Nov 5 – Skatelab    Simi Valley, CA    7:00pm
Nov 5 –  BLVD Theatres Downtown    Lancaster, CA    5:00pm
Nov 5 – BLVD Theatres Downtown    Lancaster, CA    7:30pm
Nov 5  – The Strand Theatre    Clinton, MA    8:00pm
Nov 5 – Palm Cinemas    San Luis Obispo, CA    7:30pm
Nov 7 – The Lyric Theatre    Fort Collins, CO    7:00pm
Nov 8 – City Auditorium / Lon Chaney Theater    Colorado Springs, CO   6:30pm
Nov 11 – University of New Mexico Theatre    Albuquerque, NM    7:00pm
Nov 20 – Canyon Meadows Cinema    Calgary, AB    6:00pm
Nov 24  – Pathe Buitenhof in Den Haag    The Hague, Netherlands     8:30pm
Nov 25 – Mayfair Theatre    Ottawa, ON    8:30pm



“We’re one day away from the release of Bones Brigade: An Autobiography and we’ve got another vault with very rare collectors items from all of us, including: Quicksilver decks from George, a bunch of shirts from me and some more trophies and magazines from Cab and Tony. This week we’ll have even more stuff from Cab, and some stuff from Rodney.

 Check out what we’re putting up and shoot us your feedback on Twitter or Instagram, we’re still digging into our vaults and will be releasing more stuff over the next several weeks.

We release “Bones Brigade, An Autobiography” within days on November 6. Over the next several weeks, we plan to continue offering collector’s items from the vault as we have many new items that have just arrived from some of the guys, including myself. It has been a blast going through our respective collections to find old boards, posters, t-shirts, jackets, trophies and other memorabilia to offer to skateboarding fans and we have been so stoked by the enthusiastic response from all of you.

In addition to these special items, we are also planning to offer up to 10,000 of each of these six skater’s re-issued boards into color runs of twenty-five hundred. We are riding a fine line here, we are very excited that BONES BRIGADE the film is connecting with so many fans that we are trying to make this opportunity, like the film itself, inclusive rather than exclusive.

We know based on feedback we’ve received from the film so far that many people want these re-issues and we want to make it possible for that to happen. These six re-issued boards are a physical manifestation of the power of six of the greatest skateboarders ever assembled on a skateboard team; Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain and Tommy Guerrero. All six of them changed skateboarding forever. They are responsible for the invention of the flatland Ollie, the Caballerial, the McTwist, the 720, the 900 and many of today’s street moves, not to mention a contest record that is simply unmatched by any generation and skate careers that have outlasted every generation. Based on my history with them and what I saw them accomplish first hand as young skaters, I wanted to make their collection available to those who have been influenced, inspired and genuinely affected by them. We may or may not ever see a skateboard team of this magnitude and significance again. I feel this collection of six boards is a way to make their memory visible, tangible and everlasting.

Again, thanks for being a part of this.
Best, Stacy

Hope you’re enjoying this.




ps — Tickets for screenings around the world are up at, and we’re adding more soon.

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