Sweet 16 Bowl Bash at Lincoln City, Oregon

Sweet 16 Bowl Bash 2015 – Lincoln City, OR – Aug. 28, 2015

Words and photos by Olga Aguilar

It looked like it was going to rain at the 2015 Sweet 16 Bowl Bash at the Lincoln City Skatepark in Oregon, but the odds were in favor and the party went off. With the face lift of the upper park, the new terrain gave way to some serious rippage! The skateboarding was world class, starting with the 14 and under groms to the 15 and over crowd to the open girls jam, which demonstrated the serious level of the ladies. Oregon’s own Kevin Kowalski took 1st place. Last but not least, the Masters Jam was insane! Red Scott and Pat Black skated like 15-year-old kids with back-to-back tricks all over the park.

Mark Scott Mark Scott

Griffin Chase Griffin Chase

Hericles Fagundes Hericles Fagundes

Justyce Tabor Justyce Tabor

NickWallace Nick Wallace

Pat Black Pat Black

Cash Money Kenton Cash Money Kenton

Cody Lockwood Cody Lockwood

Cooper Burrows Cooper Burrows

Dave Duncan Dave Duncan

Demarcus James Demarcus James

Shaun Ross Shaun Ross

DonBostick Don Bostick










Quintin LaVille Quintin LaVille

Riley Boland Riley Boland

Sarah Kate Sarah Kate

SeanFitzSimons Sean FitzSimons

SteveGrover Steve Grover

TomKilroy Tom Kilroy

14 and Under:

1. Cash Money

2. Cooper Burrows

3. Sean FitzSimons

4. Quintin LaVille

5. Shea Burrows

15 and Over:

1. Hericles Fangundes
2. Griffin Chase
3. Chris Von Blon
4. Trever Bates
5. Jacob Calhoun

Open Women:
1. Justyce Tabor
2. Bryce Wettstein
3. Sarah Thompson
4. Sarah Scanhan

Pros: Here’s the top 16:

1. Kevin Kowalski
2. Shawn Ross
3. Dalton Dern
4. Chris Russell
5. Cody Lockwood
6. Al Brunelle
7. Nick Peterson
8. Jake Selover
9. Anakin Senn
10. Andrew MIller
11. Nick Wallace
12. Josh Rodriques
13. Demarcus James
14. Billy Fortier
15. Riley Boland

Masters Results

1. Mark Scott
2. Pat Black
3. Jimmy the Greek
4. Tom Kilroy
5. Dave Duncan

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