TOMMY GUERRERO – A Little Bit Of Something (Mo Wax) I suppose being a legendary skater just wasn’t good enough?! This record is a blend of slow roasted beats, bass playing as good as Marcus Miller and guitar chords that wash over you like a warm breeze. Did I mention that this is a really quality record? I’m takin’ it to Mexico and playin’; it while I’m standing on a balcony looking at the Pacific. – Robin

RIGHT BRIGADE – self-titled
(Stillborn Records) Oh geez, what’s to say about these guys, that hasn’t been said? I’m still not sure if this band is an inside joke because the singer Jesse of Follow Through fame sounds so damn tough on the album that you would think he looks like Pall Bearer of Sheer Terror or John Joseph of The Cro Mags, but he doesn’t, he’s much smaller. But, that’ why I love them. They are bringin’ the baseball bats and brass knuckles back into the hardcore scene, sure they sound like The Cro Mags but that’s a good thing. – Lentini

THE WORKHORSE MOVEMENT – Sons of the Pioneers (Roadrunner)
Hell yeah! Look out for these guys, they’re true originals. Hard and heavy rock tinged with all kinds of influences. Think Soulfly and Fishbone. Get it for “Beotch,” the fat, funky single that made it to last year’s Roadrunner Ozzfest cd. – Jobes

SMOGTOWN – Fuhrers Of The New Wave (Disaster) Snotty vocals, searing guitars and a whomping rhythm section. Production wise, it’s good, but not polished. It was recorded in 3 days. Uno, dos, tres… in English or Spanish that rules. This is punk rock, not rocket science. – Robin

NERF HERDER – How To Meet Girls (Honest Dons) They have a song called “Pantera Fans In Love”. Now I don’ know about you, but the image of two mullet havin’ hessians, backlit, kissing at an arena rock show turns me on! These guys bring weenie pride to a whole new level.- Robin

TOSHACK HIGHWAY – s/t (Catapult)
Adam Franklin – formerly of prime UK shoegazers Swervedriver – has been dabbling again, this time relinquishing the standard format for an Italian analogue synth and a borrowed Korg electric piano. – Laurie

V.A. – Stranglehold: Punk Rock Across America (Triple X) This comp delivers a boot clad kick to your head. I liked the more pissed songs and skipped a few after 5 seconds. So, I liked 15 of 21, which ain’t too shabby. – Robin

BEENIE MAN – Art & Life (Virgin)
I’m here in my living room tryin’ to do the butterfly. But I’m a honky and can’t roll my hips like the amply stacked ladies from Jamaica. So I’l dance my skinny cracker ass off, dreamin’ of a bigger, rounder booty to do this record justice. – Robin

INCREDIBLE MOSES LEROY – Growing Up Clean in America (Ultimatum Music) Oddball musical nimblest who samples everything from that “Trio” song that became a candy advert to his great-granddaddy’s name. – Laurie

The full length is in. Votes tallied, this record rocks, Leatherface by unanimous decision! After hearing them on BYO’s split with Hot Water Music, I was hungry for more. If you like your rock from the heart, sung by a man who sounds like he’s done manual labor, go get this. – Robin

V/A – Victory Style 4 (Victory)
Hardcore’s premiere label spills forth their latest and greatest. 23 songs from 23 of their best. If nothing else, get it for the new, unreleased Earth Crisis tune. – Jobes

SNFU – The Ping Pong EP (Alternative Tentacles) This ain’t for me. Yet, I can love it because #1 Ping Pong is an underrated sport and #2 there’s a song called “Quentin Tarantino Can’t Act” and I agree. – Robin

THE MELVINS – Crybaby (Ipecac)
This is like a Melvins mix tape, something for everyone. There are cameos, including Mike Patton, Hank Williams III, and Tool. Some songs are covers and some originals written with guest musicians. Each song is light years from the last and you’ll find your favorites. If you’re an eclectic listener you’ll find many. – Robin

FAITHLESS – Sunday 8pm (Arista)
Slow on the heels of their last album Reverence, Rollo brings a new collective back. Moody trip-hop that lyrically has a lot of meaning. – Finchley

V/A – Spin This (
The youngsters will love this. Two songs per band of radio friendly pop. Not a standout, but a mix tape that your little brother would make. – Robin

