OCT 13, 2007

Vans Presents Downtown Showdown in Association with SPoTlight Productions
* Taking place at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, California on Saturday, October 13, 2007
* Team invite only format
* Four obstacles chosen from designs proposed by teams

Contest Schedule
Friday – Practice
4pm – 10pm

Saturday – Contest
Doors at 4pm. Contest begins at 5pm
Obstacle order: Girl, Creature, Real, Foundation

Contest Format
* Teams can bring as many team riders as they want
* Only three skaters from each Team are permitted to skate each Jam
* At least one Pro must skate each obstacle
* Top two scores for each Team are averaged to get the Team’s final score
* At least one Pro’s score must be used in the final result, even if it is the lowest of the three scores
* Overall Team results are calculated by adding each Team’s individual obstacle place
* If only one skater from a Team skates, the second score will be a zero, which will likely put the Team in last place. For best results, have at least two skaters on each obstacle, with at least one being pro
* Alternates are permitted, but the removed skater will not be scored

$85,000 Prize Purse
* Top Pro: $10,000
* Top Am: $5,000
* Each Obstacle (x4): 1st: $2,500 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $1,000
* Overall Team: 1st: $30,000 2nd: $15,000 3rd: $5,000

Zero, Toy Machine, Real, Girl, Element, Alien Workshop, Foundation, Creature, Black Label

Zero Takes 3rd Annual Vans Downtown Showdown Team Title
Girl’s Alex Olson Named Top Am and Rick McCrank Repeats as Top Pro


Hollywood, CA (Saturday, October 13, 2007) – The 3rd Vans Downtown Showdown
took place Saturday night with street skating’s heavies attacking
custom-built obstacles set against a New York City backdrop re-created at
Paramount Studios in Hollywood. The Zero board crew claimed team honors
and $30,000 while Girl’s Alex Olson won $5,000 as top am and Rick McCrank
was named the top pro of the Showdown for the second year in a row and
pocketed $10,000.

The Vans Downtown Showdown featured many skaters who rarely take part in
contests from Black Label, Creature, Foundation, Girl, Real, Toy Machine
and Zero and with the $85,000 purse, there was more than just board company
honor on the line.

Each skateboard team submitted designs for a custom obstacle with the top
four chosen and built to that team’s specifications. Skateboard teams then
chose three riders, consisting of at least one pro and one am, to jam on
each of the four features.

Here’s a break down of the best performances of the day:
Creature’s The Darkest Passage into the Depths of Doom and Despair
1. Tyler Mumma (Black Label) – $2,500
2. Tony Cervantes (Zero) – $1,500
3. Al Partanen (Creature) – $1,000

Foundation’s Former World’s Biggest Skateboard
1. Tommy Sandoval (Zero) – $2,500
2. Johnny Layton (Toy Machine) – $1,500
3. Rick McCrank (Girl) – $1,000

Girl’s Girl Gonz Wild
1. Billy Marks (Toy Machine) – $2,500
2. Mike Mo Capaldi (Girl) – $1,500
3. Sean Malto (Girl) – $1,000

Real’s Sacto Rebate –
1. Rick McCrank (Girl) – $2,500
2. Alex Olson (Girl) – $1,500
3. John Rattray (Zero) – $1,000
Top Am Performance – Alex Olson (Girl) – $5,000

Top Pro Performance – Rick McCrank (Girl) – $10,000

Overall Team Winner – Zero ($30,000), Toy Machine 2nd ($15,000), Girl 3rd

A big thanks to each of the teams that represented:

Creature: Darren Navarrette, Al Partinen, Sam Hitz, David Gravette, Adrian
Mallory, Stu Graham, Devin Appelo, Alex Horn, Neil Heddings, Taylor
Bingamen, Silent Mike, Raven Tershay.

Black Label: Jason Adams, Adam Alfaro, Kyle Leeper, Chris Troy, Shuriken
Shannon, Peter Raffin, Tyler Mumma and Brian ‘Slash’ Hansen.

Foundation: Sierra Fellers, Don Nguyen, Angel Ramirez, Abdias Rivera, David
Reyes and Sean Conover.

Girl: Rick McCrank, Jereme Rogers, Sean Malto, Alex Olson, Kenny Anderson

Real: Damian Bravo, Robbie Brockel, Peter Ramondetta, Nick Dompierre, Ernie
Torres, Keith Hufnagel, JT Aultz and Dennis Busenitz.

Toy Machine: Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, Matt Bennett, Austin Stephens

Zero: John Rattray, Tommy Sandoval, Garrett Hill, James Brockman, Tony
Cervantes, Jamie Tancowny, Keegan Sauder

The Vans Downtown Showdown is made possible by Scion, Rockstar Energy
Drink, Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground and Gibson Guitars.

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