MUSHMOUTH – Lift the Curse (Triple Crown)
Not to be confused with Smashmouth. Yuppie ass denim wearing, sweater sporting, penny loafer with no socks and tucked in shirt idiots would be in for a surprise if they showed up to a Mushmouth show. They would get knocked down, spill their expensive drinks on their expensive watches, and lose a shoe in the pit. There would be no high fives and no calls received on the cell phone. Just bruises and missing teeth. Welcome to hardcore, jackass! – SAM THE REPTILE MAN

NOTHINGFACE – Violence (TVT) Hard rock. Is there such a category? These guys must (a) think too much (b) don’t think enough (c) love kiddie porn (d) like violence a lot. (e) none of the above. Matt Holt has a distinct split personality vocal approach. Stone Templetura . . . Capice? The bass and drums stomp tough through winding guitar inspired tunes. If I were really drunk, listening to this, I just might piss on my neighbor’s leg. – B-Load

WESTON – Grand Master 7” (Mojo Records)
This 7” has two songs from the upcoming Weston record. The A side is an indie rock/pop song that I found to be a lot better than the previous Weston songs I had heard. The B side starts out with a Beach Boys-esque harmony and kicks into another poppy indie rock song. If this is a hint of what’s to come, I think the full length should be pretty good. – R RITCHIE

SECRET HATE – Pop Cult Vomit (Skunk)
A lot of people harbor secret hate, mostly for those who they fear, like maybe people who are different than them. Maybe people who speak a different language, come from a different country, I don’t know. People get complacent living in a certain area, hanging with similar types, voting along similar party lines, surfing the same spots. They may develop animosity toward others, but don’t outright express their feelings, thus their hate is secret. Secret hate. Is that Iggy Pop on the cover? – SAM THE REPTILE MAN

KOOL KEITH – Matthew (Threshold Records)
By now, everyone should know that Kool Keith is the best MC on the planet. If you don’t agree, listen to this new record. My record collection includes all of Kool Keith’s albums and I’d have to say that this is right up there with Dr. Octagon, maybe even better. His beats are untouchable and his rhymes put me at a loss for words. – R RITCHIE

AT THE DRIVE IN – Relationship of Command (Grand Royal Records) This band has come a long way since I first saw them at a record store in Pasadena with 10 other people. Now, with the Beastie Boys having their backs, I can only imagine that ATDI will become an immensely big band and you will soon be able to buy their t-shirts at the mall for $20. Compared to their other records, this is the most exciting thing they have ever done. It isn’t too far away from the ATDI sound, but they change it up enough to make it sound new and original. – R RITCHIE

THE WEAKERTHANS – Left and Leaving (Sub City Records) When the Weakerthans write a pop song, they really write a pop song. Clean guitars and harmonies make up a big portion of this record. The rest is typical underground, indie rock. Not to say that they are typical because this band is light years ahead of some of the other so-called mind blowing indie rock bands out there. – R RITCHIE

BUJU BANTON – Unchained Spirit (Epitaph)
The ever popular Buju Banton returns. In 1995, Mark Myrie’s spirituality changed and the biggest evidence was his album “‘Til Shilo”. Since then he released “Inner Heights” along the same lines, good but hard to top. “Unchained Spirit” keeps this vibe. Buju brought along his best friends: Morgan Heritage, Luciano, Beres Hammond, Wayne Wonder, LMS, Stephen Marley and Rancid. There is even a touch of ska in the song “Better Must Come”. In the end spirituality reigns. Buju knows “Life Is A Journey” and it’s evident in his music. – Lance-O

REFUSED – The New Noise Theology EP (Epitaph Records)For those who bought this when it first came out on Honey Bear Records, there are no new tracks. For those newer Refused fans, this is their final release after putting together a long-standing legacy in hardcore. This EP has one track from The Shape of Punk to Come (New Noise), two unreleased songs, and a remix of Refused are Fucking Dead. I highly recommend this. – R RITCHIE

SLOW JETS (Morphius)
I love this CD. It’s because I’m drinking hella whiskey and chillin’ with my best friends, having indie rock fest. It’s our own little festival in my apartment. Slow Jets make indie rock less whiney and more cocky. I’m going to go start a nice fight with some strangers now. Then I’m going to hug them. – REEDUH