MORPHINE – The Night (Dreamworks)
Sadly with the passing of Mark Sandman this will be the last. We’re left with haunting melodies, which even during his life, seemed destined for a wider plane then that where we listen, much closer to where we feel. – Robin

HUNTINGTONS – Plastic Surgery (Tooth and Nail) The first track “I Wanna Be A Ramone” says it all. I love The Ramones too. Last time I saw Joey, he was huffing oxygen from a tank in the basement of Coney Island High (R.I.P.). How cool is that?! Let’s hear it for The Ramones, god damn it, they rule. – Robin

GLASSJAW – Everything You Wanted To Know About Silence (Roadrunner)
Don’t believe the hype. – Jobes

DIGGER – Monte Carlo (Hopeless)
This disc comes with little dice in the spine of the case and a tiny craps board. I appreciate their ingenuity. Musically I am also pleased, they make me feel like pogo-ing and crying, pop punk can do that…. sad lyrics, peppy tunes. Let’s hug. – Robin

CONSUMED = Hit For Six (Fat Wreck Chords) This is a good record. The lyrics are smart and thoughtful, the drumming is intoxicating and riffs that show the guitar slayer can write, not just play chords really, really fast. – Robin

TOM DAILY – Tragedy of Fanbelts (Double Zero) There’s not many song writers anymore. Apparently it’s not commercial enough. But this record is really worth a listen. Hinging on indie rock, the songs are well written and interesting. This is a record I’ll take on a long drive. – Robin

COMMON – Like Water 4 Chocolate (MCA) Once again the Chicago based artist Common, hits us with a serious piece of that extremely ill spoken word style that he has mastered over the years. This time around he’s joined up with DJ Premier of Gangstarr, ripping up the production with that classic primo sound! So look out for song #6, called the 6th Sense feat. Bilal, it’s bound to get you out your seat! Commom has also joined forces with Mos Def, MC Lyte, Black Thought ‘n Rhazel, ‘The Godfather of Noise’, from the legendary Roots Crew, Virgin recording artist D’angelo, and Cee-Lo of Goodie Mob. Look out for Common, definitely a runner up for dopest in the deck. – EMC2

DRIVE BY TRUCKERS – Pizza Deliverance (Souldump Records) This cd is incredible, I have not stopped listening to it since I got it. It’s kinda country rock and roll with some funny lyrics and one hilarious song titled “The Presidents Penis Is Missing”. They sing of sex, fornication, G.G. Allen, drinking and driving – so obviously they’re great. – Lentini

NOBODYS/THE BEAUTYS – Hugh (Sub City) The Nobodys wring their sweat-soaked drawers onto this disc. They give what I want. The Beautys provided my new anthem, a song titled “Baby, Put It In The Hole”. They play fast and the singer’s got range and country punk stylings that make it impossible for me to even attempt to sing along. Kudos to Sub City! This label is putting out good music for good causes. Just when I thought the music industry was full of Jack Asses, here’s a socially responsible bunch of good folks. – Robin

AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY – 24 Hour Roadside Resistance (Hopeless)
If these guys start a revolution I’m in. If you’re bored, pissed and sick of apathy, love punk rock with ska inflections, and hate the police go get this record pronto. “Resistance is never futile. Refuse to become roadkill.”-A.A.A. – Robin

GUIDED BY VOICES – Hold on Hope e.p. (TVT) Oh, Robert! You’re a teacher and you’re calling nine songs an E.P.? Okay, we’ll work with this. It’ a new single “Hold on Hope” and eight songs that didn’t survive the cut onto last album Do the Collapse. Oddly, it’s what’s omitted that’;s more striking, making this E.P. something onto which my CD player has yet to relinquish its mechanical grip. – Laurie

THE BLEEDERS – Self Titled (Hostage)
If there’s a regular Thursday night band at Lucifer’s Lodge in hell it’s gotta be The Bleeders. – Robin

EELS – Daisies of the Galaxy (Dreamworks) This is for people who take themselves too seriously. Samples of my favorite lyrics; “Some people like to call me Chuck. It’s Charlie and you are shit outta’ luck.” and “It’s alright if you act like a turd. ‘Cause I like birds.” Sing out of key and try skipping instead of walking. – Robin

