ANDY KESSLER interview and introduction by STEVE OLSON As some say, and whoever they are, the history of skateboarding has no place in skateboarding. Well, just to correct you, it does, and like most history, they never seem to learn from its history. Imagine that. Enough of that history. Now for a history lesson of New York skateboarding’s godfather, Andy Kessler. When it wasn’t the trendiest of trends, And maybe a handful of cats were riding the streets of New York, Andy Kessler was right in the middle of the pack. If New York seems wild now, you should have been there then. You have no idea how wild, wild is. But that’s history, isn’t it? Now for something completely different. Andy Kessler is still riding the same streets that were vacant then, but not now, and I don’t mean the lack of cars or people. I mean the lack of skateboarders, and very few as mentioned above. Take it from someone that knows, cares and still tries and makes things happen for the better of skateboarding in and around the city of Manhattan. Read on, and learn something that you thought didn’t matter. Kessler.             What’s up? What are you doing over there on the West Coast? Loving it. Let’s do this interview. How are you going to do this? [Laughs] We’re recording everything you say. I’m going to ask you some questions and that’s that. [Laughs] Is it over? Say, “Thank you.” Thanks. [Laughs] My first … Continue reading ANDY KESSLER