Apolitical Process: Provocative Vision By Kelly Slater, Kevin Ancell, Todd Glaser & Bruce Reynolds

Apolitical Process is a striking vision conceived by Kelly Slater and curated by PM Tenore. At the Opening Night festivities at the Folding Table Gallery in Venice, CA, the walls were graced with intriguing art by Kevin Ancell, Todd Glaser and Bruce Reynolds.

The exhibit had a full renegade flair, creating conversation and busting open brain cells with its impact, as contemplation of the upcoming election and the circus that the process has been so far served as the theme of the show.

Kelly Slater sang some Bob Marley tunes to a packed house, and showed his surfboard art collaboration, #ThePod, with Kevin Ancell to raise awareness around captive breeding of the Orca whales.

Provocative art by Todd Glaser, Bruce Reynolds and Kevin Ancell took the viewers into a world of chaos filled with heavy duty artillery, as a statement of our current political process. This collection of found objects transformed into art by these well-regarded artists is a must-see.

As the invite explained, “This is an artistic journey through the chaotic and sometimes inflammatory 2016 election cycle. The aim is to explore and expose the underlying truth, hypocrisy, danger, motivations, misinformation and effects of this process, with the hopes that the artwork produces thoughtful discussion, transparency and an openness to question the powers that be.”

Sponsored by Purps and RVCA. Show runs through Oct 9 at the Folding Table Gallery located at 201 San Juan Ave, Venice, CA.


Photos and video by Dan Levy






























This is an artistic journey through the chaotic and sometimes inflammatory 2016 election cycle. It is our aim to explore and expose the underlying truth, hypocrisy, danger, motivations, misinformation and effects of this process. It is our hope that the artwork produces thoughtful discussion, transparency and an openness to question the powers that be…

The official opening of Apolitical Process is on Thursday, September 22 at Folding Table Gallery: 201 San Juan Ave (corner of Main St.), Venice, Ca 90291 from 7-10 PM and runs through October 9, 2016.

Presented by RVCA and Purps

Kelly Slater / @kellyslater

Kelly Slater, the 11 times World Champion of Surfing, is arguably the greatest athlete of all time in any sporting category. Kelly’s unique rhythm with the ocean and incredible competitive savvy has continued to land him at the top in the world of competitive surfing. Over Kelly’s years of travel and ocean experience he has become intrigued with protecting the world’s natural resources. Bringing awareness to the environmental impact of food production and consuming lifestyles, Kelly has become a leader not only in surfing but also in demonstrating the best practices for sustainable and healthy living.

PM Tenore / @pmtenore

Founder and president of RVCA, PM Tenore cites his inspirations as family, friends, art, music and community involvement. The driving force behind RVCA, and constantly kept busy with designing collections and curating art shows like Hong Kong Art Basel, featuring RETNA and Keith Haring, to domestic shows in his backyard with the likes of Ed Templeton and in San Francisco with Barry McGee. His involvement in the arts expands beyond exhibitions to RVCA’s free arts publication, ANP Quarterly and the martial arts, through the Art of Jiu Jitsu academy that he formed with the Mendes Brothers.

Bruce Reynolds / @surfinista

Bruce Reynolds has been a professional artist for the last 20 years.  He is self-taught, working mostly in mixed media and collage, with a recent shift to painting.  Before devoting himself full time to artwork, Bruce spent many years designing and building custom contemporary furniture.  Those skills helped him to incorporate symmetry, structure, and composition into his work.  Being an avid surfer for the last 43 years and world traveler since his teens, Bruce’s work has taken on a worldview that crosses over many cultural barriers. Throughout the years, he found himself being influenced by the DaDa movement, pop culture, and today’s graffiti artists.  These influences have helped maintain a work that is both current and provocative.

Kevin Lloyd Ancell / @kevinancell

Kevin Lloyd Ancell was adopted at a young age and raised by a group of Southern California Surfers.  They were movers and shakers of the 1970’s surf scene, and for Ancell, surfing became a way of life, as well as a teacher of discipline; it helped him meet challenges and overcome fear.  That is where the art comes in.  For Ancell, art is an exploration of the inner self and another form of self-expression.  Ancell draws most of his inspiration from Manuel Ribeira, a Spanish painter who lived in Italy.  He also draws inspiration from the works of Rembrandt, Carvaggio and the old, Flemish masters.  When he’s not painting, he’s boxing, out surfing, diving, fishing or making surfboards.

Todd Glaser / @toddglaser

Todd wanders the world with his camera one step at a time and his travels take him to many remote locations from Fiji to Tahiti, Puerto Rico to Mexico. Based in his hometown of San Diego, California, Todd works as a staff photographer for Surfer Magazine and is trusted to capture some of the biggest names in the surf world as well as being on call to experience the world’s famous waves. Featured in the 2010 release, “Surfer Magazine: Fifty Years” Todd Glaser also was a 2008 Follow The Light Foundation grant winner and a 2009 Surfer Magazine Photo of the Year award winner amongst numerous other awards.



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