DEVIATE – State of Grace (Too Damn Hype) Hardcore metal punk from Belgium. This will motivate you to go out and tear up the streets on your pool board. Not for the new school tech dog, G. Learn how to do a slappy. Now try it backside. Now try an unpainted, unwaxed curb. Alright. – Sam THE REPTILE MAN

SYLFORD WALKER & WELTON IRIE – Lambs Bread International (Blood & Fire) Dance fans get your ear in gear! It’s original dancehall music with a hardcore roots vibe. The themes are the same: Jah, Lambs Bread, pretty girls and repatriation. This reissue showcases the hardcore roots singing of the, relatively unknown Sylford Walker and the original dancehall vibe of Welton Irie. – Lance-O

MOTLEY CRUE – New Tattoo (Motley Records)
The Crue have decided that the departure of Tommy Lee isn’t going to stop them. They have a new drummer, but we still get the same Crue. A review of this is almost unnecessary because you know what you are in for – straight up rock n roll Motley Crue style with lyrics about chicks, tattoos, porn stars, and drinking ‘til 2 in the morning. – R RITCHIE

A- Vs, Monkey Kong (Mammoth Records)
This record has a little of everything. The songs go from really poppy to kinda Weezer-esque pop to punk rock to a little hip-hop. That may not sound like your kind of thing but I swear, this is really good. The songs have a lot of hooks that will keep you humming them in your head after only one listen. – R RITCHIE

BERLIN – Live: Sacred and Profane (Time Bomb) This is a live record by the 2000 version of Berlin, which if I’m not mistaken is only one original member, Terri Nunn. Like most ‘80s bands, the singer is the only original member any one would care about anyway so I don’t think the audience even noticed a difference. This Berlin plays all the hits and does a damn fine job of it. Consider this a live/greatest hits record. – R RITCHIE

AUTOMATIC – 7 Beggar’s Life (Vagrant)
Melodically bouncing with vocals that have the feel of S.D./Jawbreaker. This band actually sound like they’d be a worthwhile live show. “Had it All” could give Mike Ness a toe tap or a finger snap. Who knows what would happened if you gave them a couple of shots and a beer. They seem a bit more honest to themselves than the majority of punk guys out there. Hopefully they won’t have to beg and starve after this. – B-LOAD

7 SECONDS – Scream Real Loud Live (Side One Dummy Records)
It’s been a while since I listened to 7 Seconds. They used to be one of my favorite bands so I thought I’d give this a try. I noticed this record has 26 songs on it and I thought “Wow, that’s a lot of songs for a live record.” And, it is supposedly from one show. Then I listened to it and remembered that most of their songs are between 1-2 minutes long and then 26 songs wasn’t looking so difficult to pull off after all. They still sound good, Kevin is still talking about positivity, and they are still gonna stay young ‘til they die. – R RITCHIE

SCREECHING WEASEL – Teen Punks in Heat (Panic Button) Of all the newer Screeching Weasel records (by new I mean after the line-up everyone was used to left) this is the best one. It sounds a lot more like their Lookout era and if you close your eyes you might think it’s 92 again. Ben’s songwriting seems to be back on track with what Screeching Weasel fans like to hear. If only now they would get over the not touring thing and play in California so I can see them at least once. – R RITCHIE

CROWBAR – Sludge: History of Crowbar (Spitfire)These guys remind me of malt liquor, gray days and backstreets, low cash, no job and a crowbar. Sound familiar? It’s not supposed to be a joy ride. “The Only Factor” got me out of my seat. But I wasn’t thinking revolution until I heard “Dreamweaver”. Crowbar is here! So, you know now. – B-LOAD

AFI – The Art of Drowning (Nitro Records)
AFI have always been the bridge between neo punk ala NOFX and old horror punk ala The Misfits. This new record picks up where their last few releases left off but adds a few slower tracks into the mix. – R RITCHIE

