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Space Heater (Interscope) Can I get an Amen, my brother? The Reverend is holding services again. Space Heater, the fifth release from everyone’s favorite Texans, hits you with a right, a left, and then below the belt, but you’ll enjoy every second of it. As usual, there are some screwy lyrics throughout the entire album, but when did you ever know the Reverend to be anything BUT screwy? – Ben Newman Rating: 7

The Elephant Riders (Columbia)
Just when I thought I had Clutch’s number, they went and impressed the hell out of me. The Elephant Riders is one of the most intense albums I’ve heard in a long time. It grooves like Sabbath and flows like jazz and sounds nothing like any of Clutch’s previous releases.The production is amazing, thanks to Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, Cheap Trick) and Jason Corsaro (Soundgarden, Mighty Mighty Bosstones) and the songs are utterly infectious. This one is a behemoth. – Jason Zampino
Rating: 10

Red Light (Hellcat Records)
Can Hellcat Records put out a bad album? The answer is NO. Red light is 45 minutes of amazing musicianship that’ll make you stop whatever you’re doing and start skanking. The album opens with a killer instrumental and their mambo, rocksteady ska sound just gets better from there. The only thing bad about this album is that it ends. The Slackers wrote plenty of love songs and other girl-inspired songs for this one, most notably “Married Girl” and “I Still Love You.” This release is definitely a must buy for that skanker in all of us.
– Ben Newman Rating: 9

(Theologian Records)
This album is a pleasant accompaniment to the surf flick “The Show.” With tracks from Pennywise, NOFX, H20, Law Wagon, Sack Lunch, Good Riddance, Unwritten Law, and others, this musical surf fiesta does not have a slow zone. Just do yourself a favor and get this. It’s the perfect primer to amp up anyone’s boarding session. – Eddie Starke Rating: 10

Elegant (Cross)
The guys in Yummy are vulgar, perverted, obnoxious and they rarely take themselves (or anyone else, for that matter) seriously. Elegant, Yummy’s full-length debut, doesn’t conform to any one musical genre, but instead swings between raw and smooth textures without ever missing a beat. Simply put, Yummy will grab you by the ass and will not let go. Contact the band at P.O. Box 506, Nyack, NY 10960 or visit their website at www.crossrecords.com. – Jason Zampino
Rating: 10

Downward Is Heavenward (RCA)
They’re back! Illinois-based Hum have delivered their second dream-pop masterpiece for RCA (and fourth full-length album overall). If you heard “Stars,” the big single from 1995’s You’d Prefer An Astronaut, you know what to expect: massive slabs of distortion and lush, chorused guitars weaving around one another and culminating in a thick wall of sound that is reminiscent of what the Smashing Pumpkins used to sound like, before they began drifting into mainstream mediocrity. – Jason Zampino Rating: 8

Rising (Century Media)
The hardest working band from the Southeast has finally captured their true sound with their third CD. Stuck Mojo combines brain-splitting guitar riffs, powerful grooves from hell, plenty of hooks and a dose of melody, with the trademark shotgun-rap attack of lyrical expressionist Bonz. Produced by guitarist Rich Ward, the disc kicks-off full throttle with “Crooked Figurehead,” then carries the listener through some of the most brutal songs the band has ever written. This CD should solidify Stuck Mojo as a major player in the world of heavy music. – Scott Dickson Rating: 8

s/t (Roadrunner Records)
The not-so-amicable divorce between Max Cavalera and Sepultura made many hearts sad in the universe of loud rock. But relax. Mad Max is back with his new band, Soulfly. Of course there is a resemblance to Sepultura, but Soulfly is a powerhouse with all its own merits. In between the grinding guitars, instances of primitive percussion and voices lend cultural tones to the album, whose visceral qualities can take you to other worlds. Keep your ears open for the many cameos that grace this record. – Amy Sciaretto Rating: 9

