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“The first public parks really sucked ass! None of the coping was right and nothing flowed. Now they are getting better and better. Skateboarders have to build them or they won’t come out right!” – NED HADDEN Name, Rank & Serial Number?
My name is Ned Hadden, my rank is bastard and my serial # is 999.

Where are you from?
I’m from Vista.

How long have you been skating?
I started skateboarding in 1976 on a little Huffy square plastic skateboard.

Were your parents cool with skateboarding?
My mom was way cool about skateboarding.. She surfed a little bit we were at the beach a lot when I was young. She worked, hustled pool at Jim’s Vista lounge and sold weed to keep us afloat. She knew how much I loved skateboarding, so on my sixth birthday she managed to find a used Caster with Trackers and UFO saucers. (BEST DAY OF MY FUCKING LIFE!) I lived with my mom in a little apartment next to Twin Banks in Vista, and that is pretty much where I learned how to skateboard. We could never afford pads or any gear or skate time at a park for that matter, so we would skate this ditch and a little place downtown we called mini Del Mar. We just skated street because it was free and there was no fucking rules! VSL lifer!

What do you think about the skateparks now compared to then?
I really liked the orange bowl at Del Mar. John Lucero hooked me up with Rick Carje welding at the Vans park and I was just amazed at how huge that building was. We pulled some all-nighters there to make that deadline. Timmy Trudale, Willy Goat, Hickey, Kormack, Neil Heddings, Chad Vogt. Even Grosso came and helped out. The first public parks really sucked ass! None of the coping was right and nothing flowed. Now they are getting better and better. Skateboarders have to build them or they won’t come out right! Someone needs to build a proper snake run.

Have you lived in California your whole life?
I was born in San Diego and lived in V town most of my life. I lived in Ohio with Mark Heintzman for a few months in 1990 and we became really good friends. He was one of the heavy street skaters at that time for G&S.

When did you start Assault?
I started Assault in 1989.The name came from a Big Boys song. How else?

When did you discover the Big Boys?
I discovered the Big Boys when I was in 9th grade on Skate Rock Vol. 1. I remember Mario Rubalcaba and I would always skate around town doing slappys and end up at Vista Records and Tapes and neither of us ever had enough money to buy a record, so we started pitching in together and  starting a little collection. We would take turns with the records and trade with the few punks in Vista at that time. Marc Hosstetter had a bunch of rad vinyl and would always make me cassettes. Marc rules!

Top 5 Favorite Bands.
#1  Battalion of Saints
#2 The Business
#3 Cock Sparrer
#4 Social Unrest
#5 Christ on Parade

How much does music influence your skating?
Music has always influenced my skateboarding ever since I can remember, especially when you’re a kid and you see bands like Agression, Ill Repute, Cryptic Slaughter, JFA, Suicidal, R.K.L., Dr.Know, D.I., Germs and they all skate. That is the connection I have with skateboarding and punk rock for life!

What influence does music have on your company?
My favorite skateboarders are John Lucero, Ricky Barnes, and Ricky Winsor! This company is influenced by punk. When I started this in ’89, I was a big fan of Circle-A Skateboards. They had the punkest team and the best graphics.

What do you think of the current state of skateboarding?
I love it right now! And it is just getting better. It’s so fucking good to see the masters skate and the young kids are starting to rip everything and mixing up old tricks with new ones.

Where do you think skateboarding needs to grow?
More masters contest and more public bowls for the younger generation to keep progressing.

What’s your Duty Now for the Future?
Keep doing what I’m doing. Feed the chickens, weld in the pipeline, work on Assault, skate with the Vista guys, buy records, go to shows and hang out with my family.

If you could address the entire skateboarding industry all at once, what would you say?
I heard you been hanging at the Rusty Spur in Oceanside. You never accept my calls or write and when the fuck are you gonna put some money on my books?

If you could address every skateboarder in the world all at once, what would you say?
Stop riding that fucking Popsicle and get a board with some shape and be nice to your mom.

Assault demo with AGENT ORANGE on June 8th at Wheel House in Hemet CA. Tell your local shop to quit rubbin’ one out and get some of our boards and merch in their store. Go to assaultskates.com and get some stuff.

THANKS, Matt Hensley, John Lucero, Ricky Winsor, Barker Barrett, Aly Moore, Keith Wilson at Independent, Sean Renos at NHS, Corey/Jokers Skate Shop, Jason Carney/ Slappy’s Garage, Route 44, SoCal  Skate Shop, Folded Skate Shop, Andrew Mercado at Gull Wing, Slappy Sunday crew, 3 Fish Distribution, Curb Crushers Grand Order, Mike O at Skidmark, Jessee at Red Curbs, Jeff at Plague Hardware, Lowcard, the whole Assault team, VSL crew, David, Laurie and my Mom.



  • turner May 20, 2012

    And the best skateboarder on Assault in their history was 100% bboy. Go figure.

  • AL May 20, 2012


  • Frankendome May 20, 2012

    Hate to break the news to you pal. The best skateboarders on Assault in the begining were Steve Baily and Mike Chu. Learn your history if your gonna talk shit.


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