BREACH – Venom (Relapse) Some of the most disturbing sounds ever heard. Not scary-disturbing. Or shocking-disturbing. Disturbing like if you sat still and listened to this you would be disturbed. – Jobes

HOT ROD CIRCUIT – If I Knew Now What I Knew Then (Triple Crown) I’m lucky to keep this record, as I’d buy it immediately. It is infinitely human, full of beauty and pain. I hate the cataloguing of bands, but I guess this is emo. – Robin

MINT – self-titled (self-released)
Not as kitschy as Weezer, not as catchy as Imperial Drag, they are a “transition” band – not merely because frontman John Nickles watches his drummers go through a revolving door, but because commercial radio could do worse than snag these guys from college radio. – Laurie

THE PHANTOM SURFERS – XXX Party (Lookout Records) Dan is carpet surfing to this one and now he’s threatening Morgan, the labrador, with his member. That’s what this record will do to you, make you think you’re the Big Kahuna and make the dog your bitch, for real. – Robin

THE CATHETERS – Self Titled (Empty)
I saw these guys with the Murder City Devils and the singer accidentally slammed the base of the mike stand into another band member’s head, rendering him unconscious. Listening to the c.d. is the sonic equivalent of a mike stand to the head, and I like it. – Robin

THE ATARIS – Useless I.D. (Kung Fu)
Lyrics about how much the radio sucks, well, shit yeah, it does. It’s pop punk, with interesting progressions and the singer has reached puberty and doesn’t sound like someone;s squeezing his sack. – Robin

SOUL REAPER – Written In Blood
(Nuclear Blast)
Clearly, I’ve underestimated the power of the dark side. The record is what I’d expect from the title, although with more texture and parts per song. – Robin

THE GROOVIE GHOULIES – Travels With My Amp (Lookout) Not as good as the band is live. The sequencing makes it one really long song. Pick out a few and put ’em on a mix tape, cus it’s good music, just not the greatest record . – Robin

FURY OF FIVE – This Time It’s Personal (Victory) Think early Biohazard. Yeah, before they got huge. – Jobes

GORGOTH – Incipt Satan (Nuclear Blast)
Inhuman, bleeding bowel screams and chainsaw guitars cutting down a church steeple, with a couple love songs thrown in for good measure. – Robin

ROCKET 350 – Junglebilly (Beatville) ’50s style rockabilly made by jungle enthusiasts. Thematic as hell and catchy too. – Robin

THE LIMIT – Stages (Real Time) They’re deep in the grunge stage. Perhaps stage two will be something better. – Robin

THE TREMOLO BEER GUT – The Inebriated Sounds Of…. (Crunchy Frog) I’m big on instrumental records. It gives me free range to make my own lyrics. This time I’m singing about having long blond hair (I don’) and big boobs (nope) and dancing the pony (I do). – Robin

THE FRUSTRATORS – Bored In The U.S.A. (Adeline) Punk rock for mellow listeners. Not aggressive, not whiney. Frustrated and bored, they should get drunk and pissed too. – Robin

GORGON – Brave New Consumer (RegFips) Brave New Consumer is tight. Mark Kaos’ vocals are solid. Joe Hagan’s ability rules. What are the key ingredients to metal? Speed, rage, and unpredictability. They forget this til the last track, “Kill the Pain”. I fear most metal heads will ditch this one and order out for Chinese. – Michael

GOLDFINGER – Stomping Ground (Mojo)
The pop punk, break-up record of the year. The result: 14 songs with themes like; I hate you, glad you’re gone, can we get a second chance? After listening, I advise he stay away from women for a while. – Robin

VA – Exxxile On Main Street (Triple XXX)
The best punk comp I’ve seen lately with DI, Exploited, The Dickies, Adolecents and more. There’s no song skipping to be done, you’ll listen straight through and probably hit repeat. – Robin

GRAN TORINO – Two (26.2 Music) Beginning with the easy, cool jazz of “Coup d’etat”, Two quickly redeems itself; a funkier Fishbone/disco/’70s mix with the coolest doodad in music: a vocoder. – Laurie