JETS TO BRAZIL – Four Cornered Night (Jade Tree Records) I am a self-confessed huge Blake Schwarzenbach fan. I love Jawbreaker and the first Jets to Brazil record so I anxiously awaited this new record. After a few listens, I still don’t know what I think. It’ a lot more pop than punk (not that that’s bad) and Blake uses the keyboards a lot on some of the songs. The more I listen to this, the more I like it. This is best described as a “it has to grown on you” kind of record. – R RITCHIE

GAMEFACE – Always On (Revelation Records)
Gameface took what they did with their last full length and went with it even more. This record is a lot more in the indie rock with a few slower songs thrown in for good measure. The direction this band decided to go in was a good idea because singer Jeff Caudill was an excellent voice for their music and the band has shown that they can write really good pop songs. – R RITCHIE

CREEP DIVISION – S/T (Indecision Records)
This band is Craig Ahead from Sick of It All, Youth of Today, etc., Russ and Chuck from Good Riddance, and some other guy playing drums. If you didNnt know that before listening to this, you’d swear it was some band from New York or Connecticut in ’88. It’s old school hardcore with youth crew backups and plenty of mosh parts for the kids to finger point to. – R RITCHIE

V/A, The “Gone With The Wind” of Punk Rock Samplers (Kung Fu Records)
Punk rock music began as a rebellion. Some of it is now, in many ways, a musical genre that may induce nostalgia. Maybe that’s what Kung Fu Records means by saying this is the “Gone With The Wind” of punk rock samples. It is classically romantic in the way that Scottish plaid and safety pins are still being worn on the streets of all the major cities of the great G7 countries. It is a compilation of bands such as The Ataris, The Vandals and MxPx. Most of the songs are the upbeat sort of punk music. The songs may not change the world but they may help punk rock to never die. And remember, never trust a hippie. – SALEM

JOSH FREESE – The Notorious One Man Orgy (Kung Fu Records) Josh Freese is in so many bands that I had no idea what this was going to sound like. After listening to this record, it sounds to me like Mr. Freese has been listening to lots and lots of Reggie and the Full Effect. The music is Weezer/Rentals pop and the lyrics are about anything you can think of. Of all the things, I thought this could have been, it turns out that it is the one thing I didn’t think it was going to be. His harmonies go well with the music. – R RITCHIE

HELLCHILD – Bareskin (Virgin)
Decent grinding death metal without the burping hippo vocals. Don’t let the album cover fool you, this shit ain’t no techno metal. One or two slow tracks, but the rest will rock your sphincter. Best thing is that these guys are from Japan! – Sam THE REPTILE MAN

IRON MAIDEN – The Best of the Beast (Raw Power)This contains some of the good shit. If you love your heavy metal, you’ll pick this one up for your stack. A lot more memorable than their new album. It pans through 3 lineups. They should have put in more Dianno’s era, (The Wild Young Beast) but spitters can’t be swallowers. If you really think about it this could’ve been a 2 disc venture. You won’t have to get drunk to enjoy this one! But remember to take a 7th beer stretch for the live version of “Running Free”. – B-LOAD

SERPENT OBSCENE – s/t (Necropolis)
Decent metal act out of Sweden. Sounds a little like South of Heaven. Cookie Monster vocals. Rocks out, not too fast, not too slow, just alright. Satanic sound bites randomly thrown in for good effect. – Sam

THE GREAT CRUSADES – Damaged Goods (Checkered Past)These dudes gig out a smooth set with horns and they’re not trying to hide in the dark, they are white boys. They want you to buy their disc, only if you wanna “Feel So Good (TBIBWY).” I’d be surprised if these guys had ever seen Elvis Costello. Pull out the suspenders and chequered ties. I think Brian’s got a Dunhill. Is that Tomwai? Okay, I’m trippin. – B-LOAD

GARDEN OF SHADOWS – Oracle Moon (Earache)This is a weird one, a death metal band with a female and two short-hairs. I always wondered what type of woman would be a fan of gnarly death metal. What kind of chick worships Satan? Too bad the lady in this band doesn’t sing. What would that sound like? Can girls get that satanic vocal thing going? Anyway, the feminine influence is apparent here, songs drifting in and out of serious death riffs and sensitive mellowness. Hopefully this one will get more chicks into death metal. That would be nice. – SAM THE REPTILE MAN

PEACH – Giving Birth To A Stone (Beatville)This record is spectacular, encapsulating you with serene lyrics and uncompromising sound. Justin Chancellor of Tool provides the meat on this album and leaves you wanting more.

