We were talking about big balls and I thought of you .
Oh, we’ve got the biggest.

Your sack is legendary.
(laughs) Yeah, it hangs low.

You’ve got the new record (The Evil Powers of Rock n’ Roll) out on Koch. Are you gonna do more with them in the future?
We’ll see. We’re starting our own label and doing it in cahoots with them. They benefit from our “indie credibility” and we benefit from their deep pockets.

Seems everybody’s got a song about an eight-ball and a six pack nowadays.
We’ve been eating’ this since 1989. We are a melding of all that is cheesy & bad about metal. The debauchery & lechery of what killed metal, leading towards a real career, about writing real good songs.

I have a theory that rap took over because rock lost its balls.
I agree that the rock stars, right now, are the rappers. You gotta pop some caps in asses to be a bad ass.

The intellect of this country’s getting retarded, everyone’s buying’ Britney Spears.
Yeah, and if it’s not that, it’s crap, like KoRn and Limp Bizkit.  It’s like an A & R guy went around to every frat house in the country handing’ out record contracts.

I’m awaiting a backlash.
I hope people research music and see what it’s all about. It’s not about wearing’ big baggie shorts and jumping’ up n’ down and causing’ a riot.

Where do you look forward to hitting on a U.S. tour?
We love going’ down the coast of California. That’s our bread and butter. Texas kicks ass. Lately, the East Coast’s been good.

What do you think about what’s happened to N.Y.C., with Coney Island High and Tramps being shut down?
Guliani is a jerk. It sucks. That happened here in Seattle. It’s hard for an all ages venue to stay open here. The music’s geared to 21+, and that’s a mistake we made. Instead of all ages shows, we  went for the easy bar money. If the Insane Clown Posse’s playing an all ages show and you’re playing next door, who’s gonna win? The people dressed up like clowns.

How’d you hook up with Willie Nelson?
That happened in ‘95 when we recorded “Sacrelicious”. We recorded down in Austin and  met some people who worked for his label. We got Willie down to the studio and recorded a song with us.  We had a really big party in the studio that night, it was my birthday. I think that Willie sensed that there was something special going on. I talk to him on the phone sometimes. He’ll call me just to say “hi”.

Your mind must be blown when he calls.
Oh definitely. He’s one of these people walking the planet representing something bigger than all of us.

Who are some of your other heroes?
Lemmy, from Motorhead, Phil, from Thin Lizzy, John Doe, from X. Bass player /singers that weren’t technically perfect , but they had something cool.

Balls factor.
Exactly, it all comes back to the balls.  The bands that did it for me were Motorhead, AC/DC & the Ramones.

Would you ever cover “Ride On” by AC/DC?
I love that song.

Talk to me about the devil, is the preoccupation for real or a Supersuckers cliche?
We’ve pretty much thrown caution to the wind. For me, on a theological level, it’s all Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny to me. I don’t follow the notion that there was Adam or Eve, or any sorta one man in charge of this whole operation. So I’m gonna side with Satan since it’s all a big stupid joke to me anyways.

Satan has more fun.
Exactly, he’s got the best artwork, the best chicks.

Wine, women and song.
You ever see the devil with an ugly chick? No, ya don’t.


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