APRIL 2000 – 2003 NEWS

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Burning Tree Records and Punk for Life Promotions presented the No School Skatejam on March 22 featuring Fist of Fury, The Dimwits, Blue Collar Special, Chix Pack and R.K.L. at the Pink Motel sponsored by Koping Killer Skateboards, Juice Magazine, Destroy All Monthly, Lost Enterprises, Afroman Productions, Thrasher, Pep, Grind King, DC Shoes, Big Brother, No School Designs, Concrete Disciples, Kreper, Powell, Varla, and Angry Girl – This was the best party of the year so far… North, south, east, west, Daggers, Scum, Koping Killers, Z-Cult, Bulldog, the Hesh crew from SD, the Sacrifice team, Concrete Disciples and many others from all over the country met in the pink for punk rock, pool skating, beer, and bbq. Congratulations to Aaron Murray and the boyz.

On March 22, the Grand Masters bowl Bash in West Palm Beach was sponsored by YMCA Oelsner Skatepark, MR’s Skate Shop, CIA, Black Label, Red Kross, Juice Magazine, Z-Flex, Independent, Dregs, Madrid, Factory 13, Scum Skates, Bulldog Skates, Bahne, Deathbox, GandS, Osiris, Tracker, Emerica, Etnies, Kryptonics, Vans, Dogtown and Powell. The event featured a masters division 30-37 and grand masters 38 and over. Todd Johnson took 1st in grand masters and Kurt Bodenshatz took 1st in the masters division. See for photos and results.

Juice Magazine was proud to be one of the sponsors of the first Westminster Van’s Bowl Jam
in Superior, CO. Mark Chandler, event organizer wrote ‘We ran the event ‘jam-style,’ so everyone got to drop in and warm up at their own pace. People were going off! In addition to blistering grinds and warp-speed carves, the guys were throwing down rock-n-roll boardslides, frontside smiths w/reverts out, madonnas, fastplants, two-handed frontside airs, front/backside ollies off vert, frontside rock-n-rolls, crails, and tons of other sick moves. The top ten skaters won prize packages. The event ran every weekend through March and plans are in action for next year’s series. E-mail for details.

This year’s Tampa Pro contest was annihilated by none other than Tony Trujillo. Omar Hassan, won best trick with a heelflip indy footplant.

Jason ‘the kid’ Adams is pulling together quite an impressive Six Gun posse. It includes Chet ‘chalba’ Childress, Jackson Taylor, and Riky ‘the Mexican’ Espinoza. These dudes, along with a couple Black Label guys will be hitting the road this summer. Bang,’re dead!

Back from the dead. Again. Jeff Grosso has been seen at long time ripper Mike Lohrman’s ramp stretching inverts, and smashing lein to tails. In fact the sessions at Lohrmans have been off the hook! Jeff and the boys got everyone together and ‘re-did’ the whole ramp.

The Sacrifice Tour rocked Las Vegas this past weekend. The team skated pools and a couple parks and raged hard! Mark Partain ripped at the demo so Rene put him on the team.

Greed Skate – announces team riders: Jesse Martinez, Chad Fernandez, Eric Dressen, Kurtis Colamonico, Bobby Rodriguez with Eric Dressen as team manager.

Rise and Fall of Dave Faherty. We are going to pass the hat for Dave’s surgery bills. He has no insurance and is between jobs. I am calling on at least 25 people to send $20 each. We are starting the new VBPS/PPS group insurance. Taking care of our own, we all should do it for each other. Make Checks payable to Dave Faherty c/o Scott Perryman 3703 Claremont Street Baltimore Md. 21224 or email

You can become a member of the Surfrider Foundation at

What’s up? I’m writing from Louisville, KY, home of the dopest skate park in the country and 25 foot full pipe. I just moved here from Santa Monica, CA to manage the very first skate hostel for all you out of towners . So check it. We’ve got a pool table, jukebox, some arcade games and all that stays open 24 hours a day and then for 17 bucks a night we’ll put you up in a bunk. We’re located directly across the street from skate park. The park is open 24 hours a day and requires no pads. If you think you got balls enough to come out here and check the park and show what you got and need a cheap place to stay, you can contact us toll free at 1-877-568-bunk or on the Internet at or check out the place at

For the first time in history, a free skatepark with free to use boards exists in Grass Valley, California. On March 13, 2003 the city of Grass Valley became the first city to offer this benevolent service to its citizens. The skateboards are being provided through The Doogood Conservatory, a non-profit set up to provide under-privileged families with free skateboards and helmets during the holiday season and to provide free to use skateboards and helmets at participating skateparks all year round. The Skatepark of Tampa became the first private skatepark to offer these services almost a year ago, then last month The Skatelab in Simi Valley became the second and now, glorious Grass Valley becomes the first free public skatepark to offer free-to-use brand new completes with Indy Trucks, Bullet Wheels and Blitz Decks, not to mention the brand spankin’ new helmets provided by the fine folks at TSG. So far only Blitz and Nhs have stepped up to the proverbial plate and contributed. Do not sit idly by on the sidelines as others help, now is the time. If not now, when?—The goal is a hundred skateparks, each consuming 12 completes and pad sets a year. As well as 20 completes to 100 cities during the holiday season for distribution to the needy. An umbrella tax-exempt sponsor is in the works and then all contributions WILL BE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. But, right now it is just for the kids…the ones with the Wal-Mart special who think that skateboarding sucks, because their equipment does…the ones who hang out at the parks and always ask to borrow your board… the one we all use to be– So, as the coveted 501c3 looms in the distance, The Doogood Conservatory continues to march on like a modern day Johnny ‘Skateboard’ Seed. Thank you for your time, an invaluable commodity we can never get back, Ari Evan Gold–founder – or 530-386-2160

Although it was considered to let ‘DOGTOWN – The Legend Of The Z-BOYS’ go out of print indefinitely, (it’s been out of stock since X-mas) Consafos / Burning Flags press distribution tells us that books will be back in stock by the end of April (order direct 800.655.4897)

