Minor Threats

Photos by Gabe Rivera

The changing of the guard is happening now, and these are just a few of the young new faces that you will be seeing a lot of now and into the future. These photos are just a beginning glimpse into the talent pool of groms pushing the progression of skateboarding’s future generations.

Arianna Carmona:

Arianna Carmona just went pro and is a top girl skater, participating in the Girl’s Combi Classic, the Tim Brauch Memorial Contest and the U.S. Open. She’s 16 years old and a purely radical skater.

arianna arianna2 ex6


Augusto Akio:

Augusto Akio is a young skater from Brazil who finished Top 10 in this year’s AM Combi Classic. He’s an incredibly creative rider with a little different style than the So Cal riders, bringing new stuff to the table.



Brighton Zeuner:

Brighton Zeuner just won the 14 and under group in the Girl’s Combi classic for 2015. She’s 11 years old and charging. Brighton just returned from Sweden where she competed against some of the best female riders in the world.

brighton_backside brighton_ojai bz_ramp


Cedric Pabich:

New on the Cali scene from Maryland is 14-year-old, Cedric Pabich. His younger brother is Roman Pabich. Cedric just got picked up by Converse and Indy and he placed Top 12 at AM Combi Classic. He’s got incredible style and skates a lot of backyard bowls, Channel Street, etc.

ced_cardiff ced_fast


Colby Franz:

Costa Mesa kid, Colby Franz is a 14-year-old, radical skater. He’s a Volcom skatepark local who was heavy on the grom scene a few years back, then took some time off, only to return to skating even more sick than ever before.

colby_cardiff colby_volcom colby5


Evan Doherty:

BIG E… Anyone who knows vert, knows Evan. He’s officially on the Birdhouse team now. He made a name for himself as a very young 8-year-old busting 540’s on his home ramp in Kansas City. Big E recently landed a 900 at RMR, and just finished 2nd at the AM Combi Classic. He is 11 years old and at the top of his group.

evan_blunt evan_rancho evan_sanjose evan3


Kiko Francisco:

One of the BEST all around am bowl skaters in the world. Top 10 three years in a row at AM Combi Classic. Kiko has incredible style, paying big homage to old skool style and tricks. Kiko has biggest bag of tricks on the block, hands down. He has been riding for Powell for a few years now and was an SMA guy before that. Asher Bradshaw and Kiko are the original Venice youngsters that were skating bowls when no other kids were.

kiko_blunt kiko_cardiff kiko_encinitas2 kiko_rancho kiko_slo


Nicky Lee Rivera:

Nicky is 11 years old and he competed in 2014 Am-Tec after only being on a skateboard for a year and a half. He’s a bowl skater and vert skater to the bone and he’s doing incredible stuff. Nicky finished Top 15 this year at AM Combi Classic and he’s been charging hard. He’s a Costa Mesa local riding for Sacrifice Skateboards and S1 helmets.

nick_cove nick_invert3 nick_slob nick_venice nickylee_yard


Roman Pabich:

Roman is Cedric Pabich’s younger brother and he is new to the Cali scene from Maryland. Roman wowed the crowd at 2014 All Hallow’s Eve bash at etnies and skated his way right onto Powell after that performance. He finished Top 10 at this year’s AM Combi Classic. He’s an all around, balls out, radical skater.

roman_belmars roman_lien roman_oside roman_skatehouse


Rylan Mancilla:

Rylan was just picked up by Powell and finished 7th out of 30 in his first ever AMTec appearance in 2014. He’s a fast and powerful bowl skater at only 10 years old with a big bag of tricks as well as huge airs.



Tate Carew:

In my opinion, Tate is probably the best all-around vert am out there. He’s one of only 11 people to ever land a Phillips 66. Tate has so many vert tricks, it boggles the mind to think the kid is only 10 years old. He finished top 10 this year at AM Combi Classic. If there is a kid that could bring some brand new things to vert skating, he is the one.

DSC05283 DSC05414 tate


Taylor Nye:

Taylor Nye is a Powell Peralta skater with a style smooth as silk. Airs, lip tricks… he has them all. Taylor finished Top 10 two years in a row at AM Combi Classic. He’s a Costa Mesa local who kills just as much on a surfboard as on a skateboard. He’s got a big bag of tricks at only 10 years old.

taylor_dc taylor_houghton taylor_vertjungle taylor_vj taylor_yard

The Crews:

Kids just having fun….

bros12 bros15 bros20 bros21 bros23

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