BOOM Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

BOOM Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

BOOM’s Swimmer is sick! The sound is really good and it’s fully waterproof, which is exactly what they were going for. The wrap-around adjustable hook fits onto just about any towel rack or shower surface or wherever you want to hook it for the optimal audio experience. The Swimmer has changed the game of showers. I look forward to every shower I take now. Super sick. Did I mention it’s the perfect gadget for skateboarders and surfers to bring your favorite tunes with you anywhere you go? It is.  – Review by Seven Adams


Product Features:

Featuring a unique, flexible tail design, the SWIMMER enables users to attach it to a variety of objects like backpacks or pant belt loops.

·         Waterproof /dust-and-shock resistant

·         Bluetooth connectivity allowing skaters to wirelessly pair a number of mobile devices

·         SWIMMER is ultra-lightweight and compact, making it perfect for travel, and boasts surprisingly loud sound for its size

·         The detachable tail can be swapped out for a suction cup mount, allowing it to be stuck to windows, shower walls and other flat surfaces; SWIMMER uses the flat surface as a bass receptor, further increasing its sound output

·         Two-hour charge-time gives up to 8 hours of play time

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