Here’s the latest update for the Tim Brauch Bricks… I want to thank everyone who’s already committed to buying bricks… Hopefully this won’t hinder anyone but the city decided they didn’t like the idea of companies buying up a ton-o-bricks to make huge logo’s. So we are now offering an 8’x8′ brick for $500 that can have a company logo or any other art work. There are no limits on the amount you buy and they will be spread though out the park. You can still buy the regular bricks but they will not be able to put art work on them so you will be limited to your company name and/or message. Thanks again for all the support. Please email me with any questions and I’ll try to follow up with everyone on Monday. So please fax your order form back to me at: Sessions Attn: Gold fax# 831-461-4680 or mail to Sessions Attn: Justin Gold – 60 Old El Pueblo Road Scotts Valley, Ca. 95066 Tim Brauch Memorial Fund

Sessions Records is excited to announce the upcoming sNOISsES: ‘The Skateboarder Sessions’ CD. This compilation is the first of its kind,with each band featuring a member that is either a professional, amateur, or legendaryskateboarder. Check out the current line-up so far: Mike V. and the Rats – Mike Vallely, The Faction – Steve Caballero, Sten Guns – Lance Mountain and Lance Jr., Heartaches – Kristian Svitak, Operetic – Jesse Fritsch, Powerflex 5 – Salba, US Bombs – Duane Peters, Ray Barbee – Ray Barbee, Shed – Darren Navarrette and Sam Hitz, Johnny and the Dudes – Pete the Ox, Sugar Shack – John Gibson, Cacti Widders – Tom Knox, Smut Peddlers – Gish and crew, The Huns – Duane Peters, Bark Hard – John Gibson, Clay Wheels – Johnny Manak, Westbound Stagecoach – Tanner Zelinsky. The compilation is scheduled for a JUNE 3rd 2003 street date.

Venice Skateboard Association will be assisting the city of L.A with their contest at Pedlow Sk8park 4-12. They also have the new VSA T-shirt design available. Email

The 25th Anniversary Independent Truck Co. book project titled ‘Built to Grind’. representing 25 years of Independent Trucks! This project is being funded by NHS, Inc. and Bryce Kanights is gathering and editing photographic content for its collective pages. The commemorative book will be sized at approximately 9.5′ X 11′ and is to include up to 250 pages. The cover will be printed on high-gloss, heavy stock paperback with a limited number of hard covers with sleeves for VIPs. The scheduled ‘On sale’ release date is Sept. 15th. The contents with be packed with action stills, sequences and lifestyle imagery of the riders who previously or presently grinded away their days on Independents. Additional photographs will reveal Indy tattoos, bloody elbows and images that represent Independent’s core influence in skateboarding. Text will be contributed by Steve Alba, Dune Peters, Brian Brannon, Bob Denike and others who have been riding the trucks since day one or have had a large importance on the brand. Classic, and rare unpublished images will be provided from Ted Terrebone, Jim Cassimus, Craig Fineman, Grant Brittain, Bryce Kanights, Lance Dawes, Joe Brook, Tobin Yelland, Jai Tanju, Mike Blabac, Luke Ogden, Gabe Morford and Andrew Mapstone among others.


In BullDog Skate news, the Wicked Skill’s Board is out now with Die Cut BDS tape. It’s 31′ X 7.5′ inspired by an old 60’s Rick Griffin poster that he did for the Who. Jereme ‘Stoney’ Schadler’s new model is now available for the all terrain skateboarder with an appreciation for the finer things in life.

On the East Coast, Terri and Chris Nostrand along with ECRW are starting a recycling skatepark project in Washington DC called the Green Skate Laboratory. It could possibly be the first legitimate skatepark in our nation’s capital. We are recycling tires using rammed earth construction. We are taking donations of rebar, and selling t-shirts to raise additional funds. Contact for t-shirts.

New concrete to open up in Southern Maryland by American Skateparks via Omer Windham and crew. It will have a clover bowl with diamond back pool block and the rest of the park will be sick. This along with the Wally Hollyday built park in St. Charles is blowing the scene up. Locals are stoked.

Ramp Armor is the proud provider in helping partially resurface the ECRW Bowl at Brookes Park in Fredericksburg, VA. Also, check out Ramp Armor on MONSTER GARAGE April 14 on the Discovery Channel.

Down 2 Destroy says Lonnie Hiramoto has a new pro model getting repopped out of a skateshop in Lawndale called Point of Impact. Check

Art show opening – – group show april 12th, ‘mean streets’. also see for more listings

Check out and go to the Nordica site. Merk’s girlfriend Julie Kloterman is competing for a next years poster girl. Get on over and vote for her.

Todd Johnson has a new issue of Rawhyde zine due out soon.

Check out: – The new Faction decks and Steve Olson decks are now available along with the new OutLook Fang Skull Decks, OutLook Skateboard hooded jacket, Burley Skull t-shirts, new pictures of the team.

Helen Stickler’s 80s-skating documentary ‘STOKED: The Rise and Fall of Gator’
will be released in limited arthouse theaters in late summer/early fall through Palm Pictures. The movie about Mark Rogowski was described by Variety as ‘the story of a loss of innocence, not just for one teenage boy, but for an entire sport and, in some way, an entire generation. Stickler has done a superb job of capturing a bygone time and place.’

Conspiracy Skateboards introduces a brand new Bryan Pennington model, a super pool deck that has a 16 1/4 inch wheel base. There is also a new Pushead graphic on the ‘Wrex Cook Pro Model’, a good vert deck with a new graphic. The Conspiracy Team just returned from tour in Oklahoma and Texas. We have a limited edition Poster/Skateboard from the tour featuring the Bulemics. Conspiracy also welcomes our newest team member from Southern California – Brian Fick. The guy fuckin rips! Another of our team members – Brian Saremaslani – is teaching at Woodward this summer.

Contest Info – Bahne-Cadillac SlalomCross – In 1975 the Bahne-Cadillac Del Mar Nationals changed skateboarding forever… and now almost thirty years later they’re doing it again. This is the first race of it’s kind – a combination of dual slalom, dual giant slalom and two-man downhill. We’re calling it SLALOMCROSS. No entries will be accepted the day of the race. For more information and to register go to:

Scott Johnston is the newest member of the Bahne Slalom team. He just took a first in the Open Division of the Elsinore FCR Sanctioned Event. Congatulations Scott!