GOB – The Worlds According To Gob (Nettwork) Snap, Crackle, pop. Gob provides a melodic sound with some punchy guitars and solid drums. This record lies on the line of pop and punk rock. – BDD

OPPROBRIUM – Discerning Forces (Nuclear Blast) This is good death metal, just heavy enough with vocals that are just right. Each track unlike the last. I’ll keep this one. – SAM THE REPTILE MAN

V/A – Hopelessly Devoted to You Vol. 3 (Sub City/Hopeless)The artists on this sampler are mostly punk and indie rock. It’;s not dark, it’s not pop, it’s people who like to play out. They are working for it. You won’t find any allusions to deep spiritual experiences delivered by overly dramatic, darkly perverse “sickos”. If you want to hear songs written by people who have lives like we do and write about them, then pay the $3.98 for 23 songs and pretend it’s the radio. – SALEM

EYEHATEGOD – Confederacy of Ruined Lives (Century Media) My friend the old crusty punk that works at the coffee shop always has an EYEHATEGOD shirt on. He wears all black and has dirty fingernails. He can be considered “scary looking”. His leather pants are all patched up and dirty and he wears nails in his ears. He’s a cool dude and he gives me deals on triple espressos. Slow, thick, sludge metal. I just wish that this cd came with a lyric sheet. – SAM THE REPTILE MAN

SUPERSHINE – self-titled (Metal Blade)
Hesh, in a leather headband, “Flying v” guitar kinda way. Nothing to make the superstar Hessians nervous, yet. But surely a thick romp through power chords and blues scales. – JOE

MORPHINE – Bootleg Detroit (Ryko)
THe original lineup in an actual low-fi recording by a fan in the St. Andrew Hall audience in Detroit, MI. When? Did I say March 7, 1994? Well, I gotta say with all these over-produced live albums, it’s nice to hear something the way it was. I don’t want to hear a live album that sounds like it’s fresh out of the studio. I want to hear restless crowds. Technically speaking Morphine has a formula consistency of compound C17H19NO3, extracted from opium, the soluble salts of which are used humanly as a sedative. This disc is full of formulated joints of Morphine inspired horn passages through songs about Sheila, Billy, Claire and your brain. These guys rock a thick set of 18 tracks enhanced for your musical enjoyment. If you already like Morphine, you’ll definitely want to hit this! – B-LOAD

BLUE HAZE – Songs of Jimi Hendrix
I get weary when I’m about to listen to a compilation of cover songs, but I gotta give Eric Bibb credit on the opening track “Angel”. Quite the prettier version. I guess what I look for in a format as this is something sounding uniquely different from the original recording. This disc does a good job of that! From rock steady blues from Mr. Trout, Popa Chubby and Thackery to Popovic version. After smoking through the haze of 16 bluesy tracks, I found myself relaxed, at ease and out of weed. All in all, a fairly cool tribute. – B-LOAD

MOTOGRATER – self-titled
“Anger”, the first track, instilled an ever famous visual of flesh and cheese graters. These guys don’t appear to be afraid of the dark. I bet you they’d fight if they were confronted with death. Anyhow, Motograter is a core band of five homies who play hard and loud. Speaking of five, track five “Open My Heart” is a good one to whistle along to. This disc is not for those of you with a squeamish taste for music. There are 10 tracks here to take n break stuff to. If you’re not afraid, you might just want to give this a spin. – B-LOAD

VOODOO GLOW SKULLS – Symbolic (Epitaph)
I can picture the scene in my head – three piece suited kids skanking it up in the front row and then hoards of little punk rockers rush in and fuck shit up, and then they’d all rock out together until the last song played. Then they’d all walk out wiping the sweat off their foreheads and agree to meet back when the Voodoo Glow Skulls play again. – COOPER

CATCH 22 – Alone In A Crowd (Victory) Who knew five guys from Jersey could rock this hard? I did. And now I’m here to tell all of you. The second album from this band is just as great as the first. It’s such a must. – COOPER

