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CD REVIEWS 52 CD REVIEWS 52 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE 52 APE SOUNDS, Ape Sounds (Mo Wax) Legendary graff artist Futura 2000 did the cover for this CD, whose music feels as random as spontaneously tagging a building. Ape Sounds seems to be a recording studio whose work attracts Read More
CD REVIEWS 51 CD REVIEWS 51 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE #51 MUSHMOUTH - Lift the Curse (Triple Crown) Not to be confused with Smashmouth. Yuppie ass denim wearing, sweater sporting, penny loafer with no socks and tucked in shirt idiots would be in for a surprise if they showed Read More
CD REVIEWS 50 CD REVIEWS 50 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE #50 AVAIL - One Wrench (Fat Wreck Chords) Avail rock out so good I can't help but love their music. If I was told 10 years ago that one of my favorite H.C. bands would be outta Richmond and on a West coast label (Lookout! Read More
CD REVIEWS 49 CD REVIEWS 49 JUICE MAGAZINE ISSUE #49 CD REVIEWS TOMMY GUERRERO - A Little Bit Of Something (Mo Wax) I suppose being a legendary skater just wasn't good enough?! This record is a blend of slow roasted beats, bass playing as good as Marcus Miller and guitar chords Read More
CD REVIEWS CD REVIEWS 48 CD REVIEWS The Dwarves, Come Clean (Epitaph) Finally! They’re still young n’ good lookin’, actually they’re down right gorgeous. A great big, chaotic, sassy ass mess. Still spreading the fuck off & fuck up values, their trademark sound Read More
CD REVIEWS 47 CD REVIEWS 47 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE #47 THE CAUSEY WAY - With Open and Loving Arms (Alternative Tentacles) Maybe if David Koresh played aggro surf music, ATF might not have burned his ass to the ground. If and when Causey has to defend his tax exempt Read More
CD REVIEWS 46 CD REVIEWS 46 CD REVIEWS The Sheila Divine  New Parade   (Roadrunner) No. It’s not a woman named Sheila, but probably some Yankee’s version of “attractive girl.” The three Bostonians that make up the band are dark, heavy… pop. Okay, with sometimes Read More
CD REVIEWS CD REVIEWS 45 12 CENTS A SHOT  Sick Situation We got turned on to these Sarasota yoyos a few weeks ago and Sick Situation has gotten  a lot of play up here ever since. Blasting hardcore that will peel paint. Can’t wait to see these guys live and they better Read More
JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS 44 CD REVIEWS 44 CD REVIEWS APPLES IN STEREO, The Wallpaper Reverie (Spinart) Urban psychedelia for the post-Afterschool Special age, the Apples in Stereo’s latest is their usual cross of the “Strawberry Fields”- era Beatles (“Strawberryfire” - but then, Read More
Juice CD Reviews CD REVIEWS 43 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE 43 BLONDIE No Exit (Beyond) You gotta hand it to Deborah Harry. She hasn't lost a thing with age. She's still kind of foxy, still has a sense of music and even had the sense to get back with the loser musicians from the Read More
Juice CD Reviews CD REVIEWS 40 JUICE MAGAZINE ISSUE #40 CD REVIEWS MADBALL - Look My Way (Roadrunner) Freddie and his hombres reclaim the throne as kings of NYHC moshpits. With each record, they keep getting better and tighter. This time around, the vocals are cut cleaner, set Read More
Juice CD Reviews CD REVIEWS 38 JUICE MAGAZINE CD REVIEWS ISSUE #38 REVEREND HORTON HEAT Space Heater (Interscope) Can I get an Amen, my brother? The Reverend is holding services again. Space Heater, the fifth release from everyone's favorite Texans, hits you with a right, a left, Read More
Juice CD Reviews CD REVIEWS 37 JUICE MAGAZINE 37 CD REVIEWS QUEEN ROCKS (Hollywood Records) Remember back in the 80's, when MTV had that Freddie Mercury benefit concert? Wasn't that great? I loved that shit. Everybody who was anybody played that show. Metallica was there, and Sting Read More
Juice CD Reviews CD REVIEWS 36 JUICE MAGAZINE 36 CD REVIEWS EVERCLEAR So Much For The Afterglow (Capitol) Can this band top the platinum-plus success of 1995's Sparkle and Fade ? That disc spawned the hit single “Santa Monica” and put Everclear in the mainstream. A punk band at Read More
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