Pineapple celebrated his 40th birthday on March 30th by sessioning hard at the Clairemont YMCA with the likes of Adrian Demain, Daryl Delgado, Tumyeto/Deathbox Posse, John Tuisl, PA Tesnar and Peter Hewitt’s all-girl Oregon Posse.

The new website for Independent Trucks… You’ll be enlightened by the presence of countless legends and pieces of skateboarding history from the last 25 years.

Donny Barley found a home on Birdhouse, Peter Hewitt is on 88 Footwear, Chet Childress is on Nike now (whoa!), and Clint Peterson is riding Accel Wheels. Team Manager Joey Tershay recently added pro Ed Selego and up-and-coming amateur Rodrigo Lima to the Independent Trucks team. Rodrigo is killing it back in Brazil for a month but expect to see him back in the states working his 16 year old talents for the cameras.

Aloha. The Royal Hawaiian Pool Crue will be visiting the Las Vegas Rippers in April. The backyard brotherhood unites! – GDog

SD has a lot of rippers including SLOB, Hitz, Pino, G-Man, Alex Horn, Hewitt etc. Props to whoever deserves them at the time. 7 new pools in a week and a half.

Viva La France- see

‘Yeah Right!’… The new Girl video –

Andy Kessler
just finished building a new park in Manhattan featuring a recreation of the infamous Jaime Escalante’s bowl.


Grant Fakuda is hard at work on a history of skateboarding in Hawaii. The island has been blessed with some new concrete parks and plenty of pools. Sightings include Jay Adams, Shogo Kubo, Kale Sandrige, Steve Ellis, Gary Owens and Jef Hartsel. Pictured below – Jay Adams, Grant Fakuda and Steve Ellis and a few of their friends. Check out Grant’s new Royal Hawaiian Pool Service danger stick.

Rynn Noll has been hard at work packing in material for his new book. He packed so much into in fact the publisher decided to split it into two separate books due out in March 2003 with the second to follow in September.

A new set of bowls have been born at the foot of Vail colorados ski establishment. The 5 bowls ranging from 5 to 9ft deep are available for the die hards only check it out at .

Merk Report – “Some UNREAL shit is being built in Attelboro right now. I just got back from a three month tour of Ohio/Mich. Built the fullpipe @ Skatopia then went up to Cleveland to work on the black out games, I mean the Gravity Games, but it is always good to be back EAST. Sid’s old BIG WORLD is having a reunion show in Newport. Should be off the hook. Stay gold.


FEB 2003


Chet Childress has left Vans for a deal with Nike and is now on Six Gun under the Black Label umbrella.

Knox Godoy has left Baker Skateboards and Baker agents say it’s because he’s been riding an Alien Workshop board for the last six months and selling his Baker boards at the local skate shop.

Osiris has decided go at it alone leaving behind the popular Autobahn Wheels and Arcade Skateboards.

Aaron ‘Fingers’ Murray has started his own company, Koping Killer Skateboards and has a new Fist of Fury record out.

Jereme ‘Stoney’ Schadler has a new pro model out on Bulldog Skates with original art by world renowned artiste’ Wes Humpston.

Wes Humpston has been busy getting coverage in ‘Vogue’ and designing a specialty line of Fender guitars with new BullDog Art designs.

Joining the darkside of the force with teammates Darren Navarrette and Sam Hitz, 151 welcomes Ryan Johnson to the roster. The boys got a team hearse for a signing bonus.

Pat Myers just finished filming for the new Roll Model promotional video.

Deathbox Skateboards is one man down and Dogtown is one man up as Jay Adams has left Tum Yeto to try his luck with Rocco.

On the flip side, Z-Flex is still pumping out the Jay Adams Z-Flex model with a new shipment in stock now.

Conspiracy Skateboards has gained the art skills of the infamous Pushead for a limited edition board and wheel graphic.

Mike Smith is bringing Liberty Skateboards back into the free world soon.

Between the cones, Brian Patch has emerged as the champion of the first Deathbox/Osiris hosted vertical obstacle slalom challenge at the Skatelab recently with a race course designed by Black Leather Race Champion David Hackett. Showing face were the likes of Jesse Martinez, Nathan Pratt, Karl ‘Oust’ Leckovich, Buddy Carr, Shogo Kubo, Eric Dressen, Mike Teele, Rich Fosmire, Jason Salfi, Michael Bream, Tony Magnusson, Brad Edwards, Eric Nash, Jereme ‘Stoney’ Schadler, Dave Reul, Jim Gray, Jennifer Hosoi, Ivan ‘Pops’ Hosoi, David Hackett, Alexander Parker, Juice Magazine and more… Brad Edwards of Gravity Boards won ‘Best Style’ and Hackett got ‘Best Slam’. ‘Ryan Tate gave birth to his second video child with the most recent Termite video which got picked up by Blockbuster and Target. This man deserves a huge bonus. He’s back behind the lens on the soon to be released Kreper ‘Kreep Show’ video. His other video credits include the 1984 video ‘Let It Bleed’.

Gary Owens and Grant Fakuda have a new company Hawaiian Pool Service.

Ivan Hosoi and Jennifer Hosoi have been working on the official Christian Hosoi website. There’s a feature film about Hosoi in the works that’s ironically striking up talk of a documentary put together by Jennifer and Ivan Hosoi.

Auditions have started for the new ‘Lords of Dog Town’ movie now being directed by David Fincher (‘Seven’, ‘The Game’, ‘Fight Club’ and ‘Panic Room’…). If you have a board and some skills, visit LA and maybe you can play Tony Alva. Stacy Peralta and Fred Durst now have no involvement in the movie.’ Greed has appointed legend Eric Dressen as the team captain for their new clothing line. ‘ James Muir has selected Bill Weiss to help find the new talent for the El Segundo-based Dogtown Skateboards. Ironically no one from DogTown seems to be on the roster. The new Dogtown Skateboards catalog is causing quite a frenzy with graphic rip-offs of pre-existing trademarked ‘Z’ brands. The graphics are old, the team is new and the ads are just bizarre.

After a short-term injury, Shogo Kubo is back in full swing ripping the parks in Hawaii and working with Jef Hartsel on his new clothing company Poetree due to debut at Magic. ‘ Rumor around Venice is that Jeff Ho will be doing a book about his life. There’s also talk that Ho may help Muir with designs for a new line of Dogtown surfboards.