DECAPITATED – Winds of Creation (Wicked World) Burping hippo death metal – fast and erratic. Each track sounds like the last. Listening to this will give you that sunken eye, emaciated, wooden teeth look. You won’t be able to skate very well either. Chicks will shun you. Something to consider. – Sam the reptile man

RIVER CITY REBELS – Racism, Religion and War (Victory) Here’s some more horny ska punk. Classic punk rock themes like: stickin it to the man, stickin’ it to the corpo-man, stickin it to the god-man and stickin’ it to you. All this to a snappy ska beat. – JOE

HIGH LLAMAS – Buzzle Bee (Drag City)
Something spacey, euphoric, a milkshake from the age of the Jetsons. Beautiful Dirty Blond women with knee high white patent leather boots and matching mini-skirts trying to sell you underwear. These images come to mind when I listen to the High Llamas. Drug-free enlightened preachers of the temporal rhythms of Sex, Love and Magic baby. -SALEM

TYPE O NEGATIVE – The Least Worst Of (Roadrunner)Everyone’s favorite testo-goths have put together this collection that spans their ten year career. Of the thirteen tracks, four are previously unavailable or b-sides, and the rest are mostly radio edits. The new tracks make this disk a must for the collectors, especially the reworking of “Hey Joe” (“Hey Pete”). Maybe a live cd would have been more appropriate considering the amount of time the band has spent on the road. – J. Jobes

CRADLE OF FILTH – Midian (Koch)
Melodic, gothic, black metal is what CoF is often labelled. Whatever you call it, the band always infuses something new into what often is a tired, old genre. This creativity has fueled interest in the band and their popularity overall. Check out this latest incarnation of their unique hybrid of King Diamond/Mercyful Fate influenced evil euro-metal. – J. Jobes

ONE MINUTE SILENCE – Buy Now . . . Saved Later (V2 Records) Listen to this disk a few times and the layers will begin to reveal themselves. You’ll hear the numerous influences and similarities crop up as each track progresses. The urban groove of P.O.D. and Biohazard blended with the socially urgent sound of System of A Down. Keep listening and you’ll hear some of those slow building grooves in the vein of Tool or early Soundgarden. Some bands wear their influences on their sleeves, but some are smarter and hide them just below the surface. – J. Jobes

SOULFLY – Primitive (Roadrunner)
Ex-Sepultura main man, Max Cavalera returns with the next volume for the SoulflyTribe. As with the first release, Primitive is full of guest singers. Call this creative marketing or collaboration, it works. Inspired by the use of guests in hip-hop tracks, Max brought in members of Slayer, the Deftones, Will Haven and Slipknot. An amazing volume of music. – J. Jobes

PAUL THORN – Ain’t Love Strange (Ark21)
Not sure where this guy came from, but he’s one hell of a songwriter. The sound here ranges from twangy country to am radio soft-rock, the lyrics here are the key. If half of these songs had been recorded by some CMT artist of the month, you would have a half dozen of the years’ country top ten singles. Hold on to this one. – J. Jobes

BILLY BACON & THE FORBIDDEN PIGS – Pig Latin (Triple X) Now if you can handle music outside the Holy Trinity of punk, metal and hip hop, you might want to check this out. Billy Bacon is a gringo Texan playing Tex-Mex music. It’s a southern border style that’s been around for at least 50 years. A hybrid of Mexican Ranchero music with accordions, horns, kitchen sink and good old fashioned country rock. And it’s good. I’ve been bumpin’ it out my low caddy for the neighborhood locs. So, there you have it. – JOE

OS101 – Pura Vida (Victory)
There used to be this rad punk band from New Jersey called Hogan’s Heroes. Anyone remember? They played forever. After like 15 years, members occasionally changed. Turns out, none of the original four are in the band anymore. But here they are crankin’ out good, tight music. What do you do? They changed the name to OS101 and continue to rock on. – JOE

DROWNING MAN – Rock and Roll Killing Machine (Revelation) Some hardcore from Vermont. A lot of it is so heavy, although they do sneak in some emo-ness. After 4 years, are they growing as musicians? Probably. But hey, they’re on Revelation so, it’s got to be good, right? – JOE

