Rodney Mullen on How to Use Pain To Become The Best on “Impact Theory”


When Rodney Mullen speaks, you’ll be inspired, or at least walk away thinking more about your motivations and power to make things happen. In this episode of “Impact Theory” with host Tom Bilyeu, Mullen discusses a range of topics including injuries and the painful process of bouncing back and how focusing on skateboarding helped him through tough times. Mullen also offers his views on defining the barriers of disbelief and how he breaks through them.

As Mullen explains, “Rarely is it a question of talent or technique at those levels. It’s just one of belief and the concomitant will to kind of do something that either no one’s done before, or even more, I think, to crack open the barriers that people consider impossible or un-doable.”

When searching for motivation, you may find it in Mullen’s musings and drops of wisdom…

“Just find joy in what you do for the sake of it. And then recognize how you’re being shaped in the process, and hopefully, you become a better man through it.”

In this installation of “Impact Theory” Rodney brilliantly articulates some of the hardest things to describe as a skateboarder in very relatable terms. As the “Impact Theory” series explores ideas of igniting human potential, this episode succeeds on every level.

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How to Use Pain to Become the Best In the World | Rodney Mullen on Impact Theory – Show Synopsis

Skate pioneer Rodney Mullen innovated the sport with so many game-changing tricks he is commonly referred to as “The Godfather of Street Skating”. More than his accomplishments, Rodney is most proud of inspiring those after him to dream beyond the impossible. The man whose character was featured in Tony Hawk pro skater for over a decade shares the importance and impact of shattering disbelief on this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.


Impact Theory delves into the minds of various luminaries including entrepreneurs, athletes, scientists, authors, entertainers, thought leaders, visionaries etc. The goal of the program is to offer up the tools for success through transformative and motivational conversation, covering various topics from philosophy to fitness and everything in between. Impact Theory has profiled a vast variety of luminaries including Tony Hawk, Rob Dyrdek, Shaun White, Steve Aoki, Wyclef Jean, Michael Strahan, Kerri Walsh Jennings to name a few.

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