Controversy already flared up between Nathan Pratt and Jesse Martinez regarding Jesse’s intentions to name his new company Z-Cult. Pratt contends that only the Zephyr team themselves should benefit from the ‘Z’ name and Steve Rocco should be the last one to see a penny from DogTown proceeds. ‘Block’ jumped in the mix to defend Jesse as a third generation DogTowner who has every right to do whatever he wants with the army of Venice behind him.

Jeff Ho was originally said to be partnered with Martinez on Z-Cult but rumors of Rocco’s involvement scared him away.

Z-Cult proceeds with the sole backing of a childhood friend of Martinez, but talk of ‘We’ll pick it up if it does good,’ coming from the Rocco corner has everyone waiting to see what will happen next. Austen Seaholm is the new am going pro for Z-Cult.

Skip Engblom is rereleasing SMA boards, numbered and autographed by the Skipper.

What were Jay Adams and Billy Yeron doing at 5AM at Venice Breakwater during ASR weekend? Not bailing Tony Alva out of jail. The previous night Mr. Alva was seen running down the street in handcuffs trailed by Long Beach’s finest. Apparently he got into a fight at an ASR party with Erik Ellington and was in the process of being arrested when he decided to make a break for it. He escaped to a local hotel where he broke off the cuffs and nursed his bruises.

The Deathbox Pool Duel is back on again, locations tba. Deathbox and Black Leather Racing are hosting a banked slalom event this summer at Kona.

The new Eric Dressen model on Deathbox is outselling all the others. Yeah, E.D. The new Deathbox video is in the work.

John Malvino is rereleasing his first skateboard movie, ‘That Magic Feeling’ – all 8mm and 16mm with bonus footage. He’s now working on a Nor Cal documentary.

The second video from the Black Label camp entitled ‘Black Out’ features the all star line-up of Melcher, Agah, Hassan, Adams, Speyer, Hensley, Rag Doll, Svitak, Alfaro and Grosso.

The new Outlook video ‘Release’ is now available at ‘ In local news, Quattro Wheels is moving to Venice.

Craig Stecyk has been busy with his photo exhibits and early morning trash/art gathering around the old pavilion. He’s been spotted riding about on an ugly brown bike, lamenting the loss of a pink Schwinn he had his eye on that left for the East Coast in the hands of an ultimate slacker.

Brian Lentini and his fiancee Carrin, went back East for the winter, shortly after announcing their engagement. Lentini was last heard to be in search of Capt. Zero and the lost Leroy Grannis interview tapes.

Dewitt and Darren co-hosted a gala event with Rudy Manheim at the now infamous and closed Foam Gallery. It was a who’s who of who. Well done.

Glen E. Friedman hosted a packed house at the Los Angeles showing of his ‘Fuck You All’ show with photos of selected images from his books ‘Fuck You Heroes’ and ‘Fuck You Too’. Owners of Sixspace, the hot new gallery in LA, showed the work amazingly and threw a great party.

The Friedman/Stecyk book collaboration ‘DogTown – The Legend of the Z-Boys’ is currently out of print. Go to for more info, no word yet if it will be reprinted. If you see one, you better pick it up.

Salba is celebrating his birthday on Feb 8th at the Upland park.

Chad Muska just released his new cd ‘Muska Beatz’ on 1212 Records with too many guest appearances to list.

Herbie and Dibi Fletcher are in full swing at Astrodeck after spending some time in Hawaii working on their book.

The new Arcade video ‘Who?’ and the new Emerica video ‘This is Skateboarding’ are now out.

The new ‘On Video’ features a nice piece on Natas Kaupas.

The new ‘Chlorine‘ video comes out in May, featuring Reul, Salba, Hackett, Pineapple and Delgado.

Dave Reul has a Nude Bowl Sacrifice of the Virgin model coming out on Deathbox.

The Skatanic Rednecks played the 9th annual Venice Surf-A-Thon along with Fist of Fury and a line-up of local talent.

There’s a party for Neil Heddings on Feb 15 at the Clinton Keith pool. If you know where it is, then you’re invited.

Helen Stickler’s new documentary, ‘Stoked’ about ‘Gator’ was big hit at Sundance with numerous sold out shows.

Blockhead Skateboards is making a comeback with the rerelease of Sam Cunningham’s model.

A rerelease of ‘Thrashin” on DVD will include commentary by Robert Russler.

Upcoming events: March 14-16, Tampa Pro, SPOT, FL ‘ May 1-4, Slam City Jam, Vancouver, Canada ‘ May -Quiksilver Bowl Riders – Marseille, France ‘ May 30 – June 1, – Vans Triple Crown – Chicago, IL ‘July Globe World Cup – Dortmund, Germany ‘ July Mystic Sk8 Cup -Prague, Czech Republic ‘Sept. – Tim Brauch Contest – Vans Skatepark, Milpitas, CA ‘ October 2-5,- Vans Triple Crown Finals – Oceanside, California – ‘ Nov 7-9- Crail World Cup – Sao Paulo, Brazil – ‘ Nov 15-16 Make A Wish Texas Skate Jam Southside Skatepark, Houston, TX.

Wes Humpston, founding partner, and artist for the original DogTown Skateboards is in the process of launching his new company, Bulldog Skates. Wes, known for his killer graphics and innovations in skateboard design, has recruited an intial team of riders that includes Z-Boy Shogo Kubo, DogTown legend Ray Flores, and Venice local Jereme ‘Stoney’ Schadler. The new line includes a 10 x 32 Bulldog Model, 11 x 33 1/3 Ray Flores Model, a monstrous 11 1/4 x 36 with a very slight kick nose, a new Shogo Kubo model 9 x 33 double kick. Wes also is bringing to life some big old flat pig boards. Bulldog wheels are available in 60mm, 62mm, and 64mm, as well as two old school models, a single conical, and a double conical pool wheel. Wheels will be either screened or engraved with art by Wes. The original Bulldogs Art line of custom hand drawn boards will continue to be available to the individual collectors. There is also a Bulldog’s Art Gallery and Museum opening in Huntington Beach in November of 2002.Go to for more…




‘For me, style is everything. Style either makes you look good or bad.’ -Shogo Kubo

The new Juice Magazine – Issue #55 – featuring one of Craig Stecyk’s photos of Tony Alva on the cover is now available. It’s full gloss and it’s our biggest issue ever with 124 jam-packed pages!

