AVAIL – One Wrench (Fat Wreck Chords) Avail rock out so good I can’t help but love their music. If I was told 10 years ago that one of my favorite H.C. bands would be outta Richmond and on a West coast label (Lookout! first, Fat Wreck Chords now) I’d have probably thrown you in the pit during an Agnostic Front set at CBGBs. Personally,’Over the James’ is still my favorite and the version of “taken” on last years ‘Fat Music Vol. 4’ is better than the take on ‘One Wench’, but it definitely rocks and is worth having. – Joe

STRUNG OUT – The Element of Sonic Defiance (Fat Wreck Chords) The only good thing to come out of Simi Valley is Strung Out. No, they’re not all retired police. This CD could possibly get your younger brother laid. – Fitz

V/A – World Warped III Live (Side One Dummy) If you are the one of 20 who’ve missed the Warped Tour, then you’ll be needing this. Or if you are a veteran of the Warped Tour then this will be a very good trip down memory lane. – Robin

FACE TO FACE – Reactionary (Lady Luck) Getting better and better with age, just like a good wine, Face to Face releases their latest achievement ‘Reactionary’. I think this is the tightest and fastest yet, for Face to Face, it’s definitely gonna be had to beat.- Clay

STUCK MOJO – Declaration of a Headhunter (Century Media) You know something is up from the first track. The tongue in cheek intro has been banned in Europe, but the band wants you to know that they’re just kidding. Atlanta’s finest has lost all hints of subtlety, preferring instead to call it as they see it. Despite drifting into Milano/ S.O.D. style political incorrectness, the band has become even more melodic. And this comes without losing any of those heavy grooves you’ve come to crave. – J. Jobes

THE GENERATORS – Burning Ambition (Urgent Music) The biggest complaint around the office is when it’s time to review CDs is everything sounds the same. This is one of the few records when put in the cd player the whole office reacts with a ‘Hell, yeah!’ The Generators sent us a record with some balls. The lyrics are deep and presented the right way. To top it off they give thanks to all of their favorite beers. – Dan

F.Y.P – Come Home Smelly (Theologian) Ex-professional skateboarder Todd Congelliere, is at it again. Putting skateboarding aside to complete yet another awesome album. So quit picking your nose, get off your ass and go get it. Hey you might even get lucky! – Fitz

THE VANDALS – Look What I Almost Stepped In…. (Nitro) The Vandals follow through with the patented sound; only achieved by the mixture of fast, buzzing, distorted, sarcastic punk rock. – Clay

DILLINGER FOUR – Against God (Hopeless) These guys have a pretty unique sound and recording style. The singer kind of sounds like the guy from Fugazi. The last D4 album had many spins in my CD player, because their energy spilled out of my speakers and in to my attitude. This album has the same force behind it. Hot song titles include “Get Your Studyhall Outta My Recess”, “Music is none of My Business” and “How Many Punks does it take to Change a Light bulb?” If these guys rock live like they do recorded, they have something going on. – RS2

DUANE PETERS AND THE HUNNS – Unite (Disaster) The punk rock fire has burned fast and hard in Duane Peters, since day one. If you don’t recognize you better find some old ‘Thrashers’. Now he is giving us some fuel for the fire in his new band. – Clay

BRACKET – When All Else Fails (Fat Wreck Chords) Album of the summer so far. This is good, tight guitar rock from San Francisco with some chillin songs tossed in. Plus there’s a song called “No Brainier”! Wait till it’s really hot out, then get cold beer, go out in the yard and fire this one up. – Jed

NO KNIFE – Fire in the City of Automatons (Time Bomb) Like lemonade made with real lemons. This is real music made without a care, for what the masses like. – Robin

EARTH CRISIS – Slither (Victory Records) If Kid Rock leaves Detroit heading east at 35 mph and the Cro Mags leave NYC heading west at 50 mph at the same time, where will they collide and become Earth Crisis? In your CD player. – Scarr

THE THUMBS – All Lesser Devils (Adeline) These guys rock it down good. Lot’s of energy and to the point, cutting out intros and solos in most songs. Surprised and pleased that they cover a song by The Smiths “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want”. – RS2