BIG PUN – Yeeeah Baby (Loud)
Big Punisher has left behind a piece of Hip Hop history. Representing the Terror Squad to the fullest, the Brooklyn based rapper brings the heat rocks once again, with hitting beats, ill skits, and fresh ass rhymes!! The album contains collaborations with artists such as M.O.P., T Squad’s own Cuban Link and Fat Joe, Ruff Rider’s new artist Drag On, and future stars such as Remi Martin, Donell Jones, Tony Sunshine, and Sunkiss. Go pick it up! Pun’s style and grace will be felt for a very long time throughout Hip Hop history. Rest in Peace Christopher Lee Rios A.K.A Big Pun 11/10/71-2/7/00 A.D. You will never be forgotten. – EMC2

THE JUDAS FACTOR – Kiss Suicide (Revelation) Since it’s hardcore and I couldn’t make out the lyrics, I read ’em. It’s a serious statement about the fear which makes us kill and makes us hope to die. The music is brutal, but seems dainty in comparison to the words. – Robin

THE NAKED SAMS – I’ve Messed Myself (RSW Records) Three-quarters of the Boston band 5 Spies, the Naked Sams prove that sometimes three can make a good-sized fist. Solid bar pop-rock, they push the envelope with this. – Laurie

VISION – Watching The World Burn (Epitaph) “Punk rock is our way of life. It’s how we choose to live and everyone else’s opinion is worth nothing.” Vision said a mouthful right there. New Jersey should hold a frickin parade for these guys. Jersey may not get the Yankees, but they got Vision! – Robin

MASS – self-titled (Man’s Ruin) You should know what to expect from Man’s Ruin. This record doesn’t disappoint. It’;s like a slowed down death metal dirge that’ll leave you dripping sludge and licking your lips. – Robin

SHUTDOWN – Something to Prove (Victory) Young, angry hardcore. Borrowed the name of the Ep from the Spermbirds? – Jobes

VA High Fidelity Original Soundtrack (Hollywood) Get up on the eclectic good foot! Classic songs by classic bands. Don’t know if this movie’s any good, but it sure does sound good. – Robin

CYPRESS HILL – Skull and Bones (Columbia) The big dogs of Buddha are back with a blaze worthy album. This time there are no guest appearances, the group is keeping it in the fam bam. One of the first to stand up against the prohibition of marijuana, Cypress keep it lovely on the West Coast bringing you the Smoke Out featuring many of the big names in hip-hop. Muggs on the Jon blaze beats, BoBo on the sick style percussions, and big Sen and B-Real with the classic Cypress combo hittin your dome piece hard. – EMC2

LOS INFERNOS – Rock and Roll Nightmare (Alternative Tentacles) This record makes me want to be standing between two cars on a long highway, ready to start the race. I wave my red chiffon scarf in the big, mid-western sky, shout “Go!”, the cars peel out and I squeal in delight, choking on exhaust fumes. – Robin

THE AMAZING CROWNS – Royal (TimeBomb) They’re great live, the record rules and they’ve figured out a play on words to get their name back. The egos who forced them to change their name can kiss my shakin’ little ass because these Amazing Crowns are Royal and the rest are peasants slurpin’ gruel! – Robin

BARGAIN MUSIC – Self Titled (Beatville)
Roots run deep in this funk, reggae, ska hybrid. Don’t let them genres fool you, this ain’t that happy, peppy B.S. This is the real deal, including some beautiful musicians on guitar and organ and a cameo by H.R. – Robin

AT THE DRIVE-IN / SUNSHINE – Split 12 Inch (Big Wheel) A.T.D.I. is the most ruling band and we’re lucky they let any of us in on their secret, that they’re so good. That’s right! Sunshine fills the void I’ve had since New Order and The Cure ain’t in the studio. Big Wheels are cool and so is this label. – Robin

PODUNK – Throwin’ Bones (Never)
Why this isn’t a huge radio record I can’t fathom. Perhaps it is….I don’t listen to the radio. – Robin

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT – Brutiful Feeling (Six Weeks Records) An amazing 7 inch pure skate rock with a heavy Suicidal Tendencies influence. They sing of flannel shirts and skate decks, what can I say, I’m glad they’re around. Maybe skaters will turn cool again and start listening to shit like this instead of ghetto rap. – Lentini