JUICE MAGAZINE wants to thank all our advertisers in issue #55: 1984, Airspeed Skateparks, Black Flys, Black Label, Board Gallery, Bounty Hunter, Bulldog Skates, Burning Flags Press, BYO Records, Carver Trucks, Century Media Records, Cleopatra Records, Circa, Comet Skateboards, Consolidated, Conspiracy Skateboards, Darkstar, Deathbox, Destructo, Disaster Records, Dischord Records, Duffs, EastBilt Manufacturing, East Coast Skates, Elevate Trucks, Epitaph, Equal Vision Records, Factory 13, Fallout Records, Fat Wreckchords, Fearless Records, Flowlab, Foundation, Go Kart Records, Grind King, Hopeless Records, Independent Trucks, In Record Time, Jeff Ho/Zephyr, Joker Skateboards, Kreper, Kung Fu Records, Lucky 13, Madrid, M.R. Skateshop, NSI Videos, Old Star Skateshop, Osiris, Outlook Skateboards, Pep Wheels, Pro Designs, Punk Core Records, Root Troop, Rykopalm, Sacrifice Skateboards, Sandbox Marketing, Scarecrow, Scum,, Skeleto Trucks, Shitbird Skateboards, Side One Dummy Records, Speed Metal, So Bord, Suspect Skateboards, Tattoo Asylum, Tooth-N-Nail Records, Tracker, Universal Records, Unleashed, Vagrant Records, Vans, Victory Records, Vision, Webb Trucks, Wounded Knee, and Z-Flex. Please support the companies that advertise in Juice. These are the companies that are supporting you.

I want to thank all our contributors to issue #55: Dan Levy, Jim Murphy, Jay Adams, Bill Danforth, Bart Saric, Laurie Green, Jeff Jobes, Pat Myers, Danny Baraz, Brian Lentini, Bart Saric, Laurie Green, C.R. Stecyk III, Roger Harrell, Salem Saloom, Katie Ranke, Ryan Tate, Darrell Delgado, Heidi Fitzgerald, Jimmy the Greek, Brij, Ted Terrebonne, Rhino, Glen E. Friedman, Wynn Miller, Brian Brannon, Pep, Ivory Serra, Jerry Hahn, Adam Wallacavage, Paul Constantineau, Steve Badillo, Lenny W, Gary Owens, Tom Putnam, Brewce Martin, Annette Zalinskas, Charlie Middleton, Sid Abruzzi, Pete Ingraham, Joel Tudor, Benjamin Hilke, Scott Perryman, Mike Tabling, Shep Martin, Logan Hill, Bubba Martin, Ron Allen, Rich Reibust, SeaBass, Jack Wolford, Heidi Muzhik, Brian Tucker, David Gahr, Art Brewer, Joe Tudor, Hank, Grant Fakuda, John Pearson and Wes Humpston

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Sid, Eric Dressen, Block, Dave Duncan, Ray Flores, Simon Ebling, Grant Fakuda, Glen Friedman, C.R. Stecyk III, Ed Riggins, Merk and the 5.9, Andy Kessler, Wes Humpston, Ryan Tate, Bart Saric, GerI Lewis, Art Brewer, Wynn MIller, Ted Terrebonne, Lance Lemond, Chad Muska, John Lucero, Gary Owens, Brewce Martin, Ian MacKaye, Jeff Ho, Jesse Martinez, Aaron Murray, Rich Fosmire, our friends and families.



On the East side: The Brooklyn skatepark (NYC) is being sessioned hard by the likes of Rick Charnoski, Ivory Serra, Buddy Coan, Pat Smith, Andy Kessler, Rob Erickson, Bobby Puleo, and Dan Pensyl, working and ripping, with guest appearances from the 5.9 Crew and FDR locals.

The Asbury park pool is completely gone, so don’t think of ever trying to find it or even asking about it because Asbury park doesn’t even exist anymore. It went to heaven with the Nude Bowl.

The fourth of July at FDR witnessed Brewce Martin sporting a red white and blue cape, and matching shorts with Roman candles strapped to his board, entertaining the punk masses with frontal over vert attacks at mach speed. Philly locals Steve Foss and George Dragun ripped up the scene by assaulting the pool coping in the spirit of the day.

Attleboro is now being added to with a poured flint rock coping in the mix that Big Tim will mine from the hills of Simsbury CT. ‘ Sloppy Sam is honing his concrete skills and building a concrete park in Fitchberg MA.

Rye, New Hampshire skatepark opened with a huge indoor vert ramp, multiple street ramp complexes, cloverleaf mini bowl, and a small intermediate and 10 foot deep pool with pool coping. Unfortunately the pool was built one foot below water level because of an architect fucking up and the Carje masterpiece started to hold up to 2 feet of water after the spring thaw. Grand opening day they had a six foot tall pipe sticking up out of the drain to hold the water. A couple months later they installed pumps and now it’s ready to grind ‘ Chris Mearkle and Albequerque were working the Gravity Games in Cleveland Ohio with their wood building expertise. Free room and accomodations and a 5-to-7 happy hour with free beer for the boys. Needless to say Meark is very happy and is claiming that Cleveland is technically on the East Coast.

Andy Kessler just got the go to build a public skatepark on the Hudson River in Manhattan with $100,000 allocated. The park will have a replica of Jaime’s mini elbow bowl with pool coping all around and an oververt corner on the elbow that escalates up. Oh, and a street course.

Dan Zimmer is threatening to start a new skateboard company called Slut Skates. The tour will start in New Jersey and head north to the organic soybean fields of Vermont and then take a transatlantic flight to South Africa where Dan can take care of skateboarding business and check out his grape vineyard which he has been cultivating over the last five years after selling Brooklyn skateboards to an unnamed Enron executive.

Chops and Donkeypunch have been doing gigs and are preparing for the Big World concert on August 24th in Newport, RI. Water Bros. is up and running with guest star appearances by Sid Abruzzi.

ECRW had a film premier and Skateboard Art show at Ink Studios in Richmond, VA.