A PERFECT CIRCLE – Mer de Noms (Virgin) By now everyone knows that this is Maynard from Tool’s other band. And even though many reviews I have read said that this doesn’t sound like Tool, they are wrong. It’s not a complete rip-off, but there are definitely some similarities that go beyond Maynard’s voice. This record fits into the category of how do I describe this to someone who hasn’t heard them before? The best way I can answer that is to say this: Had Tool never existed, this would be a groundbreaking record. Sometimes the songs are really intense, but overall they are a tad bit mellower than many (myself included) were expecting, which is a good thing seeing how I can listen to Tool, if I want to hear Maynard doing really aggressive music. It’s really good, but you just can’t help but wonder when the new Tool record will be out. To sum it up, Tool/Maynard fans will love this, people who are sick of hip hop metal bands will love this and anyone wanting to hear something different will love this. – R. Ritchie

VENOM – Resurrection (Steamhammer)Limber up those fingers and flash the horns you metal freaks, the original black metal band is back! And unlike most reunions, this one hits as hard, if not harder, than the original. “All hail, Black Flame of Satan!” – J. Jobes

DROPKICK MURPHYS – The Singles Collection (Hellcat) You know the songs, you love ’em, you buy this CD. – Robin

HOT LITTLE NUMBER – Hot Little Hits (Porcelain) A touch of The Pixies, a hint of Rocket from the Crypt and a lil bit of rock makes up Hot Little Number. There is a female vocalist and male vocalist that gives some variety to this 7 track CD. – RS2

THE NO WTO COMBO – Live From The Battle in Seattle (Alternative Tentacles) Spoken word and live performances by Jello Biafra, Krist Novaselic, Kim Thayil and Bina Mainwal from the battle in Seattle. Educate yourself on the whole World Trade thing or stay in the darkness of eternal unknowingness. – Clay

DIALATED PEOPLES – The Platform (Capitol) Now this shit is dope. It features collabs with B Real, The Alkaholiks, Aceyalone,…This will have yall buggin out for years to come with timeless hip hop classics such as “Triple Optics”, “Work The Angles” and “Guaranteed”. – EMC2

DANCEHALL CRASHERS – The Live Album (Pink and Black) If you like Dance Hall Crashers (you should) you’ll love this album. It sounds great, captures all the bands energy and has extra shit to make it cool (a cover of “American girl” for one). Go buy this disc unless you’re an asshole, then don’t. – Jed

SAMIAM – Astray (Hopeless) Listening to Samiam’s new album bought back memories of powerful guitars and emotional vocals that I’d loved so much. I’m glad to see them defeat the corporate demons and bring us some more kick ass tunes. Don’t be left cold enter the fire of Samiam. – Fitz

MADBALL – Hold It Down (Epitaph) The intro says it all. Madball is the bridge between the old and new that is NYHC. With their roots in 80s style, Madball is seriously Agnostic Front influenced (and produced) without borrowing too heavily from them. But there’s more emphasis on the metal-influenced chunkiness of today’s hardcore. – J. Jobes

IGNITE – A Place Called Home (TVT) You know this rocks cause Ignite rips. Nothing drastically experimental. Just a bunch of new songs in the same style. Classic example of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” – Joe

THE IVORY COAST – The Rush of Oncoming Traffic (Big Wheel Recreation) Kind of going with the sound The Get Up Kids have popularized (poppy emo with energy). The musicians are free in the sense that they use the instrumentation (electric, acoustic and slide guitars) and the studio to get what they need. The vocals are pretty good and the lyrical content is your typical emo core business. – RS2

GOOD RIDDANCE – The Phenomenon of Craving (Fat Wreck Chord) You know the empty tire that’s got all these bugs and algae and shit living in it. These are also homes for tadpoles, who become frogs. Good Riddance is the frog that’s grown out of shit to leap off and take over the world. – Robin

CLARE QUILTY – Strong (D-Cide) Clare Quilty was the real pedophile in Nabakor’s “Lolita”. In the Adrian Lyne version of the film, Clare Quilty is played by Frank Langella and there’s a scene where he runs down a hallway with his penis bouncing around. That’s how I feel about this disc something you should take a look at, but you don’t want it on in the background if friends come over. – Jed

FAT LIP – Prime Cuts (Delicious Vinyl) Delicious Vinyl has released a hard-to-find B-side single cut entitled ‘Worse Case Scenario’. Lyrically, Fat Lip reflects on his past and present trials and tribulations of life. ‘Worse Case Scenario’ gives us examples of how bad life really can be and how fortunate we are despite life’s set backs. The track provides a melodic orchestration with a funk undertone. A definite MUST HAVE. – EMC2

