“Slayer 66 2/3: The Jeff and Dave Years.” by D.X. Ferris

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A new full-length biography of iconic heavy metal band Slayer continues to top key Amazon.com charts. Written by award-winning journalist D.X. Ferris, the timely Slayer 66 2/3: The Jeff and Dave Years… has spent 11 straight days as the No. 1 top seller on the Amazon Kindle Store’s Hot New Releases in Popular Culture chart. It has been No. 1 on the Kindle Store’s Popular Culture chart for nine of the last ten days (No. 1 the previous five).

Available in paperback and e-book, the exhaustively researched book features 59 chapters, 400 footnotes, 3 appendices (e-book, 2 in the paperback), 11 illustrations, and 33 photos by photographers including Harald Oimoen of “Murder in the Front Row” renown.

Says Ferris, “It started as a standard-but-detailed rock biography. And it ended with some fairly complicated journalism. I found some material that nobody ever thought to look for before—not TMZ, not the music press, not local newspapers, nobody. 2013 was a year of attrition and loss for Slayer. Fans have questions, and I found answers.”

David Konow, author of “Reel Terror” and the metal history “Bang Your Head,” says it is “the biography the band has always deserved… A book documenting the good, the bad, and the ugly without spin or sensationalism has been long overdue, and hats off to D.X. Ferris for getting it all down in this remarkable volume, which no Slayer fan should be without.”

Author D.X. Ferris is an Ohio Society of Professional Journalists Reporter of the Year. His previous book aboutSlayer is part of the prestigious 33 1/3 series (from Bloomsbury Academic, formerly Continuum). He began the project shortly after the band and drummer Dave Lombardo parted ways for the third time, in February 2013. After guitarist Jeff Hanneman’s unexpected death in May 2013, it turned into a career-spanning look at the group’s ups, downs, hiatuses, breakdowns, and rebirth.

Both versions of the biography are available exclusively available via Amazon worldwide. The e-book can be read on any smart phone, tablet, or computer with the free Kindle app. For a limited time, the electronic version costs $6.66 (US). The 320-page paperback is temporarily priced at $16.66. The book ships free with orders over $35. The creator-owned independent release is the first product from 6623 Press.

To buy the book, visit http://tinyurl.com/NewSlayerBook.

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