Down in the Outer Banks Marc Corbett and his crew are building a salt treated 11ft bowl with 2 hips and an oververt pocket.

Up in PA, Daily Dave and his crew are making more shit happen at FDR and other undisclosed locations. The ‘Stoole Pool’ has got to be another of world’s wonders. Pat Boder, Dom and TZ have been from VA to PA helping with miscellaneous concrete work.

Jaime Stapula is getting close on the pond. The time is coming soon where Omer and Pat are going to team up to finish the deep end.

The boys are asking for donations for the new bowl in Wanchese on Roanoke Island near Manteo. Send donations to: Marc Corbett 639 Vista Lake Dr. Manteo N.C. 27954

Andy Kessler was seen recently impersonating Regis Philbin on national daytime tv. When Alva and Peralta appeared on ‘Regis and Kelly Live!’ to plug the DogTown movie Mr. Kessler was brought in as ramp expert. However, we all doubt he expected to be tapped to skate in Regis-looking clothes for housewives all over the country. Go Kessler!

Bill Danforth is back on his nomadic path and is slated to tour Canada after his skate camps are over for the summer.

Brewce Martin built a full pipe at Skatopia that is 20′ diameter 36′ long full of surprises including a channel and a party room on top. Brewce needs more money for more concrete. Send cash!

Brewce Martin and Benji Galloway are now on Vision.

Skatopia went off the richter once again this June. Order the next video to see it for yourself.

On the West side, DogTown and Z-Boys documentary premiere tickets were a hot item, considering half of the cast wasn’t invited and some that made it in couldn’t even get a seat.

Nathan Pratt and Alan Sarlo made a grand gesture and bought a bunch of tickets for the Santa Monica premiere for those not invited to the Hollywood premiere.

Ian MacKaye, Henry Rollins, and Zach De la Rocha made appearances at the DTZB premiere as did Cameron Diaz whose security guard was so big he couldn’t fit through the door. Highlights included Wentzle Ruml being jacked up by the speedy and quite dangerous Bob ‘the Bullet’ Biniak after Biniak read Wentzle’s ‘Dogtown Chronicle’ in the last issue of Juice.

Stacy Peralta’s new projects include plans for a Miki Dora film backed by Quiksilver and ‘In Search Of Captain Zero’ with a screenplay by Allen Weisbecker. Sean Penn will play the Weisbecker role and Peralta will direct.

Z-Boy Chris Cahill has been found, alive and well in Venice. Check back for his Juice Magazine DogTown Chronicle interview.

ZBoy4Life Shogo Kubo has been sessioning Kailua Skatepark with all the boyz. His son’s request for Dad’s trip to LA for the movie screenings was ‘get Rodney Mullen’s autograph’. Done. Shogo is now riding for Bulldog Skates, and also Webb Trucks with Mike Smith.

Glen E. Friedman’s FUCK YOU ALL exhibition is coming to the west coast for the first time. His FUCK YOU HEROES show was over 6 years ago, over on Ocean Park and Main in the heart of D.T., and was a blowout, no doubt this return with even more work on the walls will be insane. It will be at the grand opening of SIXSPACE in downtown Los Angeles (check for more info) on November 2nd, 2002.

The book signing for Glen E. Friedman and Craig Stecyk III’s new book ‘DogTown – The Legend of The Z-Boys’ was an eventful occasion (see sidebar for Z Boys in attendance).

Stacy Peralta has firmly ensconced himself amongst the Hollywood elite with Fred Durst by his side as the newly appointed director of the film being produced by Art Linson, John Linson and David Fincher.

Greg Beato, the guy who wrote the ‘Lords of DogTown’ article for Spin was bummed because the day before it was going to print the 20th Century Fox people came in and made him sign a confidentiality agreement so he couldn’t write anything further on DogTown.

Pat Kaiser is still maintaining his artistic presence in Venice with a new line of original designed t-shirts, Sak Up, in memory of P.O.P.

Adventurer Z-Boy Paul Constantineau has been spotted all over L.A. at the hottest of spots with a new lady on his arm. Modeling agency empress, Maria Montello has captured the Z Boy’s and offered to fly him off to NYC for the weekend by private jet.

Jay Adams Pool Invitational press release is causing waves. Only 25 riders will be invited and the locations are yet to be announced.

Juice Magazine co-hosted the Wes Humpston and Wynn Miller Art Opening in Silverlake, CA. Jeff Ho, Neils Kantor, Gary and Kyle from Destructo, Jesse Martinez, Bart Saric, Paul Constantineau, James Muir, Bob Biniak, Ray Flores, Rich Fosmire, Billy Yeron, Jim Cassimus, Eric Dressen, Eric ‘Tuma’ Britton, Eric Grisham and even Tony Alva showed up as did a string of his current betties. It was a Who’s Who of the art world mixed with the Who’s Who of the Venice homies complete with a quarter pipe with pool coping provided by Old Star Skateshop. See for new Wes Humpston models for Shogo Kubo, Ray Flores, and Jereme ‘Stony’ Schadler.

Melanie Berry and Steve Pezman hosted a special birthday party for Craig Stecyk III in San Onofre. Notables in attendance: Carl Ekstrom, Tom Morey, Ren Messer, Red and Sharon Marshall, Jim O’Mahoney, Greg Escalante, Hans Hagen, Lisa Cooper, Tom Addler, Takuji Masuda, Bolton Colburn, Joel Tudor, Charlie Miller, Selena Osterman, and Joey Hawkins. Happy birthday CRS!

Jay Adams is now sponsored by Osiris, Black Flys, Grind King, Deathbox, 1984, and Root Troop.

Block is traveling the world working on a documentary about the connection between hip hop, skateboarding and the world of graffiti art. He’s also behind the images for the new Pony campaign featuring a Christian Hosoi legends line of shoes and clothing.

The fight for the Venice skatepark continues and with a new city council in office, hopes are high. The city has donated $125,000 so it’s up to the skaters of Venice to raise the rest. Email for info.

