Anti-Flag Release Collection Of Early Demos

Story by Indigo Smith

Anti-Flag has been creating and spreading powerful political messages through the underground roots of punk rock for decades, with a focus on unveiling persistent prejudices and slandering systematic oppression.

The early days of Anti-Flag, in Pittsburgh, PA, in the ’80s, were difficult, as band members steadily came and went. The band even called it quits a day after its first show, yet singer/guitarist, Justin Sane, and drummer, Pat Thetic, kept the ambition alive. In 1992, after adding Andy Flag on bass, Anti-Flag was re-formed, and the first rough recordings were composed.

The result was “17 Song Demo”, which was self-released on cassette tapes, and eventually landed the band a label deal with New Red Archives, leading to the audacious debut of Anti-Flag’s first album “Die For The Government.”

The same recordings that started the band’s journey of spreading awareness through punk rock are now being released on August 20th, 2021, after being locked away since the early ’90s. The songs on the demo are the original versions and will be available on digipak CD and silver or red-colored vinyl in a gatefold jacket. The “17 Song Demo” includes Anti-Flag classics, like “Drink Drank Punk” and “Red, White, & Brainwashed,” and 10 tracks yet featured on any albums.

The collection also includes a special 18th track – a ferocious cover of Mission Of Burma’s “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver” now available on all digital platforms.

Stream/download the single:

17 Song Demo will be available everywhere starting August 20 on digipak CD and on vinyl in your choice of either SILVER or RED colored vinyl in a gatefold jacket!

Order the CD/vinyl:

Pre-order/pre-save the digital:


1. They Don’t Protect You

2. Red, White and Brainwashed

3. All Alone

4. Your Daddy Was A Rich Man (Your Daddy’s F*cking Dead)

5. Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene

6. I Hate People Like You

7. She’s My Little Go-Go Dancer

8. Drink Drank Punk

9. Kill The Rich

10. Betty Sue Is Dead

11. Daddy’s Wearing Mommies Clothing

12. I Fall Apart

13. Class Plague

14. You’d Do The Same

15. Song For Jesus Christ

16. 10 Seconds

17. 5 Minutes

18. That’s When I Reach For My Revolver

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