(Resurrection AD)
We know we’;re back in the day. We know we’re under the influence of old school hardcore when robust, exclusively male chants and middle-of-the-song bass solos predominate. The spirit and energy of the youth are the cornerstone of bands like OS101. On this offering, I hear old SOIA and H20 under the inviting dance grooves. This is your chance to flashback or learn about the older styles of hardcore. Good stuff. – Amy Sciaretto Rating: 7.5

The Oath That Keeps Me Free- Live (Victory Records)
The buzz is that this is the mighty EC’;s fifth and final Victory Record. The militant, in-your-face, straight-edge message and brutal metal riffage will transport you back to every EC show you have ever seen. The opening cover of “Sunshine Of Your Love” is brilliant and shows that EC have a sense of humor as well. The latter half of the album, with the medley of their most well known anthems, “All Out War, “Gomorrah’s Season Ends,” “Wrath Of Sanity,” and “Firestorm,” is enough to make you pop your gasket. It will make you feel the familial aspect of hardcore: kids sharing music and unitedunder a cause. – Amy Sciaretto Rating: 9

Got No Shadow (Work)
If I had to put this cd into a metaphor, the visual would be a long dusky drive home from a New England summer day at the beach. Got No Shadow is mellow, heady and wrought with imagination. Acoustically engineered between pop, folk, country and rock, Mary Lou captures the sentiment of the subway platform she’s renowned for drawing her inspiration from. No wonder Rolling Stone gave this CD four stars. “His Lamest Flame” is the illusory track everyone is raving about, but I personally found “Some Jingle Jangle Morning” quite fetching in a Primitives kind of way.- Tonya Knudsen Rating: 7

Do or Die (Hellcat)
As someone who secretly loves punk more that any other genre of music, I found the Dropkick Murphys debut invigorating to the point that I actually had to get up and bounce around for thirty minutes or so before I could finish writing this review. There’;s something so compelling about this blue collar act. I am reminded of the Pistols, the Pogues and the Ramones simultaneously, but there is definitely an Irish edge to the madness of the Dropkick Murphy’s that separates them from their contemporaries. – Tonya Knudsen Rating: 10

The Odds are Far from Even (Roll 1 Records)
Hard rock, bordering on metal, Dead Susan definitely take their ambitious guitar solos to the dark side. With ponderous, almost ceremonial tracks like “Transvestite Ritual” and “Get to the Light,” Dead Susan represent a genre of rock music that has seen fewer and fewer new artists in recent years. If you actually go to see Gwar for the music and not the pummeling or gore of the show, Dead Susan is right up your alley. —Tonya Knudsen Rating: 7

The Keep Tryst E.P. (Delmar Records)
These boys from Blacksburg, VA are damn hyper and their vibe is a refreshing blast of modern rock. Recorded and mastered in Chapel Hill, NC this cd will no doubt find airplay and critical acclaim on the underground college circuit. I look forward to catching this band live for no other reason than the sheer intensity of each and every song on the E.P. Faves: “Crimewave to Your Heart,” “Burn Your Way Home” and “Fireball.” – Tonya Knudsen Rating: 8

Battle Hymns (Hollywood)
Detroit ska-punkers the Suicide Machines have returned with their second major label album, Battle Hymns. Although slightly poppier than their previous efforts, Battle Hymns is a lyrically sharp and mature album. The tempo changes are swift and the delivery is as ferocious as ever. – Jason Zampino Rating: 8

Progress (Last Beat)
This band is one of NY’s best kept secrets. (Oops, I think I just let the cat out of the bag.) Melodic and poppy, this one gets my vote for album of the year. One of the highlights on this disc is a great cover of “Cherry Cherry,” which features a guest vocal appearance by the Bosstones and Dicky Barrett. – Ben Newman Rating: 9

Over the James (Lookout)
Over the James, Avail’s fourth release (third on Lookout) has just re-defined the word “punk” and completely throws out all the rules that go into making a great album. Just when you thought that Avail couldn’t get any better… they did. Buy this one or die.- Ben Newman Rating: 9

