with my human feces on the back. The Movielife was playing so tons of kids were backpack-wearing and all. So, I jumped up and did the cheesy lie on your back a la Lollapalooza style. Everyone was getting my poo on them, while holding me up. It ended with me falling on the floor and literally gagging. If The Movielife only knew. – LENTINI

DARK TRANQUILLITY, Damage Done (Century Media)
Harsh vocal mixed with powerful chords and tight ass changes. Tranquillity has a dark side in this ultimate detal metal fantasy. Fuck yeah! – Fab

THE FROGS, Hopscotch Lollipop (Scratchie)
Whenever I listen to The Frogs, I imagine a tall skinny long-haired naked English guy standing up masturbating in his nasty filthy living room with something sticking in his butt. When he’s done he sits down on his stinky brown love sofa and loudly bites a Granny Smith apple while examining the dandruff flakes on his greasy glass coffee table. His friends come knocking at his door – he lets them in. That’s what this album is like, pure perverted irreverence. – SALEM

IRON AND WINE, The Creek Drank The Cradle (Sub Pop)
A must for those long romantic walks on the beach. Rough day at the office. Listen to the soft sounds and unwind with a bottle of veno. – Fab

THE EELS, Souljacker (Dreamworks)
I going to have to admit I like this record. It grows on you. There’s a bunch of great sampling on this record and a guy singing through some sort of voice synthesizer. It’s either that or it’s his butt singing. Buy this so you can be an arty music snob and annoy your friends. – LENTINI

SPEEDBUGGY, Round Up (Cargo)
I’m glad to see real authentic country music come through the Juice doors. I’m not talking Garth Brooks and Faith Hill. I’m talking guys that are playing in a vein of Cash, Nelson, Jennings, Williams, Haggard, Owens and the rest of the real cowboys. I could drink all day to this record. – LENTINI

ANTISEEN, Screamin Bloody Live (TKO)
You can’t go wrong with Antiseen and you all know how I feel about live punk rock recordings, so I won’t even go into it. If you’re a big Antiseen fan you need this for your collection. – LENTINI

A GLOBAL THREAT, Here We Are (Punk Core)
More kick ass hardcore-punk straight out of Boston. Hard, loud and aggressive music with no room for bubblegum sissy ass punks. – Greek

IRONBOSS, Rides Again (Reptilian)
These guy are so badass. Think Motorhead but younger and ready to kick your teeth right through the back of your skull. These guys scare me in a good way. – LENTINI

REV HORTON HEAT, Lucky 7 (Artemis)
About ten years ago. I was with my family visiting my older brother down at college in Pennsylvania. So, while walking around the Penn State campus, I saw a poster for a Rev. Horton Heat concert. I was all excited. “Damn, I can’t wait to go to college to be able to see bands like that all the time.” Then twenty seconds later I saw a couch on top of a telephone pole and a bunch of frat dudes were sitting there. They thought they were so cool. That’s when I came to the realization that college wasn’t that great if losers like that sit on top of telephone poles all day. The Heat don’t let you down on this album though, so don’t sweat. – LENTINI

LOS OLVIDADOS, Listen To This (Alternative Tentacles)80s skate punk volume two. Hailing straight out of San Jose another Ray Stevens masterpiece. All original recordings to forfill any skate punks collection. – Jo

ANTI-FLAG, Mobilize (AF Records)
I remember someone telling me a story that someone (name withheld) in Dropkick Murphy’s had threatened the guys in Anti-Flag for hanging their flag upside down behind their drumset. And they ended up leaving the tour. At times like this, I’m glad that happened. America rules and Anti-Flag should think of changing their name or quitting because commies in punk rock today don’t fit in with the times. It’s not 1982 in the Reagan years anymore. – LENTINI

OZMA, The Doubble Donkey Disc (Kung Fu)
Two Eps on one CD, hell ya! One song feeling like I was on Happy Days with Weezer. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy….. – Cat

