“Against The Grain” Art Show & Celebration of Skateboarding Culture

What makes you against the grain? According to artist, Bart Saric, “The skate grind and the surf grind is always against the grain because we’re pushing forward through all the bullsh*t for something positive that makes this culture worth living.”

Going against the grain is one of the main philosophies of the El Cuervo Gallery and the artists whose work they showcase in mind-bending shows, which always provide 100%  fun for kids of all ages.

El Cuervo Gallery owner, Ralph Lobo, had this to say about being against the grain, “We’re pretty much against just about everything that every other gallery is into. There’s no wine and cheese – no pretentious bullshit. You come in here to have fun.”

On February 10th, the El Cuervo Gallery presented its fourth in a series of revolutionary “Against The Grain 4” skateboard culture art shows featuring the work of: 3 Sheets, Mike Bell, Sara Ray, Joon The Goon, Scott Aicher, Mike Strachan, Steve Caballero, Jeff Ho, Joey Vela, Visible Damage, Skot Pollok, Four Eyes, Bam, Megan Besmirched, Damien King, Travis Haight, Bart Saric, Christine Benjamin, Chris Shary, Ally Burke, Jay Hollopeter, Mayon Hanania, Alpha 6, David Ivar, Bruce Gossett, Lori Herbst, Greg Jacobs, Scotty Roller, Zachary Friedber, Felicia Ann, Chris Dang, Robbie Arias, Billy Daggers, Charles V Bennett, Mxf, Abraham Romero, Bobby Brown, Rev, Clinton Bopp, Mark Waldman and more. This unique show was sponsored by Sapporo, Juice Magazine and E-volved Tattoos & Fine Art.

The El Cuervo Gallery is located at 417 Main St, El Segundo, California. El Cuervo (which translates to The Crow) is an eclectic mixture of art gallery and retail space, offering everything from fine art originals to a signature line of artist designed apparel.

The El Cuervo experience is like no other, so join in on the fun this month on March 24th for the upcoming “Attack Of The Groms” show featuring progressive artwork by some of the most creative young artists in America.

Photos and filming by Dan Levy. 
Video edit by Landon Hale


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