The Juice Films movie ‘Along for the Ride’ featuring Tony Alva, Steve Olson, Jim Murphy, Dave Duncan, Brewce Martin, Kale Sandridge, Jef Hartsel, Grant Fakuda, Pops Hosoi, Simon Elbling, Steve Ellis, Chris Mearkle, Steve Badillo, Rockabilly Willy Fruens, Heidi Fitzgerald, Joey Tershay, Dan Levy, and Gary Owens should be out sooner than later and will be narrated by Jay Adams. See for updates.

Camera king Ted Terrebonne has been busy documenting the Vagabond pool with the help of up and coming photographer Greg Hall. Check out the new faction website by Greg Hall at

Takuji Masuda of First Point Productions is working on the final SUPER-X MEDIA installment. It will be a compilation of all the best stuff from the original issues in the form of a book, with some new stuff that would have been in the last issue, as well as a thorough re-write perspective on the whole DogTown story now that it’s gone hollywood.

Steve Ellis just opened a real Italian restaurant for displaced New Yorkers on the North Shore and he’s been adding on to his private backyard skate facility overlooking Pipeline.

The Steve Badillo wedding went down at the Skatelab on 4/20 with T.A. as Best Man. Congratulations. Who’s got the blunted cigars?

Any real skater planning a summer tour should invest in Dave ‘Science’ Maxwell and Jerry Hahn’s set of tour videos. Email for info.

The art world is taking flight into the skate world with a new company backed by the illustrious Billy Shire. The company is called Roll Model and is fronted by Neil Heddings. Team riders include Chris Swanson, John Ponts, and Pigpen.

The Basic Bowl BBQ 2002 – Congratulations to Dave the Reuler who took home the gold for full use of all roundwall.

Paul Revere is again an official bust. If you are caught in the parking lot with a skateboard, you will get a ticket or go straight to jail.

Strider ‘Raspberry’ Wasilewski recently got hitched somewhere in Malibu. On hand to witness the ceremony was a stellar group of homeboys and surf legends – Kelly Slater, the Fletchers, Tommy Addler, Art Brewer and Peter Mel, to name a few.

Globe recently paid $45 million for the Kubic/Dwindle conglomerate which already included Strength, CCS, Pro-Tec, Alloy, Darkstar, World Industries, Speed Demons, Enjoi, Tensor, Blind, and DogTown Skateboards. Will Vans now have to pay licensing fees to shoe company competitor Globe to continue churning out that DogTown merchandise?

C.R. Stecyk III recently co-hosted the Surf Culture: The Art History of Surfing exhibit at the Laguna Art Museum to a cast of thousands. Word has it they closed down the Coast Highway due to the traffic jam. Quiksilver rented out the Royal Hawaiian with free food and drinks. The next day found many guests still there, laying in the bushes. The exhibit included personal surfboards of Duke Kahanomoku, Kelly Slater, Lisa Anderson, Tom Carroll, Tom Curren, Joyce Hoffman, Jeff Ho, Phil Edwards, Joey Hawkins, Joel Tudor, Mark Richards, and Miki Dora; art work by Ganzer, Salisbury, Hammersfeld, Ancell, Rex Brandt, Rick Griffin, Sandow Birk, Kilgowan, ‘Twist, and Lynn Coleman. Appearances to note: Conan Hayes, Ned Evans, Peter Schroff, Jim Ganzer, Kevin Ancell, Chris Malloy, Gordon Clark, Randy Hilde, Sam George, Nash of Japan, Marty Sugarman, Craig Lockwood, Rusty Preisendorfer, and Scott Anderson.

‘ Venice loc and DogTown legend Eric ‘Tuma’ Britton just returned from Belgium. He’s been taking photos and skating all over the globe and has a new pro model on Old Star.

Quiksilver’s Bowlmasters Contest in Marseille, France went off as usual – 1984’s Tony Trujillo wins – Brewce Martin painted his naked self gold.

The Soul Bowl was assaulted by none other than Master of Disaster – Duane Peters who claimed his title of King of the Bowlriders. Duane now has a shoe on Vision and Corey Parks has joined the ranks of D.P. and The Hunns.

Dave Reul is on Deathbox and so is Eric Dressen.

Osiris is starting another shoe company called 88.. Markovich will play a major role.

In France, Dominique Baconnier has an amazing concrete bowl that he built in 1979 near the Marseille park. He is trying to organize an expression session with legends, beer, and bands. Contact: Jean Terriss 27 Rue Auguste Blanqui 13006 Marseille France phone: 00 33 (0) 4 91 42 61 67

Skip Engblom is taking advantage of the Ebay phenom. Skip’s old Z team shirt and shoes went for $500 and $300 respectively. Now Alva has joined in the fun. Get a TA hat and a pair of his new shoes for $500 with an Alva autograph.

The Dog Bowl is dozed. R.I.P.




Jim Murphy has been skating Nashua NH and Brooklyn NY after a quick trip to Skatopia.

Bill Danforth will be skating demos at the Freedom Festival and in Syracuse for the Hellfest featuring the Misfits. Then back to Michigan to set up his summer skate camp for the kids. When he’s home he’s been skating the new park in Lansing, MI.

Jay Adams is now living on the North Shore at Steve Ellis’ surf/skate compound. Jay’s been skating pools with the boys and giving surf lessons to bikini-clad girl friendlies. He just interviewed Shogo Kubo and Tony Alva for this issue.

Pat Myers just got back from Marseille and has gone to Hawaii to do some more filming for Juice. Myers is off to film the 1984 Summer Tour as soon as he gets back to the mainland.

Ted Terrebonne has been working on a photo gallery of the Vagabond with the help of Greg Hall, another camera king on the rise.

Craig Stecyk III is busy working on the History of Surf exhibit that opens in Laguna in July. Stecyk gave us the honor of using one of his legendary photos of Alva for our cover. Thanks Mr. Stecyk and happy birthday.

Bart Saric has been busy pimping his latest video, Daze in the Life through NSI and working on another art show in the near future.

Charno and Buddy’s new videos along with the new Skatopia videos from Brewce Martin are now available through NSI.

Salba has been in Texas getting arrested for skating pipes with a gang of other pipe fiends.

Dave Reul is now on Deathbox and has been playing with his band the Skatanic Redneks. S.R. just got back from Skatopia where they played an acoustic set at the local Rutland, Ohio, Wendy’s restaurant to an adoring crowd of new Rednek fans.