V/A – Scene Report (Triple Crown) Somebody mosh me, I must be dreaming. There’s actually a hardcore label in NYC again. And they’e compiled a slew of h.c. bands to fill the slots. This is what Fred Feldman’s take is on where the scene is today. I could have sworn the N.Y.H.C. scene was gonna stay dead and buried, but I guess there’s never gonna be a dirth of angry skinny white kids wantin’ to crank out the heavy gnarl, as this comp well proves. – JOE

KOUFAX – It Had To Do With Love (Heroes and Villains) Here’s some refreshing yet mellow indie for you. Lots of keyed instruments and talented bass lines back up guitarist/vocalist Robert Suchan (who played in Jacob). This is one of the more creative happenings in modern music today. A nice break from 3 chord guitar leads. – JOE

PJ HARVEY – Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea (Island Records)
I think that the last time I heard anything by PJ Harvey, I really didn’t care for it because I was going through an anti-female vocalist stage. I hated everyone except for Patti Smith. PJ’s new CD reminds me of the good “roots” Patti Smith material. It’s not sniveling, but strong on full of substance. Check out the track that she does with the singer (Thom Yorke) from Radiohead. It’s a duet that won’t make you feel stupid. – REEDUH

ENTOMBED – Uprising (Threeman Recordings)
These Swedes have been around for a good ten years. They are usually referred to as a “death metal” band, but this release has more of a hardcore feel to it. Actually, it kind of sounds like early Metallica or Motorhead. I’m sure that long-time fans may reminisce about the early days of Entombed and may not be down with their current sound, but dammit … I rocked out to this release! – REEDUH

DISENGAGE – Obsessions become Phobias (Man’s Ruin) We used to go see this band in Kent, Ohio almost every weekend. I remember Jason (the singer) screaming a lot more back then. It may have just been the 25cent collegiate beers turning up the reverb in my head. Hailing from the land of Pabst beermaids and The Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, these guys face cold Cleveland winters by creating excellent Black Sabbath and MC5 influenced rock-n-roll. Hail Cleveland and the badass rock bands that come from there! – REEDUH

WILLIE NELSON – Milk Cow Blues (Island)
Key words ‘Willie Nelson’ and ‘Blues’. The Red Headed Stranger lays it down. Yeah he does.-RF

SOULPREACHER – Sonic Witchcraft
(Man’s Ruin)
I like it, but I’m not backing it 100 percent. Here’s what’s good: they tune down super low and sound a like they’ve been touched by Satan. The bad is that if you’re gonna play metal dirge music and sing about chaos and darkness and growl and posture all scary, you gotta play fast. A lot faster, cuz I’m not scared, and I really want to be. -RF

DOGGY’S ANGELS – Pleezbaleevit (TVT)
Big Snoop Dog is not only the executive producer, he’s also a marketing genius. America is the land of entrepreneurs. I love America. -RF

WILLARD GRANT CONSPIRACY – Mojave (Rykodisc) The sixteen member group, the perform wonderfully crafted mood rock. Like a conspiracy, they are mysterious, full of whispers, and capable of grand affects. The stories are intimate, told from our point of view, caressing the players with melodies that seamlessly mate with the drama. Powerful atmosphere— an excellent album. – SALEM

J. MASCIS + THE FOG – More Light (Ultimatum Music)
It doesn’t matter how many records Dinosaur Jr. ever sold. J. Mascis still has to discover his inner self and the strings it plays as he evolves throughout his life. He knows this. The songs on More Light, are passionately and truthfully sung. There is a depth of experience to the songwriting, both lyrically and instrumentally throughout the entire album. The songs are dynamic and seem to bring the listener somewhere that J.’s previous recordings did not. This music, enhanced by the singing of Bob Pollard and some other musical guests including the “My Bloody Valentine Guy”, will be enjoyed by anyone who loves true rock-n-roll. – Salem

OVERKILL – Bloodletting (Sanctuary)
I remember Overkill from a time ago. I was actually excited to listen to this. “Thunderhead”, the title track kicks this album into gear. “Blitz” kind of sounds like the guy from “Tales From the Crypt”, snarling crisp chunks. This album is actually engineered to blast and disturb your idiot neighbor with. So, crank it up! The sound is really good on this one. I’m gonna search through my old stuff, I know there’s some Overkill lurkin. Right over there next to the Jack Daniels. – B-LOAD