REVENGE OF THE EGG PEOPLE – The Gummebear Murders (Stumble) Well, I guess if you think about it gummebears are made outta Gelatin and Gelatin is the dehydrated and powdered cartilage of murdered cows, not bears. So they’re kind of right, huh. – Joe

SUICIDE IN VENICE – Tribute to Suicidal Tendencies (Dwell) I’m not convinced these guys want to kill themselves. They should attend congregation at the Church of Euthanasia. – Clay

DISCORDANCE AXIS – The Inalienable Dreamless (Hydra Head) This CD sat on a table for several days after it arrived. The package itself was unlike anything I’ve ever seen, looking more like a new age book on tape. But this stuff is some of the most extreme grindcore ever. Not just idiotic blast beat shit; this CD is amazingly complex, especially considering that 14 of the 17 clock in at under two minutes, with seven coming in under a minute each. If you’re sick of the typical grind/gore, check this out. – J. Jobes

V/A, This is Bad Taste Vol.3 (Bad Taste) 15 bands playing a range of Emo surf Pop core Rock songs that take you to cover of “Video Killed the Radio Star”. Buy it, put it on one of your mix tapes of cover songs. – Clay

2 PAC + THE OUTLAWS – Still I Rise (Interscope) This double CD contains many timeless tracks and 15 previously unreleased tracks. It contains that classic West Coast sound, bangin bass lines, humpin drum tracks, I’m feelin it for real. – EMC2

THE CONCRETES – Boy,You Better Run Now (UP) Sounding a bit like a 60s pop combo out of Japan, The Concretes have a touch of early April-March going for them. These tunes would fit killer in a John Waters movie. – RS2

THE REACTORS – Supercharged (21st Century Records) This is what you listen to when the surfs flat and you spend all day drinkin beer and wrenchin on your car for that drag race tonight. – Joe

THE CASKET LOTTERY – Moving Mountains (Second Nature) Is there something in the water in the Midwest because that region seems to be pumping out indie rock bands by the hour. The songs are good compared to many of the other indie rock bands out there. I would say that people would like this record. – R. Ritchie

AVANT – My Thoughts (MCA) When I saw that this was released by Magic Johnson Music it all made sense. I could just see Magic rollin up to the VIP entrance at the forum, top down, cool Inglewood breeze making the silk on his shirt bristle on his skin. I can see him flashing that 1000 watt smile to some Laker girls as Avant sings “Uh-huh hoo hoo” in a thousand different sexy slow jams. If you wanna be smooth like Magic, buy this album. – Jed

PATRIOTIC DISSENT – The Feeding of the Proles (Proleo) This is another tension packed punk comp, ‘so what makes it different than all the others you ask?’ I’m so happy you asked, The Voltrons song “Compilation Slut”. – Clay

KING DIAMOND – House of God (Metal Blade)
Ever since the Merciful Fate classic “Don’t Break the Oath”, I have not been able to get over King Diamond’s voice. His songs are amazing stories by themselves and together each album has a tendency to become an epic aural tale. Take the time and listen to this one from beginning to end. – J. Jobes

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Punk Goes Metal (Fearless) Check out the new comp. on Fearless, it kicks ass. It’s the best comp., I’ve heard all year. The band, Bigwig does a sick version of Slayer’s “War Ensemble”. Other good bands include Jughead’s Revenge, Strung Out, Guttermouth, Turnedown, Diesel Boy and Link 80. – Fitz

ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN – The Dawn of Electric Frankenstein (Triple X) Electric Frankenstein put out more quality rock n roll. They can do no wrong. Go buy this or admit to your lover that sex makes you uncomfortable. – Robin

J CHURCH – One Mississippi (Honest Don’s) This band has written a lot of well thought out songs, five total. The sound they have achieved is something like speedy Dinosaur Jr. ‘One Mississippi’ is alive with pleasure. – Clay

MXPX – The Ever Passing Moment (Tooth and; Nail) There’s nothing this band does that makes me want to pierce my lip and run away from home, but it does sound good. I’ll keep listening to power trio rock forever and if I play this loud enough, it might just piss off my dad. – Jed

THE ALMIGHTY – The Almighty (Sanctuary) Big production-great for BBQ and driving. – Mark

SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE – The Rising Tide (Time Bomb) Sunny Day are on a new label and have somewhat of a new sound. Singer/guitarist Jeremy Enigk plays bass on this record and some of the songs have this weird almost program rock sort of feel. This record may push them over the top. Their previous fans will enjoy this and it touches on so many different sounds that there is something for everyone. – R. Ritchie

RUN DEVIL RUN – Sinker Deeper (Victory) They’re calling this a ‘project’ instead of a band, since the original members came from In Cold Blood, the Spudmonsters, and Brother’s Keeper. But whatever you want to call it, this CD is a most amazing return to old school East Coast HardCore. You can’t help but think about the Cro-Mags when you hear these tunes, and there’s even a Cro-Mags cover, along with a Gorilla Biscuits cover. Mmmm tasty. – J. Jobes

THE PLUS ONE’S – On the List (Cold Front Good sugar coated pop….I give them three enthusiastic pink triangles……plus one! – Scarr

AUTOMATIC 7 – Beggar’s Life (Vagrant) I had to leave the office one day to go on an adventure to get the muffler fixed on the juice mobile and I threw this record in. I am happy to say that this is a good car CD. You know when you are driving around and you just flipped off the asshole who cut you off, you drive as fast as you can, even though you are heading towards a red light and have to stop anyway. Then you pull into the mechanics knowing they are ready to molest your wallet and leave you broke and barely driving away. Well this CD seemed to fit the occasion leaving my ears wanting more. – Dan

MINT 400 – Intercomfort (Vile Beat) Remember when you went to your first high school party. The super drunk guy who pissed in the corner and passed out on the lawn, in spite of his puke. You were like yeah, parties are the shit. In memory of those parties put on this record and get rocked by hard guitars, solid solos and energetic lyrics. This record has some balls. – Dan

THE STORY SO FAR – When Fortune Smiled (Hopeless) Use caution while listening, may cause over excitement. With raw vocals, blending with integrity and delivered with melodic guitars and fast driving drums. Kind of sounds like Lifetime or Face to Face. – Clay

CREASE – Vindication (Roadrunner) This CD just hit me right. It’s heavy enough to hold my interest, not serious enough to annoy me and just intriguing enough to make it to the airwaves of some cool radio station. Toss together a little Alice Cooper and ten year old, pre-ballad Goo Goo Dolls and this is the result. – J. Jobes

DIRTY BEATNIKS – Feedback (Wall of Sound) Full-throttle open bottle disco dancing car chase carnage and you don’ even spill your drink. – L. Green

THE GUN and DOLL SHOW – New Blood Live (Fortune) This CD was recorded live at the bottom of the hill in the same amount of time it takes to listen, impressed yet, the 50 guitar orchestra live on the recording will. If you buy the CD pop it in your computer and check out the live footage. – Clay

HORACE PINKER – Pop Culture Failure (Jump Up) This Chicago based band has been around for a while and now feature a member of legendary underground skate rock band, Crash Course, Matt Arluck. While the Horace Pinker sound has gotten more refined over the years, the band has a certain tightness and a self described ‘fluid solid emotion’. – RS2

QUASIMOTO – The Unseen (Stones Throw) Despite Quasimoto’s nasal voice (maybe he’s a midget), he and Madjib, his producer, made a great disc. This music makes you want to smoke pot and watch Clint Eastwood westerns with the sound turned off. – Jed

V/A, The Five Fingers of Dr. X (Triple X) The Street Walkin’ Cheetahs start off this Triple X sampler with “Kick Me Down”, a straight up rocker. The rest of the bands on this comp all get about five songs each. Some other standouts are Tricky Woo “Anibus” and The Gaza Strippers “Juvenile Detention”. – RS2

THE ANNIVERSARY – Designing a Nervous Breakdown (H and V Vagrant) This is a really nice break from a lot out there. Energetic mellowness, multiple male and one female vocalist. It’s good listening, far from hard and see ’em live when you can. – Joe

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Summer Sampler 2000 (Vagrant) O.K. I’d already accepted that Vagrant was an awesome label. But now, well you can all bow down and kiss their gorgeous asses. The Crypt, thus making all other labels obsolete. – Robin

PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS – Question In The Form Of An Answer (Om Records) Some fresh up and coming self produced hip hop. This is good stuff. The next release from P.U.T.S. will probably involve some big time producers who will blow this shit out. – Joe