Glen E Friedman’s new book DogTown – The Legend of The Z-Boys sold out it’s first edition and now is in the second printing.

Merk is still schooling the punks and building parks East Coast style with coping that will be forever resistant to the sauce.

Twister and Wally Hollyday are building sickness in Clairemont, CA. Check out Twister’s Duty Now for the Future in this issue as well as the full story behind what’s really going on with Sid ‘The Package’ Abruzzi. It’s one of the best Juice interviews ever.

Jesse Martinez has been skating and working on fundraising for the Venice Skatepark. Ger-I Lewis is back from a Japan tour and is getting ready to start up the VSA Skate Contest series again in Venice to help raise more money for the park. Email on how you can contribute to getting a public skatepark in Venice.

Brian Lentini just spent some time with one of his heroes, surf legend, Joel Tudor. The full story is in the new issue.

Jerry Hahn and Dave Maxwell have a new series of videos. If you’re going on a trip, these are an instant video guidebook to the best beer and bowls. See for a taste.

The Wes Humpston/Wynn Miller art and photo show in Silverlake was a huge success with over a thousand fans in attendance. Congratulations to Wes, Wynn and Ray Flores! And just for the record, Ray Flores, who owns the Board Gallery here in Venice is one of the coolest people on the planet. If you’re feeling lost and need to find the soul in skateboarding, stop by the Board Gallery, check out the skateboard collection and talk to Ray.




Jim Murphy and Andy Kessler made it to California for the ASR tradeshow and they have new Wounded Knee graphics available now. Kessler is keeping the grinds alive at the new park in Brooklyn.

Pat Myers is working on a variety of film and photography projects for 1984 and Black Label.

Bill Danforth has been skating everyday and filming for a new Bad Apple video.

Dan Levy has been editing the Juice movie, working way too much, and skating the Venice spot at sundown every day.

Bryce Kanights is working on a new video game to compete with the Tony Hawk Pro Skaters featuring Chris Senn, Danny Way, Arto Saari and Colin McKay. Sam Hitz has been filming for the new 151 video.

Steve Godoy is inking by day, skating at night and working on a skateboarder/ink feature for Juice.

Salba and Reul hosted an invite only pre-opening session at Wally Hollyday’s new park in Fontana. There were also a few private sessions at Baldy, Skatelab and the Pink Motel over the past few weeks that prove that the bros are still skating.

Glen E Friedman’s new book about Dogtown releases March 25. see to order one now.

Twister and Wally Hollyday are building a new park in Clairemont in SD with a street course, vert ramp, and a 7-9 foot cement bowl with coping and real tiles.

Jerry Hahn and Dave Maxwell are going to debut their new series of videos at the new Dream Parks Tour Challenge due to begin at the end of July in Oregon. And there’s concrete being built all over the place. Bowls, pools, pipes and more.

The Dogtown Documentary premieres in April all over the country, so prepare yourself. See for dates. With two other movie projects focusing on Dogtown due to release in the next few years, the respect and attention long overdue to the legends and history of skateboarding is finally being paid. And all we can say is, ‘It’s about time.’

For the first time in eight years, Juice is going to the newsstands. In seven to fourteen days, you should be able to go to your local independent skate shop, surf shop, music shop, and Borders Book Store, and Virgin Megastore to get a copy of Issue #54. Juice Magazine is still 100% independently owned and operated for the people and by the people.

Keep it punk,
Juice Magazine


SEPT 2001

Our thoughts are consumed with grief and anger over the attacks on our country on Sept 11, but we can channel our energies into a greater good. Go out and skate or surf or listen to some music. Celebrate your freedom. After work every day go and spend time at your local spot and talk to your friends. Keep the underground strong with communication. Keep working, keep skating, keep surfing and keep the music loud.

Here’s the Juice news.

Sunday Sept 23 – Pat Ngoho, Aaron Murray and George Wilson are hosting the Masters of Style Marina Skatepark Reunion at the Skatelab in Simi Valley, CA. There will be guest djs and JFA is going to play. Donations are being accepted at the door for a fund for Christian Hosoi . The jam goes from 5pm – 10pm. It’s a bring your own potluck BBQ. The Juice Magazine Skate Wall of Venice will also be displayed and we’ll have copies of the new issue there. Email your photos now to Juice to be included on the wall.

Tuesday Oct 2 – Skaterock Party at the Riki Rachtman’s World Famous Cathouse in Hollywood. Juice Magazine and Pool School Skateboards present a night of skate rock starting at 9pm with JFA and Dr Know. There will be old school videos, special guest djs, and new copies of Juice Magazine. The Cathouse is located at 5657 Melrose.

We’ve been all over the place getting stories and photos for next issue. We’ve seen some great shows – TSOL, Fear, Powerflex 5, JFA, Fist of Fury, Dr. Know, Bad Samaritans, RKL, Motorhead, and the new Dead Kennedys with Brandon Cruz of Dr. Know singing.

We’ve seen some great skateboarding too – Vans Triple Crown in Oceanside, Marina Park Reunion at the Skatelab in Simi Valley, Crib ramp, Concrete Challenge in CO, and the NY skate park opening, skate rock jam at the Basic bowl, Gravity Games in RI, the Invert 2001 in Irvine, the Fat City Donner Invitational Slalom Races in Truckee, and the Tim Brauch Memorial at Milpitas Vans Park. See next issue for details.


APRIL 2000

We actually made it to opening day at the new Ocean Beach Park, went to San Francisco to see Ed Templeton’s and Tobin Yelland’s art show, made an appearance at the Billabong party at the Clockwork warehouse and the Volcom party to check out The SmutPeddlers, and visited the new park in Santa Clarita which is sick, by the way.

Murf, Kessler and Brewce Martin came out for ASR and annihilated everything in sight. Kessler’s now back on the East Coast in Virginia building the first East Coast Vans Park and Murf’s holding it down in NYC where he just went to the video debut of Rick Charnowski’s Fruit of the Vine in between weekend sessions at Skater Island.

Brewce Martin came out to skate and he did. The session he had with Salba, D.P., Dressen and Reul at Baldy is already legendary. And don’t forget, the Skatopia Jam (Rutland, OH) strikes again June 1. It’s guaranteed pure destruction, don’t miss it.

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