V/A, Ghost World sdtrk (Shanachie)
Alright, so this album came out last year and I actually bought it. Mohammed, Rafi, Skip James, Robert Wilkings, Lionel Belasco… You’ve probably never heard these names before and rightfully so. Most of the stuff on this album has been out of print for over forty or more years. They are straight out of Terry Zwigoff’s personal 78 collection. It’s a combination of jazz, blues and calypso. This is probably the best compilation you could ever own. More stuff should be put out like this. The movie is hilarious too, so rent it then buy the soundtrack. Seriously, it’s the best recommendation, I ever gave you. – LENTINI

HAVALINA, Space Love And Bullfighting (Tooth and Nail)
Sit back, puff one, look up at the stars, gaze into the night and relax too these soothing sounds of Havalina. Surf style melodic music to bring home to your girlfriend. – Fab

THE BOGGS, We are The Boggs We Are (Arrco)
Accordion, mandolin, slide guitar, autoharp, pennywhistle, kit, stomp, washboard, clap, banjo, piano, harmonica, fiddle… These are the various instruments played on this record. The Boggs sound like an Appalachian blues band from the 1930s. Then again they could play a pub in Limerick Ireland, in the 40s. The more I listen to it, the more it sounds like early American roots music of the 20s and 30s. I would buy this is you have any money at all. – LENTINI

MESHUGGAH, Nothing (Nuclear Blast)
If Biohazzard crashed into Pro-Pain you’d get one heavy metal bliss. Harsh ass vocals mixed with bass guitars and killer drums. Don’t miss out on the brutality. – JM

TOILET BOYS, s/t (Masterplan Entertainment)
I always used to see the guitarist of this band on the subway last year. He’s so damn tall. Okay, now that I have told you such useless information, I might as well tell you about the record. This stuff is like glam punk rock. It’s fun to listen to and they are a fund band to watch. The cover photo on this album is downright hilarious, and so is the poster inside. Hang it on your wall and scare your parents into thinking it’s 1987. – LENTINI

SIXER, Beautiful Trash (BYO)
I don’t know how beautiful trash is but this CD rocks. The big rig on the cover will run your ass into the ground. Good drivin, rock and roll goes pop-punk. Drink a six pack of PBR and sing along to the happy go lucky rifts. – Fitz

TOMMY GUERRERO, Junk Collector (MoWax)
I always get excited when a new Guerrero record comes out. They are always so different, but always so damn good. Although nothing can live up to last year’s “A Little Bit of Something”, it’s a good addition to his recordings. Great art by Mark Gonzales all over the layout. Everyone should buy all of his recordings. – LENTINI

AT THE GATES, Slaughter Of The Soul (Earache)
17 songs that keeps your heart pounding, and blood racing through your soul with pure chaos. Bonus 6 extra tracks! Death Metal is back with a vengence. – JM

THE BAD LUCK THIRTEEN RIOT EXTRAVAGANZA, With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies (Resurrection AD) These guys rule. Seriously. They incite riots at their shows and always end up ruining the club. Most of this stuff is completely incoherent unless you have been listening to incoherent metal, punk and hardcore your whole teen life and then some, like I have. The lyrics are hilarious and politically incorrect. That’s always a plus. And lastly, these guys wear masks and bring baseball hats to shows, so you know they’re cool. – LENTINI

VOODOO GLOW SKULLS, Steady As She Goes (Punk Core)
A must have for the long time fan. Music that will wake the dead… hardcore-ska-punk-rock mix that will keep you screamin for more, more, more…… Another great band from the Inland empire. – Fitz

BROADCAST, Extended Play Two (Tommy Boy)
Really mellow music that almost makes you want to slit your wrists. Not The Smiths or The Cure slit your wrists, more like Billy Holiday or Portishead slit your wrists. My old roommate used to listen to this group. He sucked, but this doesn’t. – LENTINI

GUTTERMOUTH, Gusto (Epitaph)
Fun… is what’s instore for you with this CD. Pop-punk with fun lovin lyrics you’ll sing your heart out too. – Fitz

SATANIC SURFERS, Fragments and Fractions (HD)This threw me off because it was darn poppy. It made me want to put on a backpack. I don’t understand why they picked such an evil name. Maybe they used to be metal, then realized only dudes like metal so they changed to pop punk. Okay, I have said enough. It doesn’t suck, and the guy’s voice is perty darn nice. – LENTINI

