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Check out this fundraiser for a skatepark and music venue in Orange County. The perks include some pretty classic skateboarding images, as well as decks and wheels, and art from Ed Templeton, and more. The fundraiser is here: http://igg.me/at/unitb


Unit B Set for Resurrection: Skate Legends, Artists and  Bands Launch Indiegogo Campaign to Re-Open Popular Underground Skate, Music and Art Venue in OC

Contributor Perks Include Iconic Photos by Grant Brittain, Atiba Jefferson, Bryce Kanights, Joe Brook, Michael Burnett and Dave Swift, Custom Board Designed by Ed Templeton

(Santa Ana, Calif. – October 16, 2013) – A group of skateboarders, musicians and artists have launched an IndieGogo campaign to reopen Unit B, underground music, skate and art venue, in Santa Ana.  Iconic photos by legendary skate photographers are some of the perks for those that contribute to help raise the $22,000 needed by November 15, 2013 to support the relaunch.

The new Unit B will offer a true community space that will include a large mini ramp, a stage for live music, an art gallery space, rehearsal rooms and recording studio. Once open, the venue will offer concerts, skate events, art shows, record swaps, a library/bookstore and generally an inclusive community space for all ages.

“When the doors were closed at Unit B, it hurt. But I felt like it was an opportunity again; a chance to build on what we’d done at Unit B, and make it better, make it completely legal, and basically build a new spot that was designed to be what we want,” said Mark Waters, skateboarder and the facilitator behind the project. “The new Unit B will be a community space like no other. By working with local bands, bookers, volunteers and other members of the community, we’re on the path to creating this new Unit B. We need your help to make it as great as we all deserve.”

Contributors can support the project for as little as a $5 donation. Perks include signature photos by famed skate, art and lifestyle photographers including Ed Templeton, Grant Brittain, Neil Blender, Atiba Jefferson, Joe Brook, Bryce Kanights, Michael Burnett and Dave Swift. Brands like Flip, Ricta, Mob, Emerica and more are offering products to contributors donating $90-$100.  Other incentives include a custom Ed Templeton skateboard/art piece at the $800 level and a ramp/wall section sponsorship for individuals or companies at the $1,000 level.

 “Skateboarding and music came together at Unit B in a perfect DIY setting, a place where up-and-coming bands could play with seasoned veterans of the scene: The way it was meant to be. Support your local scene or go home!” said Brian Brannon, singer of the legendary Skate Rock band JFA.

To become a contributor or to learn more about our Indiegogo campaign, click here. To join our online community of supporters and stay up-to-date on the latest Unit B news, “Like” us on Facebook.

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