Terri’s 50th Birthday Video

Terri Craft turned 50 years old on June 5th and what an epic day it was. Terri has dedicated over half of her life to skateboarding, music and surfing and 22 of those years to making Juice Magazine. Her birthday celebration ended up spilling into the next day with an amazing show at the legendary Whisky A Go Go where Agent Orange melted the crowd with an over-the-top performance. We asked friends and family to send in videos wishing Terri Happy Birthday and the video is posted below. On behalf of the entire Juice crew and Terri’s family and friends, we wish Terri a very happy birthday and many more!!! Thank you all for your birthday wishes to Terri. We hope you enjoy this tribute as much as she did.

Video clips gathered by Dan Levy & Sue Wood. Edited by Brian Boog.

In order of appearance: Sammy (Juice dog), Harley (Juice dog), Dan Levy, Jeff Ho, Steve Olson, Christian Hosoi, Jim Murphy, Herbie Fletcher, Dibi Fletcher, James O’Mahoney, Vanessa Davey, Chris Mearkle, Loud Ones, Steve Caballero, Geoff Rowley, Chris Nieratko, Jeff Grosso, Beth & Tim Kerr, Eric Dressen, Ryan Sheckler, Bill Danforth, Jesse Martinez, Scout Jessee, Aaron Murray, Marissa Murray, Dave Duncan, Dave Hackett, Tony Magnusson, Jason Jessee, Sammy Baca, Mike Palm (Agent Orange), Seven Adams, Shota Kubo, Reggie Barnes, Mason Barnes, Jeff Hedges, Mike McGill, Julie McGill, Mike Rogers, Rick Charnoski, Ray Flores, Dave Reul, Mathew Curran, Kait Miroyan, Violet Miroyan, Chuck Dukowski, John Lucero, Joey Tershay, Brian Brannon (JFA), Donny Barley, Paul Schmitt, Ken Fillion, Chet Thomas, Laura Thornhill, Mary Nelson, Jeremy Parker, Johan Esbensen, Kris Stevens, Charlie Maultsby, Reed Wiley, Rider Wiley, Lauren Wiley, David Wiley, Doug Smith, Danny Baraz, Zoe & Cressey Rice, Teague Muir, Iggy Talls and Marcie Warner, Mirko Antioch, Sue Craft Wood, Patrick Iaconis, Alicia Levy Spiecher & Jaxon Spiecher, Christa Dean, Thomas Dean, Myers Dean, Desiree Moore, Nano Nobrega, James Craig, Libby Knudson, Abraham Paskowitz, Greg Falk, Neil Stratton, Ken Karl, Haze Phillips, Brett Hammond, Mike (Gravity Sports), Bad Andy, Eric Martin, Taco Bill Stevenson, Koral Kidushim, Kassidy Kidushim, Jordan Kidushim, Chris Casey, Willy Sions, Tibby Rothman, Jaleel (Venice Bistro), Pat Myers, Sebo Walker, Joe Jimenez, Budda & Penelope, Kenny Beavers, Tim Wilson, Channey & Dottie Wilson, Elizabeth Fried, Shrewgy, Kaycee Brean, Dave Tourje, Kristen Rew, Steve Moreno, Akira Kinoshita (Black Flys), Don Fisher, Lucas McCool, Matt Gaudio, Greg Basic, Davon, Lee Leal family & friends, Ron Craft, Rick Porter, Chip Blakely, Clifton Perkins & Van Perkins, Drew Wood, Jeff Potter, Brooke Wood, Jim Gray, Brenda Grimes, Meredith Grimes, Kimbob Swicegood, Rhonda Knopf Yohe, Stuart Caulder, Keith Norris, Lee Leal, Big Tim Klemonsky, Razor Shepherd, Desmond Shepherd, Summer, Toots Zamudio, George Peterson & family, Mark Zamudio, Eric Hartley, Lang Shepard, Skate One crew, Daryle Lee, Hailey Villa, Kelly Barnes, Bryan Lathrop, Gary Wong, Julian Martinez, Jamie Quaintance, Pete Gray, Ken Hatfield, Stephan Bax, David Wood, Cholo, Pammy Brodowski, The Hookers, Matty Soccermom Goodmam, Matt Meyerson, Jason Salfi, Carrin Lentini, Dora Lentini, Holden Lentini, Harlan Lentini, Brian Lentini, May Winborne-Rice, Tracy Hubbard Adams, Heidi Lemmon, Dogtown Skateboards, Larry Craft, Jeff Greenwood, Yaniv Evan (Powerplant), Bennett Harada, Mike Duncan, Eric “Tuma” Britton, Bill Hamilton, Josh “Bagel” Klassman, Chad Muska, Miguel Peralta (Venice Skateboarding Stuff), Ivory Serra, Puppethead, Hilton Guitars, Floyd Reid, Rob Nelson, Colin Doherty, Gerald Levy, Edna McLaughlin, Christy WIlson, Olga Aguilar, The Aguilar’s, Rich Zuccarello, Bod Boyle, Endless Grind Skate Shop, Mark Houdeshell, Sandy Alvarado and Christian Martinez, Alicia Gilmour, Dave Hegstrom, Ray Fennessey and Harley (Juice dog).

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