Arbor Welcomes Ace Pelka

Just sharing the news… the incredible radical Ace Pelka has joined up with Arbor Skateboards.

“Arbor is like one big family who was founded to focus on sustainability, while crafting high quality products. I’m honored to have joined alliances with them.” said Ace.

Arbor is looking forward to collaborating with Ace on multiple skateboard models, and building content that features his skateboarding, while highlighting his van life exploits and the music he creates.  

Ace Pelka’s “Welcome to Arbor” video showcases his favorite Southern California spots, filmed by friend Brent Hyden, and cut to an original instrumental jam by Ace and his friend Vance! 

Arbor is honored to have Ace join its family, and add his vision to Arbor’s collective efforts. We hope you’ll enjoy this taste of what Ace is all about, and hint at what’s to come for this natural collaboration. 

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