THE COLDSPOT 8 – It’s The Feelgood (Beatville) If a bunch of white rastas formed a marching band, this’d be it. I love parades. – Robin

SWANK – The Think For Yourself Movement (Fueled By Ramen) Best lyrical use of the word nemish. Somewhere between metal, ska, and indie rock, breaking rules can go either way. When they lose all song structure they’re great, let chaos reign. – Robin

COVENANT – United States of Mind (Metropolis) Electric Bauhaus for the “seen-it-all” crowd. If Moby had done ’80s goth – and this trio formed in Sweden in the mid-80s – and he brought together the Pet Shop Boys, KMFDM, and Kraftwerk, then added obscure pop groups from a decade ago before setting it loose on the techno dance floor, it’d sound like this. – Finchley

HI-STANDARD – Making The Road (Fat Wreck Chords) When do you hear fast power, pop, punk incorporate a tambourine? Not often enough! – Robin

MONKEY PAW – Hating You Is So Easy (Four Alarm) I love this record. I hope the band has 50 year old women dancing in cages for their live show. Really good musicians and great lyrics like “My you’ve grown and I don’t mean that in a good way.” Get it and go flash the elderly. Old people don’t get nearly enough play. – Robin

BUILT TO LAST – …And Knowing is Half the Battle (Resurrection A.D.) Hardcore endorsed by Steve Austin. If you don’t like it you’ll get hit over the head with a chair. – Robin

VA – Plastic Compilation Volume 3 (Nettwerk) A time machine to a nightclub abroad. I’m whacked out on ecstasy and shakin’; my tail. The crowd parts and I see the Euro man of my dreams. We engage in a sweaty and hideously white dance off, and are so totally turned on by ourselves that we leave separately to go home and jerk off thinking about what incredible dancers we are. – Robin

SHELTER – When 20 Summers Pass (Victory) Krishnacore’s first band releases their sixth album. This uplifting batch of tunes is their first for Victory. – Jobes

BEATSTEAKS – Launched (Epitaph)
Metal loving Europeans  rockin’ American style and killing a Manowar cover. – Robin

NEW BOMB TURKS – Nightmare Scenario (Epitaph) If you didn’t know already the band is real fast, real good punk rock n roll. The record is hella good and they make a mockery of hipster staples like Betty Page and Satan tattoos, quality sheeit – Robin

ROLLINS BAND – Get Some Go Again (Dreamworks) Any man worth his sack-hair needs this. Listen to it soon or your testosterone ratio will drop. – Jobes

DIO – Magica (Spitfire) I looked at this and thought: oh, this has GOT to be cheesy. Surprise! RJD delivers a credible concept album in true Dio form. Come on, let’s see those goat’s horns . – Jobes

RADAR MERCURY – Thank You, Goodnight (Doghouse) These guys should fair well with the emo kids doin’ the virgin bop. Hold your backpack straps, bend your knees and bounce in time. Also, don’t forget to scream all the lyrics, even during ballads. – Robin

ANGIE APARO – The American (Arista)
Eclectic singer/songwriter who will soon appear on the radio stations between Filter and Shania. – Laurie

BEANIE SIGEL – The Truth (Roc-A-Fella)
Sigel comes equipped with Jigga himself artist Jay Z owner of the label. This album contains such songs as “The Truth”, “Remember Them Days” featuring Eve, “Mack and Brad” featuring Scarface, “Raw &Uncut”, “Playa” and “And Everything” all three featuring Jay Z. This project also has hits from Memphis Bleek called “Who Want What?” Pretty cool, not really my steez, but if you are a Roc-A-Fella record collector go and cop it, dope to just ride to or mash for your cream if you like!!!! Keep up the heat Beanie. – EMC2

POLECATS – The Best Of (Cleopatra)
I know 50% of the songs on this bad boy and was completely stoked to have a flashback to my youth. Fot those of y’all who like the Happy Day’s rock, get this before you go buy another new fangled rockabilly record. – Robin

MALEVOLENT CREATION – Manifestation (Pavement) Blast beats are the modern equivalent of the masturbatory guitar solos of the ’80s. Thankfully, this one has very few. Killer vocals too. – Jobes