The Music of Miles Davis ’69-’74
At the time of its original release, much of this material was disdained by the jazz community because of its experimental nature. Resembling more of a 1990s DJ sonic pastiche than a 1960s traditional jazz exercise, Panthalassa views Davis as a conductor over an orchestra of session musicians. With ambient, dub and experimental music on the rise and collections from lost legends selling at an all-time high, Producer Bill Laswell couldn’t have picked a better time to release this project. – Chris Tarantino Rating: 7

KING DOUGLAS AND HIS BOURBON STREET DIXIELAND BAND (DBK Jazz) If you’ve ever experienced the spirit of Mardis Gras or New Orleans in general, then you’re familiar with the traditional sounds of dixieland. The latest release from DBK Jazz, King Douglas and his Bourbon Street Dixieland Band, is a prime example of this classic form of American music. The tempos are quick and this particular session called for all of the musicians to improvise throughout the entire recording, which lasted for all of one day. And you thought dixieland was boring…
– Jason Zampino Rating: 8

Divided We Stand (Fearless)
Houston’s 30 Foot Fall play good old-fashioned punk rock. The music is fast and the vocal delivery is faster. Lyrically, these guys are predictably bratty, especially on songs like “Boogers for Brains” and “I Hate Punk Rock.” Definitely check out their cover of the Billy Idol classic, “Dancin’ With Myself.” For more info, check out Fearless Records’website@ www.fearlessrecords.com – Jason Zampino Rating: 9

So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes (Epitaph
They don’t do interviews and they don’t care about airplay. NOFX are in this for themselves and they make no bones about it. So Long…, their latest release, is a collection of 16 brand new songs in that classic NOFX style that punkers everywhere have come to know and love. They’ve even thrown in a few ska songs, just because they can. Hasta luego, y muchas gracias por todos los zapatos! – ;Jason Zampino Rating: 9

Money Talks… and Sex Sells (Kathode Ray)
This twenty track compilation from Kathode Ray features something for everyone, but more importantly, it is a marketing tool for the bands involved. Kathode Ray is a non-profit radio promotion and marketing organization dedicated to spreading the music
of independent bands. For more info, check out the Kathode Ray website: http://kathoderay.org email: info@kathoderay.org snailmail: Kathode Ray Music, 1460A Michigan Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212 – Jason Zampino Rating: 7

THE SHINING PATH- s/t (Which) Hot off the presses, The Shining Path is the latest side project from former Bad Brains bassist Darryl Jenifer and former Dog Eat Dog drummer, Dave Maltby. If you’re expecting this to sound anything like Stealth, you’re way off base. The Shining Path is much more laid back and hip-hop-oriented than their hardcore alter-egos and most of the beats are programmed, along with a few samples added here and there for flavor. Check out
their website @ www.whichsight.com
– Jason Zampino Rating: 7

Supernatural (Blackbird)
After getting their start playing together as “a college band,” the members of Everything knew they had something special… and they were right. These guys have “airplay” written all over them. You can’t quite put your finger on what it is about this band that makes them so great. They just have that perfect blend of what everyone in the land of pop is looking for: great songs, huge hooks and a timeless sound. —Jason Zampino Rating: 9

Perverts On Parade (Off The Records)
Does anyone else seem to remember spending their high school study hall periods snickering to the lyrics of MOD’s USA for MOD? That’s the very first thing that came to mind when I heard Gardy Loo… They sound like Billy Milano’s brattier younger brothers. In case you still don’t get the picture, try these song titles on for size: “Squeal Like a Pig,” “Senior Citizen Sodomizer” and “First Shit of the Morning.” Are we clear yet? – Jason Zampino Rating: PG-13