LA MUSICA DELLA MAFIA, Il Canto di Malavita (Pias America) Songs of blood, honor and discretion. This is a compilation of Italian mafioso songs handed down generation to generation. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing this compilation is. When I listen to it, I’m back in the 1920s in Italy, seeing women in heavy black dresses wailing at the casket of a dead firstborn son killed by the mafia for snitching to the policia. Get this compilation and listen to this beautiful heart-wrenching Italian folk music with a bottle of red wine. “Blood cries for blood.” – LENTINI

CLENCHED FIST, Welcome To Memphis (Thorp)
Power chords, raw vocals and hardcore backed up with deep desire to slam dance. These Memphis boys kill it! – Jo

MINISTRY, Greatest Hits (Warner)
Covering the more recent hits of the band that brought you crowd faves “The Land of Rape and Honey,” “Stigmata” and “Jesus Built My Hotrod,” “Greatest Hits” gets you in the sentimental spot with additional covers of Bob Dylan’s “Lay Lady Lay” and Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut.” A fine introduction and overview of Al Jourgensen’s mind for those too pansy to get the whole catalog. – L. Green

GLASSJAW, Worship and Tribute (Warner) Think Helmet and Faith No More. This is a really good band and I really think they have a shot. They make Disturbed sound like Barry Manilow. – DANARCHY

THE VIRUS, Nowhere To Hide (Punk Core)
Lock all your doors, bolt all your windows The Virus is spreading, loud, proud and punk. This is the one you won’t regret! – CAT

The story of how this CD came to be, spans 13 years but only takes a few paragraphs to tell. The events as told by Fat Mike in his own special way begin at an Op’ Ivy show. While Fatty downplays this truth, you must have bigtime trust and respect to participate while one of your peers attempts to put their own flavor on your songs. Instead of releasing this CD as a double on Epitaph they opted(ivy) to release it as one on BYO. That’s even more punk than I am.” – DANARCHY

SUPERJOINT RITUAL, Use Once And Destroy (Sanctuary) Recently, it seems that the Southern United States has risen up against the nu-metal scene with amazing new releases from Down, Soilent Green, Corrosion of Conformity, Eyehategod, and now Superjoint Ritual. Phil Anselmo (Pantera/Down) on vocals and guitar, Jimmy Bower (Down, COC, Eyehategod) on guitar instead of drums, Kevin Bond on guitar, Joe Fazzio (Hank III) on drums and Hank Williams III on bass. It’s a hardcore, punk, metal trainwreck. There’s nothing else out there that comes close to this kind of intensity. – JJOBES

BELTONES, Cheap Trinkets (TKO)
This is some super-tight Florida blue collar punk rock. But it’s not your Brit-influenced oi kind of punk. There’s more of a rockabilly/garage rock feel to it, with a straight-up gritty vocal delivery. This will make you feel good. – JJOBES

SICK OF IT ALL, Live In A Dive (Fat Wreck Chords)
East coast hardcore comes West for this live CD and still killin it after all these years. Added bonus comic book inside. 23 songs recorded live from The Bottom of The Hill in SF, just for you! – Fitz

DRUNK INJUNS, From Where The Sun Now Stands I Will Fight No More, Forever (Alternative Tentacles) Welcome all skate punks. This is skate punk 1980s volume three Ray Stevens better known for The Faction, brings back old school skate rock lost in the transitions of Palo Alto. Old punk never dies! – Jo

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DEFIANCE Out of the Ashes (Punkcore)
D.I. Caseyology (Cleopatra)
A GLOBAL THREAT Here We Are (Punkcore)
PREVENT FALLS A Newer More Shattered (EqualVision)
THE ATARIS …Anywhere But Here (Kung Fu)
KEEPSAKE Black Dress in a B Movie (Fearless)
AGENT ORANGE Latest and Greatest (Cleopatra)
VOODOO GLOW SKULLS Steady As She Goes (Victory)
DEAD KENNEDYS Fresh Fruit. (Cleopatra)
SPEEDEALER Second Sight (Palm)
TOXIC NARCOTIC We Are All Doomed (Go Kart)
GENERATORS State of the Nation (tko records)
THE RIFFS Dead End Dream (TKO)
THE GC5 Never Bet the Devil Your Head (Cosanostra)

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