GOMEZ – Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline (Virgin) With Gomez you have to follow them wherever they go or you’re wasting your time. Monkeys in a white room, some instruments, a little chilly outside and these guys playing music. Melodies bounce around, the guys sing and the monkeys bang on the walls – it’s like an installation at an art museum – a good one, one you have never heard before. – SALEM

THE GC5 – Kisses From Hanoi (Outsider)
Refreshing guitar riffs start off the album. Ahh. Next, the crisp drum roll and bass kick in. Alright! Then the cigarette-abraded, rough spittle-vocals polish off the song. Hell yeah! Good stuff. Upbeat, anthemic numbers and lively tracks set this record apart from the usual punk rock. Fast and impressive, I had these songs in my head all day with Rancid and the DropKick Murphys. – S. LIMB

ARSON – Words Written In Blood (Resurrection) Lightning Guitars laced with heart pounding drums. These guys bust out. Once again proving there is no hardcore like East Coast hardcore. Arson reminds us that playing with fire is dangerous and addictive. – BDD

BUILT TO LAST – And Knowing Is Half the Battle (Resurrection)
Colossal riffs with searing lyrics. Explosive breakdowns and refreshing change ups. The album has artwork from GI Joe and knowing is half the battle. – BDD

PENNYWISE – Live at the Key Club (Epitaph) What more could you possibly want. Pennywise live at the Key Club on point and throwing it down leaving you yearning for encores all day. Circle pit included first aid kit sold separately. – BDD

DYNAMITE BOY – Finders, Keepers (Fearless) Silvery sound laced with good vibe lyrics make this record striking. I went to one of their shows and a kid had a Dynamite Tattoo on his leg plus they blasted live. – BDD

SPEEDEALER – Here Comes Death (Rykopalm) I am going to go out on a limb and claim Speedealer, one of the hardest working bands in existence. The record is an explosive anthem of bellowing determination attacking you from all sides. Get the record, go see them live and get ready to live. – BDD

DEATH ON WEDNESDAY – Buying the Lie (Sideshow) Ravishing sound and smooth vocals comprise a record that twists you the right way. This album has reminded me of the good parts of The Cure and will fully quench your thirst for a good record. – BBD

BIM SKALA BIM – Krinkle (Beatville) It is safe to say that these guys are the god fathers of ska. The new record is nothing short of great, once again showing the ska world what time it is. – BDD

RANCID – s/t (Epitaph) When Rancid goes into the studio to do a record they always come out with something good. With Brett Gurewitz taking the producing reins he stayed true to Rancid sound and let them go off. -BDD

DOWN BY LAW / PSEUDO HEROES (Theologian Records) Hard hitting sound backs this record filled with lyrics that have conviction. What more could you really ask for two bands that know how to throw it down without sacrificing quality in the music. This is a record that should make Theologian records proud to have them on the team. – BDD

PIC – Hiphoppunkfunkmamboska (Riding Mower) Experimenting with different genres of music and blending them together most of the time results in catastrophe. Once in a while a group like PICS comes along and proves that if done right fusing styles can be nothing but amazing. Listening to this record you find yourself listening to a lot of songs twice just to soak it all in. If you looking for that sound that leaves you wanting to say to your friend check this shit out. Here it is. – BDD

NICOTINE – Pleeeeez! Who Are You? (Throg)
Okay, now I want you to imagine the standard Blink 182 format, but with a thick Japanese accent. It’s kinda funny actually. – JOE

THE CRUXSHADOWS – The Mystery of The Whisper (Dancing Ferret) Club goth at the height of pretentious narcissism. A phonetic spelling of the band’s name is included to assure correct pronunciation from what they must deem an illiterate fan base. And to show further contempt for their audience, after the standard federal copyright warning they add in big red uppercase letters, a message. ‘So, don’t copy it for your friends.’ Good advice. – JOE

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© 1993-2021 Juice Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced by any means; electronic, mechanical, photocopy, or otherwise without the prior written permission of the copyright owner, photographers, writers, or artists named herein. Trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.
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