Pomona Lisa (Skunk Records)
The Ziggens are back with nineteen brand new, side-splitting, surfabilly tunes. They rip off more bands on one album than most promoters do in a lifetime, and there’s no sign of a lawsuit in sight. The Ziggens will amaze you with their musical prowess and they’ll take you away to that special place where you can almost smell the rotting jellyfish. Check out their website @ www.skunk.com – Jason Zampino Rating: 9

It’s not just because it’s Madonna’s favorite CD at the moment, but French outfit Air has succeeded in creating an enormously diverse, textural sound that cannot in the least be described as electronic. It’s the type of music the future, in the space-age sense of the word, is looking to embrace: a completely multi-sonic, multi-layered work that combines elements of 70s fuzzily simple Fender Rhodes with the sharp, slicing sounds of modern-day synth; robot voice overs over acoustic guitar notes that take you under a tree in Woodstock. It’s one of those trips you take far away without moving a muscle. – Mazi Gaillard Rating: 8

Saturnzreturn (FFRR)
Goldikus has returned, and perhaps the most well-known drum and basser has another project that attempts to bring him out of the electronic typecast. Split into two discs, the first, Mother, has Goldie leading us by candlelight down the deep, cold, whispering tunnels of his sonic landscape. He whispers and he sings, sounding as though he’s lullabying to himself in a secluded church tower, while surrounded by tiny pianos and mysterious breaths. Goldie doesn’t take many experimental leaps here, but it perhaps humanizes him. The second disc, Saturn, is where Goldie goes off on his usual mind numbing beat psychosis taking turns between himself and guests like KRS-1 on “Digital” then taking an almost R and B vibe on “Believe”. Goldie always brings his madness to the mix and on this release while his madness may have floated to the top, it most certainly does what it’s intended: take you out to the shooting star/black abyss and back. Take a deep breath. – Mazi Gaillard Rating: 8.5

The Pillage (Sony/Razor Sharp)
It doesn’t matter what number of the Wu he is, some less educated may never have even known he was part of the Shaolin Killer Bees. But Cappadonna weaves his lyrical tales of mayhem with the assistance of the ever paternal RZA behind the boards. The style is all so undeniably Wu with the warped strings and the long bass beats with his boyz Method Man and U-God appearing on “Supa Ninjaz” and Raekwon on “Dart Throwing.” And while the Wu-style is in itself impressive because it’s always unique, there’ little adrenaline pumping its fists in this release. Yet with the Razor behind you, it’s quite a mystery why it doesn’t quite work. But after a few listens, you might slide into it. – Mazi Gaillard Rating: 6

Balls Deep (Wonderdrug)
The latest from New England’s heaviest creatures promises to destroy all in its path. Following the success of their Guaranteed Kill CD, Scissorfight returns with tongue-in-cheek savagery. Carnivorous and unrelenting are the two best adjectives to describe bearded frontman Ironlung. His vicious growl lends itself to the band’s hefty style which for the most part is firmly planted in the tradition of early Tad, Fudge Tunnel. The standout tune from the initial listen was “Drunken Hangman” which builds upon the intense foundation that the band has developed. Fast, fun and brutally heavy. – Jeff Jobes Rating: 10


CHROME CRANKS – Live In Exile (A U Gogo) Cramps, Sex Pistols and a little Frampton guitar mix. An Australian version of a really drunk Marky Ramone. – Drink: Flaming Depth Charge

WHO CARES – Radiator People Frontside, backside, ollie, GRIND!!! Track to track. Nothing brings you down or slows your blaze. Smoke em if ya got em and hit the vert. – Drink: Gatorade

TOWA TEI- Sound Museum (Elektra) Techno, cool jazz and hip hop w/cameos by Biz Markie, Kylie Minogue, Rapper Boogie Brown and Keith Sweat to create the ultimate lounge blend. Drink: Lemon Drop

THE GYPSI FARI BAND- From the Mountain Top (World Beat) Reggae from Chicago? Yeah, and it’ll warm ya up and make you dream of palm trees. The rasta version of Stairway to Heaven is golden! – Drink: Red Stripe

UNSANE – Occupational Hazzard (Relapse) Insanely delicious. hostility. Crunchy noise-rock that’ll make ya want to go down to the corner and kick someone’s ass. – Drink: Everclear

JUGHEAD’S REVENGE – Joined (Nitro) Fast and furious southern California punk rock. Fourteen tracks in 30 minutes. Fresh and tasty. – Drink: milwaukees best.

