Beyond The Streets Print Bazaar

You are invited to the Beyond The Streets Print Bazaar, a one day event on Oct 15, 2022 at 434 N. La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, California from 11am to 6pm+ curated by Ozzie Juarez with special guests TBA…

This special celebration will bring together artists, writers & publishers featuring exclusive zines, prints, apparel and art. It’s free to attend and there will be live music from Trust Records featuring the Chulita Vinyl Club, Sage Caswell and Bennett Kogon with special guests Harley Flanagan and Keith Morris.

The event will also feature a limited edition Juice Art Zine featuring 12 artists in one collectible zine including: Vernon Courtlandt Johnson, Peggy Oki, Herbie Fletcher, Dibi Fletcher, Steve Olson, Chloe Trujillo, Axis, Beatrice Domond, Greyson Fletcher, Indigo Smith, Andy Anderson, and Lullah Trujillo.

Order your copy of the JUICE zine HERE.

Independent artists featured include: Advanced Perspective, Paisaboys, Alejandro’s Market, Amor Prohibit, Blue Hill Studios, Chulita Vinyl Club, Dog House Fotos, Estevan Oriol, Market, Generous Neutral, Gross Magazine, Golden Spike Press, Greg Bojorquez, Gypsy Sport, Hamburger Eyes, The OG, Jimmy Bonks, LA Unplgd, Abe Garcia, Eduardo Urbina, Jorge M. Cortez, Laguna Collective, Tiny Splendor, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, Los Sumergidos, Massturd, Merch OTR, Revelation Records, Torque Zine, Julissa Aaron, Mike Meds, Liter, DesControl, Tochtli Signs, Franchise, Vacancy Projects, SOB Story, Rag Digs, Trust Records and Juice Magazine.

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