E.TOWN CONCRETE – The Second Coming (Triple Crown) Remember the first time you saw a rollerblader and wanted to kick his ass, but the cops were around. You were so pissed! This record has that same raw, aggressive energy behind it, that makes you grab your board and slappy the curb in front of your house. – Dan

VARIOUS ARTISTS – The Return of the Rock (Roadrunner) Even if you think the Rock never left, you need this for two reasons: 1. Coop did the cover art and 2. there isn’t a bad song on it. Featuring the usual suspects (Korn, Slipknot, Coal Chamber, etc.) and several decent newcomers (Dope, PM5000, P.O.D.). – J. Jobes

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Might as Well Can’t Dance (Adeline) Pretty upright comp featuring: One Man Army, Free Beer, The Criminals, Samiam, The Thumbs, Dillinger Four, Pinhead Gunpowder and more, more, more. There’s no bullshit on this record. This is a good introduction to a lot of these bands and their label. Pick it up.- RS2

BENDER – Jehorah’s Hitlist (TVT) There’s daisies on the cover and power chords inside, so I suppose these guys are a contradiction. Their music drifts from the Cult to Metallica to modern rock. The lyrics are dying to be taken serious. So listen up and go drink a beer. – Jed

JURASSIC 5 – Quality Control (Interscope) The hip hop record of the year with reference for hip hop’s roots. If you’ve lost faith in hip hop with all the “bling, bling”. Go get this Jurassic 5. They’re keeping real hip hop alive. – Robin

WILLIAM ORBIT – Pieces in a Modern Style (Maverick) People laugh, but the gap between classical and modern is not as wide as many think, putting Falco’s “Amadeus” aside. Many of the 11 songs Orbit choses are familiar to anyone who’s taken Music Appreciation.- L. Green

SLUM VILLAGE – Fantastic Vol .2 (Good Vibe) Featuring artists such as Q-tip, D’Angelo, Busta Rhymes, Kurrupt and the legendary Pete Rock. Every song is bangin. The production was defiantly dope bass line after bass line. I was especially feeling song #4 titled “Jealousy”, cause we all know about that jealousy shit right! It’s definitely one that you don’t want to sleep on. – EMC2

KRUNK – Greatest Hits (S.N.U.G) Middle of the road alternative pop rock in the vein of 22 Jacks. Big choruses and big rock guitar sound. This won’t set the music world on fire, but it’s not bad either. – RS2

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Never Mind the Sex Pistols- Here’s the Tribute (Radical) What you get here is 17 punk bands doing the entire ‘Never Mind the Bullocks’ record plus 5 songs from the ‘Great Rock-N-Roll Swindle’. A few of these are good, some are not, but nothing really stands out. This is probably the most important (if not best) punk record ever so it must be pretty tough to duplicate it. Some of the bands on here are Blanks 77, Total Chaos, Murphys Law, LES Stitches and The Ducky Boys to name a few. – R. Ritchie

BRAND NEW HEAVIES – Shelter (Delicious Vinyl) This is a great disc to play at a rooftop barbecue. It’s groovy and I bet it would keep everyone happy if they didn’t have to listen too close. Extend exposure may make you start to uncontrollably snap your fingers and call everyone you know “baby”. – Jed

OLIVE – Trickle (Maverick) Slick synth-pop/electronica light with a slight melancholia feel to it. Decent female vocals singing about love, love affairs and not being in love. – RS2

THE NERVE AGENTS – Days of the White Owl (Revelation) Go get this record. Paint black circles around your eyes and go see this band. They are ass stomping stage masters. – Robin

A NEWFOUND GLORY – From the Screen to Your Stereo (Drive Thru Records) This band seems to be everyone’s favorite at the moment and this record seems to be an attempt to cash in on that until the next record comes out. It contains all covers of songs from movie soundtracks such as “That Thing You Do”, “My Heart Will Go On” and “The Goonies R Good Enough”. This is recommended for this bands number one fan, people who like goofy, offbeat records or the other 5 of you who think that a pop punk band should put out a record of all movie covers. – R. Ritchie

PORN STAR – Hell Bent for Pleasure (Grilled Cheese) I don’t know if you can buy this disc or if you get if free when you buy a pair of shorts. Anyway it’s solid post-post punk and it all goes together. I think all the bands used the same amp. Highlights: Home Grown, Betty Blowtorch, A New Found Glory, The Afaris, Buck Wild and Mock Orange. – Jed