THE OSTRICKS FARM – It’s the Other Red Meat Heavy-duty urban rhythms. “Half-machine mutant tribal disco metallic spacedub meltdown” direct from their ostrich farm in Ashfield, Mass. – Drink: Rum and Coke

MILITIA (Red Ant) Smooth-ass west coast hip-hop team with loads of technique. Dopedefphresh. Guaranteed to put the bump in your trunk for late night cruisin’. – Drink: Tanqueray

THE STEP KINGS Seven Easy Steps Fantastic Plastic. Fiery hardcore influenced by thrash, ska, rock and even jazz. The perfect mix of energy and noise. – Drink: Southern Comfort and Mountain Dew

THE HONEYRODS (Capricorn) Vintage synth and edgy hooks. Think Smashing Pumpkins “Siamese Dream”. Distort o funk with flava. – Drink: Pina Colada

PERFUME TREE- Feeler (World Domination) Technology made beautiful. Haunting and surreal. Vocalist Jane Tilley steers you slowly through a stunning realm of ambiance and trance. Truly captivating. – Drink: Sloe Gin Fizz

2 SKINNEE J’s (Capricorn) Two skinny rappers backed by one phat band. Wicked hip-hop. Beastie Boys, Jr. High. The live show will light you up. – Drink: 40 oz. of malt liquor

TUBE – Alive (Liquid Sk y) An excellent mix of German techno influenced by the break beats of American drum’n’bass. Perfect for any ultra-modern, alien-loving lounge lizard. – Drink: Martini, dry with extra olives.

SOUTHERN SLAM – (Deep South Records) Some of the best heavy hitters from NC, SC, GA, FLA. A phenomenally heavy superthick sonic pummeling. See how it’s done in the sun. – Drink: Southern Comfort

JOY ELECTRIC – Robot Rock (BEC) Go buy this disc. It’ll give you an electro pop, sugar rush that’ll keep you peaking all night long. These cats have style. – Drink: Orange Juice

SOILENT GREEN – A String of Lies (Relapse)
Death metal with dueling vocal styles and songs that change tempo countless times, A chaotic symphony with a macabre orchestra and a strangled feline sound. – Drink: Chlorox and gin.

FEEDER – Polythene (Elektra) Primal thrash happy multi-layered noise. Korn digs em and so should you.
Drink: Harvey Wallbanger

PERVERTED DIALECT – (Demo) Fresh new hip-hop talent out to put New Jersey on the map. If ya like the reggae flava beats smoke up with this disc. – Drink: Budweiser

C-TEC – Darker (Wax Trax) Intense, Industrial and Insane! Machine-made madness from Jean-Luc (Front 242) and Marc Heal (Cybante). A must for 242 fans – feel the torture now. – Drink: Jagermeister.

V/A – DANCIN’ MOOD (Triple Crown) Horny polka ska with The Insteps, Slackers, Inspecter 7, Stubborn All Stars and more. Guaranteed to get you in the mood right. – Drink: Wide mouth Mickey

GHOTI HOOK- Banana Man (Tooth and Nail) Hooky upbeat tunes with Pee Wee Herman samples. Punky stylings that will have you dancing naked alone or with a friend. – Drink: Tequila with the worm.

HEADCLEANER – Pigment of Imagination (Big Deal) Crunchy, plucky race car metal. Sassy and prickly like Fu Manchu. – Drink: Jack Daniels straight up.

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