Skull Skates Ditch Digger Shred Contest Vernon, British Columbia

“There was a lot of energy flowing that day.”

Old shred dogs licking wounds, young guns looking to step up and build a rep, and groms feeding off the crowd stoke, mingling with mourners respectfully remembering a fallen comrade, all came together on this day.

The legendary Dead Men ditch in Vernon, British Columbia began hosting skate events in the ’80s. As the original Dead Men crew moved on and gave over to the next generation, the hallowed concrete grounds were preserved and maintained off and on through the decades.

Fast forward to September 2016; two of the ditch’s early practitioners Sam and Mike McKinlay conceived the idea to go back and defend their ditch victories from 28 years prior. With the date set and sponsors secured, the hard and unforgiving lines of this altar to skating were revived with new life.

Arriving to a morning of steady rain and dour faces peering from soaked hoodies the task erecting a makeshift awning and drying the spot began. All hands were on deck and within 3 hours of tarping, mopping and tiger torching the vessel was ship shape and shred ready for those who would arrive from Vernon, Kelowna, Kamloops, Vancouver, Alberta, Washington State and parts unknown.

The occasion itself took on particular meaning to each that attended and none were disappointed. With an emphasis on old skool style, the skaters piloted shred sticks through through Boneless Ones, lapped over grinds and Bert slides peppered with kickflip and varial variations eliciting hearty responses from the many onlookers.

As if formed as an antithesis to the recent Olympiss skateboard announcement, this grass roots event reconfirmed the love of skating to some while inspiring others to embrace a traditional approach to skateboarding all due to the efforts of many hands that made this day possible. Event sponsors included: Juice MagSkull Skates, Powell Peralta, Barrier Kult, Vans Off the Wall and Okanagan Skate Co. With additional thanks to Basone Guitars and Smartr Device skateboards.

This event was dedicated to the loving memory of Jason McIntyre aka “Sid”.

– Words by P.D.

– Photos by Olga Aguilar










































Dead Men Ditch History: For more about the history of the Dead Men Ditch, go to


  • RSD September 21, 2016

    That tarp setup is primo!!! Wish I could have been there.

  • pd September 21, 2016

    Big thanks to all involved including the almighty JUICE MAG!

  • Sard September 21, 2016

    Just simply awesome…

  • Steve watts September 21, 2016

    Thanks PD

  • andrew September 23, 2016

    Clint and everyone from the osco and vernon crew always welcome at SBC in Vancouver. Come down and get outta the rain, call ahead and well find you all sofas…..


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