THE KINGPINS – Let’;s Go to Work (Stomp) Well, this isn’t the famous early 80’s skate rock-a-billy Kingpins from San Jose (that featured pro skaters Bob Denike and Craig Ramsay). No, this is a ska band from Montreal, Canada. You wouldn’t put this CD next to The Specials or Madness, but you might put it next to Save Ferris if you know what I mean. – RS2

SLICK SHOES – Wake Up Screaming (Tooth and Nail) Neat, melodic neo-core. Remember Dag Nasty or 7 Seconds? Not bad sounding, just not the most original batch of tunes that you’ll hear this month. Produced by Stephen Egerton and Bill Stevenson of Descendents/ All. – J. Jobes

VISION QUEST – s/t (Fuzion) When what sounds like the voice you hear at the previews in the movie theaters hits, it makes you think you’re about to take part in something exciting. Good car beats and positive lyrics that are refreshing in this time of “thug life” and the “bling bling” lifestyle of mainstream hip-hop. – K. Rhodes

JILL SOBULE – Pink Pearl (Beyond) If I were just 16 and trying to impress a girl, I would play this disc in my Mom’s Accord. My date would think I was really interesting and we would talk about the sad stories Jill Sobule sings about. Unfortunately, I’m an angry, jaded adult, so I used this disc as an ashtray. – Jed

ECHOBOY – Vol. I (Mute) Every once in a while, some strange UK bloke releases a single that is both new and oddly familiar at first listen. While the rest is rather ambient electro-instrumental tangents and loops, it’s always the single that gets you. – L. Green

LONELY KINGS – Divit (Cold Front) Slight Social Distortion feel with a touch of emo thrown in. Strained vocals make you wonder if the singer might have found a better key to work in. The band however, is tight and punchy. Favorite title is,”Houston, we have a problem”. – RS2

THE YO-YO’S – Uppers and Downers (Sub Pop) I like to think of the Yo Yo’s as these English kids, who grew up listening to their parent’s Chuck Berry records. They grew up, crossed the pond and now Sub Pop has the honor of putting out their stuff. – Robin

THE MIND CLOUDERS – Fake It Till You Make It (Def Con 4) This project features different MC’s from L.A.’s Underground such as Iriscience, Zen, Dannu, Key Kool, Vixxen, Puzoozoowatt, Awol One, Subtitle, Circus and Life Rexall. Mum’s The Word executed the production. (Except for tracks #5 and #8 produced by 2 Mex). The beats are comin’ fresh, as well as 2 Mex’s explosive vocabulary and his ability to ride every note on beat. I was feeling The Mind Clouders. If you are a supporter of West Coast Underground Music then you don’t want to let this one pass you by!! – EMC2

THE AGENTS – 401 (Radical)Now that the winds of chic trendiness have calmed down in ska-town, bands like this can release great music without being compared to No Doubt or that one Bosstones song. Some straight ahead old-school ska, soulful reggae, and a lollop or two of hard skankin ska-core. – J. Jobes

THE ULTIMATICS – Vicious and the Glamorous (Wurmhole) I think Rusty Blackwell (Music lover, Ultimatics fan and Town drunk) says it best edgy, energetic and as balls out in your face as a rottweiler on cheap speed. – Clay

ANTISEEN – Southern Hostility/Eat More Possum (Mans Ruin) The liner notes sez this “100% rock and roll American style, love it or leave it baby!” Well alright, and I am not about to argue with this two album hard as nails rock. Ultra fuzzed out guitar work plus a straight ahead vocal sound, and 32 tracks makes for another evil rock and roll release from Man’s Ruin. – RS2

ULTIMATE FAKE BOOK – This Will Be Laughing Week (Epic) I bought their first record at their show. So believe me they’re good enough for me to buy a CD, instead of two more beers. Their latest release is worth a six pack. – Robin

JEFF FOXWORTHY – Big Funny (Dream Works) Maybe I’m a redneck, but if you can listen to this and not laugh at least a few times, you might ask your doctor about Zoloft. It’s not exactly cutting edge and it’s not wall-to-wall funny, but I almost blew my Old Milwaukee out my nose a couple times. – Jed

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – Feel Good Hit of The Summer (Interscope) This rocks out. The first title track is the best one on this and definitely my summer theme song. Some filler stuff, but some good rockin music too. – Joe