THE SPOOKS – Things I’ve Scene (Antra)
The music sounds like “Egyptian Lover” meets Depeche Mode and the singer has a little Lauren and a bit of Mary. The rapping has smarts and not one European car is mentioned. Can this really be rap? – Robin

THE DEADLINES – The Death and Life Of… (Tooth and Nail) All you could want from a garage rock record. Creepy organs, a jet propelled rhythm section, and vocals that you want to hear. It’s a record where it all fits. Make it fit your budget and don’t be scared of their zombie appearance. – Robin

DEFLESHED – fast forward (Pavement)
Full on speed metal (remember that?) without those kicked-in-the-nads vocals that only King Diamond could pull off. I like my vocals like these, scoured with a heavy abrasive cleanser and sung by a guy named Gustaf. – Jobes

THE VANDALS – Fear Of A Punk Planet (Kung Fu) With The Vandals running the planet have no fear! Another gem from So Cal’s punk pranksters. – Robin

MILK CULT – Project M-13 (0 to 1)
Ambient music and some thumping bass lines. Apparently it’s The Milk Cult and 30 other musicians’ collaboration. So, it’s no wonder it’s got texture, a zillion parts per song and aural chaos. These people are pretty good at sharing their toys, I bet. – Robin

BOY SETS FIRE – After The Eulogy (Victory) This is going to be THE hardcore cd for this summer. Tight, metal-tinged emo-ish tunes. These guys are a true package deal. – Jobes

OLD MANS CHILD – Revelation 666: The Curse of Damnation (Century Media) Black metal done up euro-technical style. Can you guess what the subject matter here is? Hmmmm. – Jobes

THE INCITERS – Doing Fine (Jump Up) Real good soul music. I can put them on a mix tape with any of my Motown staples and you’ll think it’s of the same generation. I’m planning my outfit for when they come to town, gotta look good for a band that sounds this good. – Robin

THE AUTO BODY EXPERIENCE – A Tribute To Carhenge (Auto Order) Smoking pot can be really fun, but it can also result in this record. – Robin

GRAVE DIGGER – Excalibar (Nuclear Blast) Medieval-concept metal from these ancient headbangers. I feel the urge to check out a castle. – Jobes

BERZERK – Theyraftame (Recess) It’s so good to hear a punk band who hates pop music. This is the real deal. You’ll love it and the band doesn’t even care, cus it’s that good. – Robin

DAYCARE SWINDLERS – Testerosa (Beatville) Pop punk with political songs and songs about porn stars, what’s that? So much for the struggle. – Robin

PAVERS – Local 1500 (Owned and Operated) Rock n rollers who probably grew up on punk. A good record, but the best part’s gotta be the photo of the crab sitting on a lit firecracker. Exploding shell fish, that’ll be the name of their next album, I hope. – Robin

OPTIGANALLY YOUR – Exclusively Talentmaker (Absolutely Kosher) Since kosher folks have their own aisle in the market, now they’ve goy their own label. – Robin

AQUALADS – Revenge (Indie)
They may have a long drive to the water, but I bet the ocean comes to them to say thank you. This is the best surf music I’ve gotten this year. – Robin

THE BLOODHOUNDGANG – Hooray for Boobies (Geffen) Record schmeckerd. Have you seen the video? They’re all dressed up as the brown Tele-yubbie, who I call poo poo. I love them. They’re obviously geniuses, no question about that. – Robin

DA BRAT – Unrestricted (So So Def)
Da Brat has hit us in the head with bangin radio cuts, ill club joints, and that old school west side of Chicago flow. She is back, looking bomb as ever with her big brother from another mother, Jermaine Dupri, on the production bringing the bouncy up beat tracks that will take us on a cool journey this summer. The album has some dope collaborations with artists such as Millie Jackson, Twista, Jd and Lil Jon, Tyrese, Ja Rule, Mystical, Kelly Price, and 22, LaTocha Scott, And Trey Lorenz. So all ya’ll So So Def fans go out n cop Da Brat. – EMC2

ELLIOT SMITH – Figure 8 (Dreamworks)
He’s so good that I’m surprised no one’s shot him yet. – Robin

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