The Evilgood Underground

Dennet Oyanguren

interview by Vanessa Davey

How did you start the Evil Goods?
I’ve always designed, created and made things for other people or other companies. It was always for their visions or passions or business ideologies. And it was always cool to see those creations get out on the streets and become succesful. After a while, I got inspired to give it a chance and do it on my own, and make something that would speak to other people with my similar passions. Also most “brands” these days are started by lots of money or the idea to make lots of money. The evilgood underground is not that at all. Its about people that are passionate about what they believe in and dwell in the underground, not doing things for fame or loot, just passion.

Who is involved in the company with you?
My wife Laura and myself are the only two right now. I do all the Creative side, and she does all the business side of things, I couldn’t of gotten this far without her.

What is the meaning behind the name the Evil Goods?
The name came from the idea of how I believe most cool things start. They begin as a underground scene, and usually are frowned upon (evil) but over time as the pioneers of the scene start to refine it and work out the kinks, others start to take note. Now it’s good all of a sudden. The Evilgood Underground describes that scenario and that is pretty much the brands message, we believe in the underground thats where shit happens. Skateboarding is a perfect example.

What do you love the most about what you do?
Being creative for the things I love-skateboarding, surfing, crafting, its amazing. It is hard to call it work but the deadlines don’t let me forget.

What projects are you currently working on?
I am working on some hand made accessories for everyday things, Cell phone’s, money, keys. Also working on American made denim too.

Are you planning on using any other states for your board series?
I am gonna stick to California, the reason I did that state is because it is where skateboarding was born and still grows. Skateboarding is global, we all know that. But it was born here and it dies here. If you’rE gonna take skateboarding serious, like get in the line of fire and try to make some shit happen in the world of skate. You gotta roll through through Cali.

Within the next 5 years, what direction do you see the Evil Goods going into?
I would like to see the Evilgoods grow to a company that could give other people with similar passions a place to work and be creative live out their own dreams just like I have.

How do you keep the fire burning?
Just stay positive and look into the future, if you look back too much, it drags you down. The past is good, but you need to ux

What is your message to the people?
Do what you love and always help others reach their dreams too.

Any additional words of wisdom?
Skate forever.

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