METROSCHIFTER – Encapsulated (Doghouse) A well deserved tribute to the Schifter. They have been lurking the scene for years. The Metroschifter was spawned from Scott Richter’s obsession with hardcore music, computers, and Claudia Schifter. Covers by: The Get Up Kids, Promise Ring, Joan of Arc and Refused. – Clay

JOHN DOE – Freedom is… (BMI) Remember your first date, you were nervous, excited and just all around stoked on life. It touches on a facet of emotions and leaves you feeling pretty good. This record does all that and more. – Dan

HEPCAT – Push N Shove (Hellcat) There are only a few of the current ska bands that remember their roots. This record is great and the production sounds like it was recorded back in the day. Hepcat continues to do right in my ears. – Robin

SONIC YOUTH – NYC Ghosts and Flowers (Geffen)
I first saw and heard Sonic Youth at City Gardens in Trenton, N.J. in the later 80s. I figured it must be like some kind of modern art, cause I didn’t get it. Not much has changed but, all those years experimenting is really leading towards some listenable music. – Joe

XTC – Wasp Star/Apple Venus Vol. 2 (TVT) This band has been around for at least twenty years and is still making good music. With distinctive voices and familiar but new chord changes this band has managed to progress and grow but remain solidly rooted in their ‘sound’. XTC is all about smart pop with lines like, “You may leave school but it never leaves you”. – RS2

GUS GUS – vs. t-world (4AD) This is an interesting disc with beats that might have come out of a cool movie. However, it suffers the fate of most electronic music; these seven songs feel like thirty hours of music. – Jed

JOSH FREESE – The Notorious One Man Orgy (Kung Fu) Josh Freese has broke sticks for the best of the best: S.T., Mike Ness, Juliana Hatfield. He’s presently the drummer for a number of musicians including The Vandals, A Perfect Circle and the Man in the Devo suit. On this CD he has composed and performed every instrument. He has ressurected pop. – Clay

DEAD PREZ – Let’s Get Free (Loud) The project is definitely a head banger. They didn’t sugar coat any of the real issues that the federal government, to this day denies having anything to do with. Some may say that this album is too controversial, but many feel that this album is educational. Everyone should go get it, that way each individual will be entitled to his or her own opinion and that’s how it should be! – EMC2

DJ QUIK – Balances and Options (Arista Records) In my humble opinion, DJ Quik should be much bigger than he is. His rhymes and his style is so much better than all that other wack hip hop that’s out there at the moment. If radio stations and MTV played the cream of the crop and not the flavor of the month, DJ Quik would always been in heavy rotation. But he’s not, and life goes on. Once you put on this record and you hear his signature voice, you will know that you are in for a treat. The 20 tracks on this record prove that DJ Quik has still got it. – R. Ritchie

STEVE VON TILL – As the Crow Flies (Neurot) Listening to this album made me want to carve the eard rums out of my head with a vegetable peeler and deny that I was an American. Steve Von Till should be put in jail to torture prisoners with this sappy, sick garbage. – Jed

GLUECIFER – Tender is the Savage (Sub Pop/White Jazz/House of Kicks) Scandinavia is kicking ass with their style of hard rock including The Hellacopters, Turbonegro and Gluecifer. Blatantly ripping off Detroit styles (MC5, Stooges and Bob Seger) these Northern Europeans are respecting the rock like Americans should be. This is exciting rock with feeling. Sub Pop has recently got their shit together by recognizing this force in music and putting out some quality rock. – RS2

THE THE – Naked Self (Nothing) Matt Johnson has been making music longer than many of us have been alive, but it’;s taken a few albums to get the Hank Williams fetish out of his system. He’s come a long way from the “Uncertain Smile” of the early 80s, maturing into a slightly bitter, definitely jaded singer-songwriter who isn’t quite to the Nick Drake/Leonard Cohen stage, but well past the current crop of whiners. The The can run around naked, wrinkles and all, for getting this far. – L. Green

THE DEFTONES – White Pony (Maverick) Straying away from past tracks the Deftones, change their tones and release a new raw form of cutting edge rock. This is different then their past releases, but get ready for the enlightenment. Don’t be left out, check it out. – Fitz

DEF SQUAD – presents Erick Onasis (Dream Works) This is a mix between Sneaker Pimps and Potishead. But it has some guts. Keeps you going all night long. – Dan

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